Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Remembering Trump's Dishonesty, Self Aggrandizement, and Personal Gain Following 911...

We've known for quite some time now that tRump, being the narcissist that he is, makes everything about himself. Even 911. Following are recorded factual examples of tRump using the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001 for self aggrandizement, personal gain, and to stir hatred for Muslims.

Excerpts from the The Washington Post:

Even as the smoke was literally still rising from the World Trade Center, he saw a terrorist attack against America as an opportunity for self-aggrandizement and self-promotion. He eventually turned it into a weapon of political hate, but in the immediate aftermath, Trump saw it as an opportunity for brand enhancement and wasted no time.

Trump bragged that the destruction of the Twin Towers made his building the tallest in Lower Manhattan.

Forty Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was, actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest. And then when they built the World Trade Center it became known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest.

Trump looked out and saw a scene in which 2,753 people died, and said, Hey, that means my building is the tallest one around! Who thinks like that? Trump, that’s who.

Trump applied for and received $150,000 in state funds intended to help small businesses affected by the attacks, despite the fact that his business was not affected.

The fund was supposed to cover uninsured losses for small businesses, but Trump somehow received $150,000 in taxpayer money; his application cited “rent loss,” “cleanup” and “repair.” Yet none of Trump’s properties were actually damaged in the attack.

Trump stretched the truth about personally helping to clean up at the site.

While Trump did visit the site a couple of days after the attack and did some interviews, there is no evidence that he got down to help clear rubble, which people would certainly have remembered. In fairness, this is a minor fib, but it reveals his ongoing attempt to make himself out to be more generous than he actually is.

Trump made other false claims about his personal connection to 9/11.

I have a window in my apartment that specifically was aimed at the World Trade Center because of the beauty of the whole downtown Manhattan and I watched as people jumped. And I watched the second plane come in. Many people jumped and I witnessed it, I watched that.

Trump Tower is four miles from the site of the World Trade Center. He could not possibly have seen people jump from the buildings during the attacks.

Trump repeatedly told a vicious, racist lie about Muslim Americans celebrating the attacks — even after it was debunked.

Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.

The next day, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos confronted Trump with the fact that the police and journalists who investigated this rumor say that it never happened. Trump replied that he had watched it on TV, despite the fact that there is no video anywhere of such a thing happening, then said, “There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations.”

The problem here isn’t just about dishonesty. It’s that Trump was using the pain and anger associated with Sept. 11 to promote hatred at Muslim Americans, and lying in order to do it.

As we know well now, all that was not at all out of character for Trump. Nor was it out of character when he bragged about how the attacks had made his building bigger by comparison, or when he claimed he helped at the attack site when he didn’t, or when he squeezed some money he didn’t deserve out of a 9/11 fund. This is who Trump is. It’s who he’s always been. And it’s who he’s always going to be.

tRump has earned the total disrespect I, as well as millions upon millions of other real Americans have for him. He is a liar (pathological), a narcissist in the extreme degree, a xenophobic bigot, and a man without a soul. If there is a hell, something I do not believe, tRump shall surely roast in hell.


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    America's political dialogue has deteriorated significantly over the course of the past 38 years. Deterioration accelerated during the 2008 presidential campaign and continued following the election of President Barrack Obama. The deterioration, driven almost exclusively by conservatives and republicans, continues, growing exponentially under tRump.

    tRump, America's most divisive and dishonest president of the modern era has fueled the deterioration of political dialogue by injecting it with steroids. A potentially dangerous development.

    Our republic was designed by brilliant men and has remained strong throughout our history. However, tRump has shaken the foundation of our Democratic Republic and cracks are beginning to show. If we ever fully accept that the press is the enemy of the people, that our time tested and honored institutions are corrupt, that questioning and being critical of our elected president is verboten (tRump's desires), and more we shall be forever changed.
    This individual and this site is unwilling to sit by and accept this as inevitable. It Isn't.

    Real Americans must stand against the politics of division, bigotry, and hate. We Must Stand Against the Politics of tRump.

  2. As we think about the divisiveness in which we are now engulfed, the reality is that ppl are passionate about their lives and politics. I get that. What I don't get is why people choose, yes choose, to engage in ways that further that divisiveness.

    Free people are free to make a choice and while many may complain about the level and style of rhetoric, the truth is, those free people can choose to be different. But they don't care enough about their fellow man to make that choice.

    I don't agree with a lot of the policies that many on the right seem to be pursuing, but I try, not always successfully I'll admit, not to make it personal.

    Why does it seem that America has devolved into the loudest voice wins. Why is it that we've decided that we can't respectfully listen to another point of view, even if we think it will never work, and consider from where it comes, instead of slamming the person as a communist marxist nazi zionest hippie pinko anti american muslim loving jew hating evangelical idiot?

    I wish I knew the answers... but of this I'm sure, this tendency may have been exacerbated by Pres Trump, but it did not start with him. It seems as if we've lost the ability, or the will, to thoughtfully seek consensus and build coalitions for the betterment of America.

    Perhaps because we've decided that protecting our personal honor and winning, the argument, the point, the discussion, or whatever, is simply more important.

  3. Well said Dave. I wish I knew the answer as well. Unfortunately, at this point I am beginning to believe there is no answer and that the human race is, by its nature, incapable of log continuous period of seeking solutions through reasoned rational compromise. Humans are tribal, and this includes politics, and sooner or later the pull of tribalism always wins out. My opinion I know but it is one I strongly believe is reality.

    10 years ago when I decided to take up blogging my initial thought was to try and identify liberal, moderate, and conservative bloggers who would be willing to address economics, politics, ethics, government, and, issues of their choice. My thought was to create a forum in which reasonable folks of all stripes could discuss and debate issues. My hope, as well as my goal, was to see if compromise was possible and to what degree. Nice idea, and one I was unable to et anyone really interested in save perhaps one.

    As I embarked on my blogging journey as a fiscal conservative it became increasingly clear that 1) almost all folks were interested in only their long held perspectives and weren't at all interested in other viewpoints. 2) That denouncing opposing views was often more important than first reading and attempting to understand another viewpoint before automatically dismissing it as communist, fascist, socialist, capitalist, or whatever. Attempting to understand another viewpoint was never of concern to most commenters. 3) That I, as much as I might like to believe otherwise, more often than I wish fell into the same MO that I criticize others for doing.

    One thing I have learned over my 66 years is that... you can do anything you put your mind to. Which includes changing and improving your physical capabilities at any age as well as changing and improving your mental and emotional outlook. I know, I've done both. Having said that I will add it is a struggle to change, especially as one ages.

    The TRUTH is you can change yourself but you are POWERLESS to change another. Unless that other WANTS to change. Experience has taught me that most don't want to change. Which is, IMNHO, why the 30%'ers are so solidly behind a man they see as their last best hope of stopping change and returning America to that fairy tale past of the 50's.

  4. OT... Now that the women who claims she was sexually assaulted by SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh when they were in high school has went public I wonder if the republicans will do the right thing and delay moving forward. The claim is credible and there is documented therapist notes supporting her claims. Democrats call for a delay so the FBI can do a thorough inestigation is the only proper ethical course.

    My guess, repubs will respond as they are always wont to do these days. Ethics and morality will be tossed aside in favor of partisan political considerations. After all their standard bearer is a sexual predator, a pervert, and a misogynist.

    The party of evangelicals and family values has little to zero credibility. Their standard bearer has no core moral values yet still the party supports him. We can expect that party to continue to sink lower even yet.

  5. My guess on what will happen with the Kavanaugh nomination is that republicans will move forward with it. It will get out of committee and the full Senate will vote on it. I give it a high probability go getting that far. Actual confirmation is a little more iffy. A lot depends on what happens in the next week. It only takes a couple of republicans to say no, if the Democrats all stay together and vote no.

    If Kavanaugh is confirmed, my bet is that he will eventually get impeached once the Democrats gain sufficient control and are able to do a complete and competent investigation of Kavanaugh. There are plenty of grounds for impeachment even if the sexual abuse allegations are not credible.

    1. I surely hope they impeach the ba*stard. Even though it has only happened once before (in 1804), and that guy was not removed. Samuel Chase was charged with having a "political bias had led him to treat defendants and their counsel in a blatantly unfair manner". Today it seems just fine (required even) that scotus justices have political biases (the justices may as well wear blue and red robes to denote the team they're representing).

      Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski (both pro-choice) apparently believed Brett when he lied to their faces about Roe being settled law and precedent. Although given that the scotus can overturn precedent, in affirming reality, Brett may have believed he was not lying. Even though we ALL KNOW he would vote to overturn. As tRump PROMISED during the campaign, he was going to appoint "pro-life" justices and that Roe would be overturned. Did he not say it was inevitable?

      No. A Google search shows that tRump said Roe would be overturned "automatically". So all that has to happen is for Brett to be confirmed and Roe will be gone (as per tRump). No case even needs to be brought.

      tRump: "That will happen, automatically in my opinion" (inane tRump comment in response to a question from moderator Chris Wallace during the 3rd HRC vs DJT presidential debate on 10/19/2016).

    2. Agreed Jerry. Hopefully there are enough republicans with a sense of morality, decency, and concern for basic individual rights to vote NO. We'll soon see. Of course tRump, a man with no core beliefs isn't going to withdraw the nomination.

  6. That "there is no evidence that he [tRump] got down to help clear rubble" does not matter to his supporters. tRump would absolutely not lie and should be taken at his word. In fact, to not take tRump at his word and assume what he says about "helping out" at ground zero to true is to question ALL volunteers and call them ALL liars (as per Minus FJ. RN likely saw the comment).

    As for this being a "minor fib", I believe it is a major one. Who kind of scumbag would lie about sending workers to help clear world trade center rubble and recover bodies? tRump, in a TV interview, talks about how the bodies are everywhere. As if he saw them himself or talked to a worker (he sent and paid for) who related it to him. Yet everything he said is almost certainly a lie.

    1. tRump is a liar. He cannot be trusted. He deserves no respect. The 30%'ers don't see it that way of course. They're sheeple ANF no better than tRump.

  7. Replies
    1. You're ABSOLUTELY correct Rusty Trombone Boy Shackelford, WE don't care what unethical, immoral, and bigoted swamp creatures like you think.

  8. It's really sad that you folks just can't come to grip that an obnoxious reality TV star beat the best candidate you could muster

  9. "Rusty ShackelfordMon Sep 17, 04:34:00 PM EDT
    We don't care"

    That's cute. Of course they care. Why would Rusty Trombone bother to come here and protest that "We don't care."

    They know that the immoral pig they support has only 30% approval, and the Goopers will probably lose the HOuse, and maybe the Senate, and that means President Spanky will be investigated from here to Mar-a-Lago for months and months, that is if Mueller doesn't indict his prodigiously fat arse before that.

    The Goopers know what's in the future and they DO care.

  10. Rusty... most of us get that Trump beat HRC... as for me, I’ve been very open in saying I did not vote for her, or anyone else.

    You said you don’t care that he lies... I get that too. I just don’t understand how a party that for years said character mattered in a Pres and yet, put all that aside to elect a he he liar.

    So let me ask you something... does character matter if someone is going to be POTUS? Because from my vantage point, I’m understanding conservatives and the GOP to be saying no.

    Loud and clear.

  11. Well Rev it's like this

    1-- Job performance
    2-- taxes
    3-- Security
    4-- immigration control
    5-- Health Care

    50-- character

  12. So Rusty... is it okay for you that our Pres publicly lies almost daily to the American ppl? I mean I read the polls, but honestly I’ve never heard anyone just up and admit it.

    Are you guys, as conservatives just done with character as something important in a candidate? Or is it only if the candidate is from the GOP?

    And seriously, I’m just trying to get where the GOP/conservatives are these days...

  13. Now now Rev, I think you're being just a bit dramatic. I mean come on,"lies almost daily to the American ppl."
    In case you didn't notice over sixty million of your fellow americans saw something important in DJT.
    And to get where the GOP is these days...well I guess you could say we are in the White House, the House, the Senate, 31 state houses and soon will have a very firm hand on SCOTUS for the next 30 years....yep Rev, that's about where we are

  14. Rusty... I 100% agree that a lot of Americans saw something in DJT that they wanted. There’s no doubt about that.

    As for a struggles with the truth, unlike many, I’ve always understood politicians to be challenged in that regard. To paraphrase Meghan Trainor, I know they’re lyin’ Their lips are movin’.

    I’m more surprised by conservatives, yourself included, to at least own up to the fact that apart from political gain, you guys only cared about truth when it served your interests.

    And that’s perhaps the diff between you and the Dems... at least the Dems honestly never publicly cared about the truth. But conservatives and the GOP made it a litmus test of character.

    We now know of course it was all BS...

  15. Now we know of course it was all BS...

    You got that right Dave. For conservatives and the GOP character matters only when THEY can use character as a bludgeon against their opponents (liberals and democrats).

    The character matters and family values party nominated, and got elected president a narcissistic dishonest individual with no core values. And, they continue to support him. The primary problem isn't tRump. It's the people and party who stand behind one huge jacka*s, Donald J. tRump.


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