Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Why Let tRump Goad You Into Responding?...

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Warren’s maneuver stands as a warning sign for other presidential contenders. Getting into the mud pit with Trump—who doesn’t care about political decorum, rules, sexism, racism, name-calling, facts, or reason—has revealed itself as a sucker’s game. Like a scientist trying to argue with a climate-change denier, you’ll just end up drowning in a tide of bad faith.

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  1. School yard bully president. In school, I had the opportunity to confront one in gym class wrestling-in front of the class. He crumbled like a dry cookie. As long as Trump keeps hold on his minions, he is in his comfort zone. So, IMO,
    it makes no difference whether you ignore him, or respond to his lying buffoonery. He will be in dire straits should
    the mid-terms go against the GOP.

  2. BB... his minions are afraid of alienating the base... and yes, it's a term that works both ways.

    Because of that, they'll never stand up to him cause they'll get voted out. What happens to Mitch if he gets sideways with The Donald?

    Not even a tortured journalist will get them to act, Sen Graham included. They may talk big, but in the end, they'll Flake out.

  3. One thing seems certain. tRump is controlling the dialogue, by keeping everyone off balance. Democrats need to clearly enunciate a positive message of opportunity, growth and prosperity for ALL... AND... by what method(s) they will achieve it.

    IMO the article is right. Get into the mud and slime with tRump and you get up dirty. tRump wins. Dems better smarten up.

    1. If you don't get in the mud, Trump wins. Sort of a Hobsen's Choice: IMO, if you don't confront bigotry, arrogance, ignorance and Orwellian inverse logic, you either ignore or accept it. For Chrisakes, he is so
      ashamed of his tax returns he won't release them. This is America, c'mon now..Jefferson, Payne and Lincoln
      would not stand by....

    2. I get that BB Idaho, I really do. I certainly trash tRump enough. My point is really that confronting. the Orange Turd is fine, but, dems need a WINNING game plan with an effective strategy that give folks something POSITIVE to vote FOR.

      I don't think negativity will be enough to insure reThuglican defeat in 2018 or 2020.

  4. BB-Idaho wrote: "IMO, if you don't confront bigotry..."

    And confront it we MUST.

    Look at what Trump has emboldened in America. We knew these people existed, but we didn't dream that they would fundamentally change America into a 3rd world nightmare of prejudice, bigotry, and indecency.


    Ted Cruz among co-sponsors of anti-LGBT bill that would sanction discrimination

    "A rally organized by "Illinois Unites Against Nazi Hate" brought together a host of public figures, including a Republican state representative and the Wiesenthal Center's Rabbi Abraham Cooper, to oppose Arthur Jones, the neo-Nazi running as a Republican in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District. But those missing in action included all seven Republicans in the state's congressional delegation."

    1. All things that democrats MUST stand against and stand tall in doing so. But, my point is, in addition to calling tRump the bigoted lying Orange Turd. On his extreme character flaws (there ARE many) dems MUST put forth a positive growth agenda with SPECIFIS as well.

      Rational fiscal coservatisim and a rational social conscience is IMO opinion what dems need to focus on.

      IOW figure out how to put together a WINNING platform and strategy that will give RED STATE voters the incentive to go purple OR blue.

    2. Your position is logical, but we recall Will Rogers in the 30's "I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat": and they continue divided by a range of ideology. Meanwhile, the GOP has become the
      FoxNewsican Party, in lockstep with their much admired leader the Donald. Immune, IMO, to be converted by anything other than cut taxes, promote guns, outlaw abortion, build a wall, offend our allies, shout at rallies
      eviscerate health care and rig the voting system. IMO, the only weak spots are social security/medicare which seems popular, their extreme stance on abortion, (unpopular with women, educated and young) and those who were
      lured by the much needed infrastructure bill which now seems to be a bait and switch. Remember, these are all in a shrinking minority and narrow demographic- yet they control all branches and have captured SCOTUS. Short term,
      only a terrible disaster or mistake would peel away voters: long term, as we continue to fall behind Europe,
      Canada and Australia and the GOP electorate succumbs to old age, current times will be an aberration, a blip in history...ugly, but a blip. Additionally, from what I can tell, politics has become infested with fury and lies.
      Loyalty 'Trumps' open mindedness. Imagine Jesus preaching to small groups of followers in say the Dakotas: Trump
      would follow him with roaring rallies and these days....

  5. You're right BB Idaho. I had a temporary lapse of memory. tRumpanzees are anything BUT rational. :)

  6. "Rational fiscal coservatisim and a rational social conscience is IMO opinion what dems need to focus on."

    Isn't that a good description of our Massachusetts governor, RN? In normal times, the GOP would be begging Charlie Baker to run for the presidency because he is able to get blue, blue Democrats to vote for him. But these are not normal times. What's left of the Republican Party has hitched their wagons to a (as his own Secy. of State put it) "a fking moron." I'd also add, a liar, a cheat, a fraud, and a sexual assaulter and harasser. And the Goopers LOVE HIM!

  7. It is Shaw. Governor Baker's character and effectiveness is an example ALL politicians and elected officials should aspire to emulate.

    Our governor would never make it in national GOP politics as you point out. He's too sane with too much integrity to make it in the national GOP arena.

    1. Sanity and integrity are out: Propaganda and arrogance are in. Who'd a thunk? We live in interesting and trying times. I miss Ike-Hell, I even miss Harry!

  8. With America fixated on "the bomber", and tRump wrongly blaming the legitimate media and the deep state, this real American is off to Vermont to celebrate life in general. He will also be celebrating his better half's birthday as well as our 33'rd anniversary together. Life really IS beautiful!!

    We will be enjoying good food, good wine, good flower, and aMUCH NEEDED escape from the constant 24/7 loop of distraction and insanity erupting from the tRump dark house.

    Returning refreshed I will have a new post to publish shortly thereafter.

  9. Vermont is the sole state to escape my peregrinations around the land. By all accounts an excellent choice in the Fall.
    The only Vermonter I ever talked to was a young woman engineer in the aerospace business: she and her spouse had relocated to Washington DC and her project was a defense projectile that used one of our products as a detonator. A few phone calls back and forth exchanging my experimental data and her theoretical was enlightening for both of us. She missed upper Vermont greatly and I offered an old joke. An old farmer's land was split by the Vermont-New Hampshire
    state line. For years, he complained of the differing taxes and regulations, calling, writing letters and getting more and more frustrated. Finally, a decision was made and a state official called to inform him that they created a small
    kink in the state line: he would now reside in New Hampshire. Grateful, but ever ornery, he replied "Well, good. I
    couldn't stand another Vermont Winter!" The Vermont Ms. had never heard that one, but said it made a lot of sense to her.
    Weather aside, I bet you have a great time up there, RN.

  10. Unfortunately the weather has been lousy. Rain, wind, and raw. But, all else has been magnificent and I shall return home rested and relaxed. Life is good. In spite of tRump.

  11. Great final to an AWESOME World Series!!

    Congratulation Red Sox!!

  12. RN, I hope your vacation in Vermont was restful and beautiful. Congrats to you and Mrs. RN on your 33 years!

  13. Did Mrs. RN give you a Blow Job for your Anniversary?

    1. That's for me to know and for you to continue to wish it where you.

      What a depraved soul you have.


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