Friday, December 2, 2016

The White Nationalists Spin...

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Joy to the World, The Donald's come.
Let us shout out with Joy.
Let every heart prepare him room
And Human Nature sing
And Human Nature sing.
Salvation has come at last;
Our hearts take wing.

Poetry for the alt-right from a white nationalist.


  1. Yeah, I saw that at Lisa's. It's the victim-hood bait 'n switch. Working class conservatives have been sold the line that somehow hippies and have taken over the world and are the cause of the woes of the white working class man. It takes their eyes off their real enemies, the corporatocracy keeping them down.


  2. We suspect lyricist Thinke forgot the second verse:
    Joy to the World, we've all been screwed.
    Bemoan outvoted Trump.
    Make room for Bannon, Newt and Pence
    and Preibus on the sly
    and Ryan makes us cry.
    Nation has come to this;
    The one percent sing.

  3. Ahem. Please allow me a moment to clear my throat of kelp and dead carp before I join this sing-along. Ok, I'm ready to sing our national tantrum:

    O bountiful for specious lies,
    Bombastic knaves of gain,
    From puerile fountain mendacities
    Down the putrid drain!
    Amerika! Amerika!
    Don’t spread your hate on me,
    As you drown us all in victimhood
    From tree to hanging tree

  4. Set aside your own personal beliefs, religion or lack thereof. "Joy to the World," is about the coming of the Christ-child into the world to reconcile sinful man to God.

    If Free Thinke really penned those lines, as silly as it sounds, he's basically comparing Trump to the second coming of the Christ. I didn't think it was possible to like Trump that much. It's a little bit over and beyond the Mad Magazine classic of George Wallace singing, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas."

    1. Flying Junior: ...he's basically comparing Trump to the second coming of the Christ.

      More evidence that suggests what we might be dealing with is #trumpantichrist. I'm totally serious.

  5. Oh FreeThinke penned those lyrics alright. Setting aside my personal views on religious, I find your analysis and comparison quite succinct. As well as apt.

  6. I'm working on the fourth verse.... should have it done once I come up with a good rhyme for "Putin" ok?

    1. I would think dmarks, that 'boot in', 'brute in', 'cute in', 'loot in' might be appropriate.
      My personal favorite would be 'Newt in'.

  7. It's not surprising that anti-Semites, anti-Muslims, and other assorted bigots would welcome a proto-fascist like Trump. After all, when someone thinks like a frightened 4-year old, a Trump Daddy-bully, who promises to get rid of all their boogeymen nightmares, is appealing. Wait 'til they find out he's nothing but a bag of noxious fumes. I mean, seriously, this man-child gets his large tightie whities in a twist over a teevee show parody of him? And his supporters thinks he's "strong?" and will be a grrrreat leader? Hahahahahaha!

    1. Democrats have to have three personality characteristics needed to be members of their party: the ability to be hypocrites, lie easily, and be unable to tell truth from fiction.

    2. You MNIA have quite precisely and accurately described your minority president elect DJT perfectly. As a slavishly blind supporter of El Con you are as dishonest and possess the same glaring character flaws as your hero.

      Now, when you have something truthful and of value feel free to visit again.

    3. My apology MKIA, I used an acronym for what I was thinking was a more appropriate description of your stunted intellect than the correct acronym.

      Carry on.

    4. Mr Know It All: Democrats [are] unable to tell truth from fiction.

      Seems to me that the opposite has been proven to be true. According to "fake news purveyor, 40-year-old Jestin Coler in California... his writers have tried to write fake news for liberals — but they just never take the bait" (Pizzagate, the fake news conspiracy theory that led a gunman to DC's Comet Ping Pong, explained).

  8. It appears Mr. KIA was MIA when he was supposed to learn potty training.

  9. if you dislike, and distrust, this President elect as much as I do, then close your twitter account. When twitter goes under he will have to talk to reporters, that might point out that he has no clothes

    1. I have a Twitter account. Haven't used it for years. Forgot password. No plans on using it.

    2. I don't even have a Twitterer.

  10. Well PP... that's a novel approach, but it won't happen.

    Twitter may go under, but it will have more to do with the fact that they have yet to earn their financial backers a profit than people signing off because of President Elect Trump.

    Les, I've tried to hold my fire and ire on the results of the election. While I disagree with what I have heard from Trump, he is going to be our elected leader.

    I for one hope is presidency is successful, because a failed presidency is bad for America. I won't root against him the way many conservatives and right wing extremists did with President Obama. I also will not support Dems treating Trump as the GOP treated President Obama, with a solid blockade against every initiative, thereby hamstringing his presidency.

    Those approaches, birthed and carried out by a group of people who only believe in the sanctity of the elections when they win, have incredibly harmed America and exacerbated our slide into identity politics and brutal partisanship. The result has been talk of mandates only when "your" side wins, no matter how small the margin.

    But, I have to admit, the "poemic" response from FT takes the cake.

    For years we have heard conservatives and their "ilk" to use Free's oft used moniker, decry Obama Worship and the belief that he is a savior. No where did we see credible use of that term by the left, yet the extremists on the right frequently decried supposed leftist Obama worship.

    Now we see one of the people who propagated that meme actually professing his love, worship and adulation for Donald Trump.

    What a mess...

    1. I too would hope for Trump to succeed because as you so aptly said if he fails we fail. As a realist, having observed his dishonesty, as well as what I believe are his many other character flaws (we won't go into them here), I cannot give him a pass.

      Once he assumes the helm I will scrutinize his agenda and analyze his policy goals. If they make sense for the country I will acknowledge this. If on the other hand he proceeds as it now appears he will I will aim both rhetorical barrels at him. Frankly, if I were a betting man I'd bet he will be a disaster for the nation as a whole. I'm sure the select moneyed elite will so VERY under the Trump administration.


  11. Dave: "I for one hope is presidency is successful, because a failed presidency is bad for America."

    Dave, I know your heart is in the right place, as you're a decent person who has tried to be a reconciler when commenting on liberal and conservative blogs. But in wanting a Trump presidency to be successful, you would be supporting an administration with a strategic advisor, Steve Bannon, who is a self-admitted Leninist. Here's what he said about what it means to be a Leninist in a conversation with Ronald Radosh of The Daily Beast:

    Radosh: "He [Bannon] never called himself a 'populist' or an 'American nationalist,' as so many think of him today. 'I’m a Leninist,' Bannon proudly proclaimed.

    Shocked, I asked him what he meant.

    'Lenin,' he answered, 'wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.' Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals. He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press."

    We've already read how House Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell are determined to repeal the ACA, make Medicare and Medicaid into a voucher system and privatize Social Security. We've heard Trump claim that he wants to get rid of "too many regulations," without telling the American people exactly what regulations are "too many." We've heard Trump say that American workers are paid too much, that he also wants to repeal the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accord. Trump has shown a shocking indifference to presidential daily briefings, but is continuing his Twitter wars with a teevee comedy show and basking in the glory of a Victory Lap where his supporters are still screaming "Lock Her UP!" He's bragged that his private financial business dealings with foreign governments aren't going to be a problem because as president, he can't have a conflict of interest, which is not true. He blatantly lied about voter fraud in the states he lost.

    I could go on, but I think you get my meaning. As an older American who has faced and is facing catastrophic medical issues, Trump and his party's threat to change the very programs that were set up to help people like me is causing us all great concern. The man who has Trump's confidence wants to "destroy," not amend, not clarify, not improve, but destroy.

    I will not support nor root for the success of such a apocalyptic assault on America.

    IMO, Trump is a dangerous idiot, who knows nothing about our Constitution or our history. He has shown the American people and the world that first and foremost, he's for himself and he's woefully unfit to be president. Nothing good can come from that.

  12. Shaw... we are stuck with our own words. Many conservatives thought the Obama presidency would be a disaster for America. And when they said they wanted him to fail, we rightfully said they were then rooting against America.

    Sadly, we don't get a hall pass. We should also be better than they are/were.

    So I will continue to hope and where I can, applaud the Trump Admin and the GOP.

    And when they cause us to look bad, treat people as the other, take away health care from millions, I'll be as critical as the next guy.

    Probably in week one of his Admin.

  13. A sturgeon in charge of HUD, a fish rides a bicycle, a shark in the White House ... and the nation under water. With friends like these, who needs anemones!

    1. Octo... let's not forget that the sturgeon has said that while he was somehow qualified to be president, at least in his own mind, he is not at all qualified to run an organization like HUD.

      Seriously, I think this group wanted to run just for the halibut, never thinking they could win... they are in 20,000 leagues of their own making and it doesn't look like it's going to go swimmingly...

  14. @ Shaw... I must disagree with the use of idiot to describe Trump. There is no possible way an idiot could amass the wealth and relative overall success that Trump has managed to achceive throughout his life's course, including being elected to the presidency of the wealthiest and most powerful stste on the planet.

    Trump is intellegent, shrewd, scheming, calculating, manipulative, dishonest, and unethical as he engages in the pursuit of his objectives. He is however NOT an idiot. I agree he is a very dangerous man becase his extreme narcissism and self serving personality eclipses his ability to see the world in any other light than the one that facilitates him acheiving his objectives.

    It has oft been said a person matures into their responsibilities and often performs differently than initially expected. This what hope for because if that happened the country might prosper and divisions might be healed. Not that I am optimistic and I believe the first 100-200 days WILL set the tone for his entire 4 years.

    1. Agreed. Never discount a ruthless person or miscast an immoral man as an idiot. This kind of mischaracterization leads to complacency (which is what got us into this mess).

    2. Which says, I think, that approximately 45% plus of Americans are the idiots for voting for this guy. Giving him a pass on almost everything negative that we know about him is simply unbelievable in my mind. The media, both mainstream and FOX"News", are highly culpable here.

  15. Okay. Trump may be shrewd and calculating, but IMO, a person who aspires to be the Chief Constitutional Officer in America (even if we're supposed to have 3 co-equal branches of government -- we see the POTUS as the one branch that represents the U.S.), it would be comforting to know that TRump knows something about the Constitution. The right wingers fetishized the Constitution while Mr. Obama was in office, but now, as we listen to Trump's assaults on their "sacred" document, we hear no outrage from them.

    In my opinion, there's no both-siderism in this. Mr. Obama didn't enter the Oval Office with a chief advisor planning to "destroy" the state. I take Bannon at his word. As an American citizens, I find those words outrageous, some would even say traitorous. Destroy the state? Can anyone here tell me how that would be a good thing? Or are we too assume Bannon/Trump's words aren't meant to be taken seriously. If that is so, how will we know when they means what they say?

    Remember that everything that the extremist TeaPublicans predicted Mr. Obama would do, did not happen: FEMA camps, confiscation of firearms, etc. to name just two. Their hopes for Mr. Obama's failure were based on disinformation and lies fed to them by people like Glenn Beck. I base my distrust of Trump on his own words and on the people he is choosing to advise him and to be in his cabinet.

    1. It should be said that Glenn Beck came around not just to anti Trump, but full on support of Pres Obama and Michelle...

      Old dogs can learn new tricks... maybe we will see something good from Trump.

      Remember, Pres Johnson was at least racially insensitive and probably a full on racist, yet he ushered in the Civil Rights Bill...

      People with evil tendencies can do great things...

    2. In my opinion, there's no both-siderism in this.

      My point is not both sideism. Mr. Obama is not the point of discussion nor is he a point of derision on this post thread. His presidential record speaks for itself, and, neither he or his advisores are Trump or Bannon.

      I agree with many of your points and have said as much many, many, many times over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign. My point is Trump is not an idiot.Rhetoric such as that does nothing to point out the legitimate concerns a majority of Americans have expressed. Calling Trump and idiot does have the effect of hardening the right and makes dialogue impossible. Trump knows this and IMO he has massaged and used it very effectively. He is no idiot. A very dangerous demagogue yes, an kidiot absolutely not. Framing him as he really is, and educating folks to the facts and truth about Trump is more effective. Yes?

    3. People with evil tendencies can do great things...

      Well said... :-)

      All of us should want Trump's "better angels" to prevail. just like LBJ's did.

    4. My father was drafted into Mussolini's army as a young man in the 1920s. Mussolini made the trains run on time, and he was ridding southern Italy and Sicily of the Mafia and Camorra. So yes, evil people can do good things while they're doing bad things. Shouldn't this greatest country on Earth be able to choose from 340 million Americans a good person to do great things? I believe what's going on here is a normalization of what Trump is. We hoped he'd surround himself with good advisors and cabinet choices. Sessions? Couldn't get confirmed for a federal judgeship because of his racist background. Bannon? A man who promotes xenophobia, racism, misogyny, white supremacy through his Breitbart website. Flynn? A man who subscribes to absurd conspiracy theories. DeVos? A woman who's never attended public schools and is said to have stated that America needs more Christianity in its public schools. Carson? A brilliant brain surgeon whom he himself admitted doesn't know enough about government to serve in it and who, despite what's been passed around the internet, never grew up in public housing.

      If those are all excellent advisors and cabinet choices, what will the bad ones look like?

    5. I don't know what to do Shaw... our country elected Donald Trump, warts and all. Probably more warts, than all. But within the system we have, he ran and won. That's as close to case closed as it gets.

      I've looked at his Cabinet choices and like few, if any of them. I could respect Romney and even cheer Huntsman as Sec State, but this morning, we got another General, you know the ones who are not as smart as Trump, as a Cabinet boss.

      The actions of Trump have been racist, misogynist, needlessly antagonistic and hurtful to millions of people. He has favored plans that if enacted as he has called for, will have a chilling effect on America and her people. He has put people in place that are hopeful of taking America back to at least the 1950's. I could on, but there is nothing I have seen that gives me hope.

      There is little I have seen that should give hope to poor GOP voters who stand to lose their health insurance. Look at Mitch McConnell, who is no longer calling for a repeal now, knowing hundreds of thousands in his state will lose their coverage and blame the GOP. As they should.

      But hope is all I can do. Is Pence any better? Because that's our next option if Trump fails, gets impeached or quits. Think of him running as an incumbent. That's even more of a disaster.

      It's not a brave new world out there. It's a horrible world for many.

    6. Shouldn't this greatest country on Earth be able to choose from 340 million Americans a good person to do great things? I believe what's going on here is a normalization of what Trump is.

      You may very well be right Shaw. Which of course, for at least 48.2% of Americans, represents the concern. However, in the minds of a great many Americans the normalization of Trumpism is a direct result of theFAILURE of our major parties over an extended period of time to right what is arguably a listing ship. In other words many Americans are simply FED UP with business as usual in DC.

      I personally find Trump and all he stands for, with the exception of wealth, objectionable and highly offensive. But, a great number of Americans apparently find his brand of leadership acceptable, even desirable, certainly in the minds of his henchmen. Since our democratic republic can be messy at times, and, Americans are a fickle people these days, we are simply going to have to work through the issues as best we can. Actual facts, combined with education, will ultimately determine our futuire course. It will, at the very least, be interesing.

  16. Well, I looked for better angels. I listened to the yelps among the kelp. Hoped for a moral message among the coral. To read a security brief upon a reef, instead of twittering over SNL. Less screech upon a beach; but his skin is too thin. His knaves upon the waves say facts don't matter. He's a maelstrom that will suck us in.

    1. At the end of the day, if we are truly the exceptional nation and people we like to think we are, we will chew Trump up and spit him out in four short years.

      The after taste? Methinks it will be nasty.


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