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These peole are, and have been, Trump's strongest supoerters. White nationalist that would make Aldilf Hitler proud. The vidoe below is chilling because it runs against America's finest values. As FDR said during a very dark time in America, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Our bigest fear in Ameica today ought to be the fear Trumpism will stick and is here to stay.

VOX - The so-called “alt-right” is a loose online movement made up mostly, though not entirely, of white nationalists. They’ve gotten famous recently for being some of Donald Trump’s earliest and most vocal backers, seeing him as the first presidential candidate in modern history open to their ideas about the need to protect the white race — by reducing the numbers and influence of African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, and Jews.

At a November 19 conference of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist “think tank,” the organization’s leader, Richard Spencer, saluted Trump’s victory: “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” Footage of the speech, taken by the Atlantic, is quite chilling.


The alt-right’s priority, first and foremost, is preserving America’s status as a white-majority nation. To that end, they want Trump to follow through on the most extreme immigration ideas he’s discussed — such as deporting millions of undocumented immigrants and banning Muslim immigration. These steps, they think, will slow what they call the “dispossession” of America’s whites.

But the alt-right wants Trump to go even further. They want him to slash rates of legal immigration and defund groups that advocate for immigrants, like La Raza. Ultimately, they want Trump to push the boundaries of acceptable opinion to the point where the nakedest of naked racism becomes permissible in mainstream public discourse.

Under President Trump, those goals are plausible, even if unlikely. That means we need to understand the ideology of the alt-right — and the things its members will be working to enshrine in federal law.


“The policies onto which [Trump] has stumbled, in a kind of innocent, America First way, are ones that will slow the dispossession of whites,” Taylor told me. “I’m very much in favor of him implementing those policies, for whatever reasons.”

The policy that Taylor is most excited about is Trump’s idea of deporting every undocumented immigrant, all 11 million of them. This isn’t quite an official campaign policy — it’s something Trump floated repeatedly in TV interviews but that his campaign has attempted to downplay. Official policy is that they’ll start by deporting the roughly 2 to 3 million with criminal records and then will see how things stand with the rest.

Taylor doesn’t believe Trump will follow through on the full deportation plan, though he says, “If he actually did those things, I’d very much applaud.” Nonetheless, he believes a few high-profile deportation raids on innocent families could go a long way.

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  1. Trump, elected because of people's discontent with DC, spurred on by the fear they feel over things they don't understand, and aided by a media that gave him a pass for far too long is poised to change the landscape of our country. With that he will change the character of the nation as well.

    Respect is never earned by bullying and exerting pressure. Which is Trump's primary method of operation. We'll just have to wait to see if this president elect dog can learn new tricks.


  2. " We'll just have to wait to see if this president elect dog can learn new tricks."

    Why would he do that?

    1. Yeah, I know he likely won't do that. Probably because it would be the right thing to do.

  3. Trump voters may not know shame, but they do understand fear. When facing a ruthless foe, Kumbaya won't cut it anymore. It's time to put naivety aside and show them what angry villagers brandishing pitchforks can do. As the great social strategist and activist Wednesday Addams once said, let them: "Be afraid. Be very afraid."


  4. What I can't understand is why are these people celebrating Fidel Castro's live as if he were some kind of wonderful hero.
    Tell me Why do Black Americans feel that The Black Lives Matter movement feel that The Communists treat Blsck with more respect than the get here in America??
    If Black Lives Mattered, why is it that this group sits idly by and watches inner cities blacks killing blacks in numbers approaching deaths in a war zone?
    Why does this group support progressive socialist democrats who have governed and ripped-off the inner cities that have become cesspools of poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime?
    And what is so damn attractive about communism where their protests would be met by imprisonment, torture, and death?
    Why are they so hell-bent on destroying the United States from within instead of going to the world’s dictatorships and fighting for the rights of the truly oppressed? The Progressives know damn well that Blacks in America are being used as pawns, and that the Democratics have not helped them one bit in the past few decades.
    Even Trump was right when he said that the Democratics come around every 4 years and promise them the world but never deliverers .

    1. it is apparent there is much you do not understand. It is equally as apparent you are not a progressive and very likely are an alt-right skin head. I could be wrong, but, given your gramatically challenged rant I'm betting that you are.

      When you have some constructive comments, if you ever do, feel free to return. Until then, Buh Bye

    2. Obviously, a pp has no understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement.

  5. APP is an escapee from the Stench Trench and has copied and pasted my comments and comments from others on my blog all over the rabid right blog sphere. You're correct, RN, APP is an impostor, a liar, and a plagiarist, IOW, a typical uninformed Trumptrog. APP is not interested in discussion, only in disruption.

    1. Yeah, the TOM/Steve/Luke trio of one continues to leave its droppings of human excrement periodically as well, and always following an uncomplimentary post in regards to Herr Drumpf.

      APP may very well be FreeThinke sock puppet. Just sayin...

  6. Is this what it's like when you and your policies are in quicksand, you are slowly sinking and cant understand why right thinking Americans reject your beliefs?

    1. Dunno rusty, is it? You decide.

    2. Given that over 2 million more people voted for Clinton than Trump, I would say that right thinking Americans agree with our beliefs.

  7. Unfortunately, the American people have been turned against one another for so long now, it's very hard to see how we're going to get back together. Having for over a generation now a significant segment of the population considered "illegal" certainly doesn't help, and the way we developed, in the age of the car, suburbia, the physical and political separation of where we live and raise our families from where we work and do commerce. It's bad gerrymandering and it's hurting the country as it encourages divisiveness. We have long needed an election amendment to the Constitution and in it there should be rules about districting so that they are grouped by all common factors and not just party and usually race.


  8. The fiscally responsible conservatism and socially responsible liberalism of my grandparents and parents is dead. Today we have a winner take all scorched earth mindset.

    Thoughtful reflection and honest contemplation is considered foolish in the Age of Trump. His adoring supporters display Hitler like allegiance and blind loyalty.

    Call him the Orange Scourge.


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