Thursday, February 1, 2018

Trump, A Danger To Our Democratic Republic...

Commentators often call Donald Trump a threat to American democracy. That’s not quite right. Trump is a threat to the institutions that keep American democracy liberal. It’s unlikely that Trump would strip Americans of the right to elect their leaders. It’s more likely that he’d undermine those institutions that restrain the power of the leaders Americans elect. He’d undermine the institutions that limit presidential power and safeguard individual rights and equality under the law.

During Tuesday's SOTU address Trump again reinforced what many have known about him from the beginning of his run at the presidency. That being his intention to profoundly change America in ways undemocratic and contrary to our founding documents.

When Trump said during his SOTU, “Tonight, I call on the congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers—and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”, he was telling us he seeks unprecedented and antidemocratic powers for the executive branch of our government, ie: unbridled power resting in the hands of the president.

While it is unlikely the republican congress would be willing to oblige Trump's wishes, at least at this stage of his presidency, it is not beyond reason to believe Trump will continue to try to undermine our democratic institutions in ways that could affect our liberties.

His attacks on our free press, the FBI, the DOJ, and anyone who questions him should give all patriotic and liberty loving Americans grat pause. The linked article, written before Trump ascended to the presidency was a forwarning.

MORE. America should have listened.


  1. Got the "deep state' blues, eh, RN?

  2. Nope, not at all Thersites, I'm not into conspiracy theories. But I do recognize a real threat when I see one.

  3. The weaker the position of the President (down to, and not below the limits set by the Constitution), the healthier our democracy, pretty much.

  4. Yup dmarks. Following the Pentagon Papers and Watergate Congress moved to curtail, limit, and provide proper oversight on the powers of the president. Republicans and trump are pushing the envelope on presidential powers again. If not stoped our democratic republic will be at peril.

  5. Trump, Nunes and Ryan are going to regret putting out their "memo". Trump's own actions continually strengthen the obstruction case against him.

  6. Frankly Dervish, I'm betting the lying Trio of the Deep Red State will regret nothing. I am beginning to believe, in light of the 70% that approved of the SOTU adress, that Americans all across the Fruited Plains will simply give them another pass. They quite likely secretly like the McCarthy style nationalism and conspiracy theories of the trump administration.

    American government is now controlled by rightwing goon squads. Welcome to the Brave New World of trump.


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