Friday, January 12, 2018

Trumptorian Guard on the president's shithole remark...

For the 36%'ers it's okay, because they believe it true. End of story, move on. As they continue to ignore reality.

Some White House aides and outside advisers who have been working with Trump for the past two years have also become indifferent to the bumps along the way. “We have had 18 million of these, and nothing came of it other than he won,” shrugged one Republican operative. “They can add up, and that becomes a risk, but on its own, and I don’t know that it’s a good thing for our country, but a lot of people kind of agree with what he said.”

A Republican strategist who serves as an outside adviser to the White House also waved off the whole controversy — and embraced the substance of the president’s argument about immigration to the U.S. “It’s not racist,” the strategist said. “There’s a reason why they all want to come here — these places are shitholes. If they were great and we were a shithole, we would want to go there. Trump says something stupid, two camps erupt, rinse and repeat.”

Excerpt from, Demoralized Trump aides grapple with 'shithole'-gate


  1. A visit to the extreme rightwing weblog known a FreeThinke provides many interesting examples of support for Trump. Proud to be a blind supporter of this mentally and emotionally damaged POTUS it is obvious the proprietor has taken to leaving comments on own his weblog as Anonymous.

    Take a jump over and enjoy the chuckle FreeThinke offers.

    1. I did look. Apparently the consensus is that it's GREAT that he said it because it's true. No, wait, Trump denies it! "Prick Dirtbin" is a liar. Lindsey Graham heard it too, but lets gloss over that. I saw it mentioned twice, then ignored. Not convenient to the narrative that "Dirty Dick Durbin" is a liar, apparently.

    2. Of course, the truth is never convenient for those who support lying and manipulation. Something Trump does as easily and often as taking a drink of water.

      It is now clear FreeThinke, if not a racist himself, certainly has no problem supporting one.


  2. I for one agree with President Trump's “Shitholes” comment; and if he didn’t made the comment, I think that he should have.


  3. Sorry to hurt the feelings of you Liberals but there are many parts of Mexico, El Salvador, Africa and even some parts of Asia that are Shitholes.

    And truth be told , if we keep on letting these people in here that’s what America is going to be in about 10 or 15 years. Why is it wrong to admit the truth?

  4. Criticizing the place by calling it a shithole is one thing, but suggesting that we DO NOT WANT people from those shitholes implies the people are bad too. Political Junky implies it is the people... the immigrants from the shitholes are bringing the shithole with them. Obviously that's racist.

    Anyway, the narrative, while squishy at first, has firmed up. At first the Republicans in the meeting just didn't hear Trump say it (maybe he did. They just didn't hear it). Then, after Trump denied saying it, it was that "Dick Durbin is a liar". That's even though Lindsey Graham says Trump said it. And even though we all know that it's Trump who is a pathological liar.

  5. Yet the 36%'ers will believe the lie that their white billionaire xenophobic leader tells them. Even in light of the over 2,000 lies or cacalculated mistatements he has made since taking office. Not to mention that over 70% of his statements during his campaign were lies or misleading.

    Trump is less honest than Richard Nixon. Perhaps that is why FreeThinke admires him as he does.

  6. No Body Asked Me But......Mon Jan 15, 12:30:00 PM EST

    When the MLK holiday was being debated, liberals shouted down anyone who tried to discuss the dark aspects of King's private life. One can excuse one or two minor cases of private misconduct, but it's a different matter when we're talking about abusing women and long-term routine cheating, especially when the person is supposed to be a clergyman.

    Booker T. Washington would have been a much better black leader after whom to name a holiday. I will always commend King for what he did to advance civil rights, but I think the dark aspects of his private life are too serious to overlook.

    1. That may be so NBAMB... However, Dr. Martin Luther King was not the president and leader of the free world. His extramarital affairs certainly show he possessed human weaknesses and indeed most would have criticism for those actions.

      Shaw addressed your hypocrisy below in her most excellent response to your comment.

  7. Apparently Sens Cotton and Perdue are correct. Trump did not, according to many news outlets now, say sh#^hole. He said sh#^house.

    A distinction without a difference which allows the senators to claim Trump never said "it."

    The length these guys will go to protect their man...

    1. It is almost beyond belief Dave. I wouldn't believe it possible, were it not for seeing and hearing it almost everyday.

  8. To Mr. Nobody A.M.B... How do you feel about having the POTUS on record saying he can grab women's privates because he's a star; having a POTUS who's been accused by 19+ women of sexual abuse, and having a POTUS who's been named by two porno stars of having adulterous affairs with him while Melania was pregnant or just after giving birth to his son, Barron?

    MLK was not the POTUS; Trump is. And right now, Trump represents America to the world, "shithole" remarks and all.

  9. The Progressive, Liberal, Democratic bunch along with the Liberal “Fake News” media are loaded with Hate, and are so against Donald Trump, as well as looking foward to his demise that it is comical. The late-night TV hosts and comics, Rappers, Holly weirdos are so obviously on the side of the Moonbats that it’s almost laughable..
    The latest outrageous falsehood is the missile false alarm in Hawaii. When someone hit the wrong button that made the state go into panic when they thought that they were under a ballistic missile attack, and understandably everyone panicked, they blamed it on Poor President Trump.
    If we had a real journalism they would be investigating how this is actually happened.
    Bottom line, If you want to blame anyone or any president for the Hawaii kaboodle rather than the bozo who pushed the alert button by accident, at least blame the correct president(s)!!
    It was Obama, Bush, and Clinton who all ignored North Korea.
    Trump is just the unlucky guy who now has the job of defending our nation since North Korea now having the nuclear capability to wipe out other nations! A nuclear capability that they should have never been able to access to in the first place!
    Another prime example of the Left's hate for Trump and those of us who voted for him,
    Of course it is Trump’s fault, it’s always Trump’s fault If you want to blame. Hillary’s e-mails, Al Franken’s stupid and childish behavior, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Kevin Space, Matt Lauer, Cancer, Lyme disease, Overweight and Obesity blame it all on Trump!

    1. A) Few progressives I know say they hate DJT. They simply find his words and behavior repulsive. Misogyny, adultery, being a sexual predator, a xenophobe, a proven liar, dishonest, a narcissist, and questionably unstable are not characteristics sane folks find desirable. Especially in the POTUS.

      What credible news source blamed it on tRump? Jamie Lee Curtis is not credible media. Please advise names of news sources that blamed it in tRump, and, a link would be most appreciated.

      We do have credible and respected journalists and news outlets. The "Fake News' narrative tRump is selling is an attack by the BLOTUS on the legitimate news media in an attempt to discredit one of the vanguards of a democracy. We suggest you educate yourself in these matters. May I suggest you begin with familiarizing yourself with Thomas Jefferson's views on the press and freedom of speech. tRump, the would be dictator, simply wants to shut down information and facts he disagrees with and doesn't like. Particularly that which reflects poorly on him. Regardless how ruthful it is.

      Clinton, Bush, and Obama are not subjects of this Post. But since you brought them up all three are more stable and qualified than tRump on his very best day.

      tRump is to be pitied, for he is a despicable human being, one for which there s no hope for. Exposing him for what he is, and doing everything legally possible to either remove him from office, or insuring his defeat in 2020 is the only moral and patriotic things to do.

      Now, go back to WYD, FreeThinke, et all to spread your BS.

  10. No Body Asked Me But......Mon Jan 15, 02:57:00 PM EST


    1. Thank you for once again proving, beyond a shadow of doubt who the real SH is TOM, aka Luke, aka, Steve, aka Paul.

      BTW, this blog is open to EVERYONE who stays on topic, follows blog rules, and refrains from vulgarity and attacking other commenters. We simply moderate to keep degenerates like you out.

      Now, be gone.

    2. BTW, your follow up to this hit the electronic trash bin.

      You will not be posted again. It was your choice. I am honoring it.

    3. Well Nobody... what you speak of is exactly what some of the right Wong blogs we used to visit have done. They've excluded the left. Not because we use foul language, like we see everyday at WYD, but because we refuse to deal in fake news, false equivalencias, lies and "false facts."


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