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Certainly there has never been anything quite like 2016. A year when truth is viewd as a lie and lies are viewed as truths by many. When up is down and down is up, a year when a certain major political party presidential candidate and his surrogates, all as corrupt and unethical as ever we have witnessed, are fomenting pie in the sky conspiracy theories for the sole pupose of manufacturing unrest. All to be used after the election to fabricate phoney reasons for refusing to accept ellection results and then to challenge the legitimate defeat of a narcissistic, unqualified, divisive, and dangerous candidate for the presidency of The United States of America.

Media Matters For America - ALEX JONES (HOST): What happens if they steal it in front of God and country? James and then Roger.

JAMES O’KEEFE: I think what happens is the people will revolt. People will -- people are -- I saw it over the last two weeks. I’ve never seen anything like this.

JONES: I agree.

O’KEEFE: We are witnessing a populist revolt on social media. People don’t give a crap what The New York Times says, they don’t believe them anymore. So if you have 50 to 100 million people in this country who have no one to speak for them what’s going to happen to those people? I think that’s a powerful movement of people that are going to literally revolt. It’s not going to be with pitchforks, I think it’s going to be on social -- I think it’s going to be on media, I think they’re literally going to revolt if --

JONES: And I think we’re already seeing that. Mainstream media admits everybody hates us, we’re losing subscriptions, we’re losing sponsors, they’ve gone from being absolutely not trusted to being absolutely hated. Roger, what happens next?

ROGER STONE: The important thing Alex is, we just can’t have a supposition based on circumstantial evidence that this was stolen. You need hard evidence that would be admissible in court. And that is why we at are trying to create a legal record. That’s why we’re doing these exit polls so they can then be compared. Within an hour of the polls closing we hope to have an entire analysis, and we will be able to hand Donald Trump or the Republican National Committee -- if they’re really for Donald Trump -- a package that shows that this election was heisted if it indeed is heisted. Again, don’t get distracted by voter fraud. It’s significant but that’s not the ball game.

On a brighter and considerably more sane reality... Who will win the presidency?

UPDATE - 10/28/16

Continuing to undermine the institutions of our democratic republic the Trumpster preaches to his choir of blind followers.

The Washington Post - Donald Trump’s claim that the 2016 presidential election is “rigged” against him has become a central part of his closing argument to voters in the final days of the campaign, as the GOP nominee insists that a growing range of “corrupt” public institutions are to blame for his sharply narrowing path the White House.

As he heads into a potential loss on Nov. 8, Trump has expanded the scale and scope of his accusations to include Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, the media, establishment leaders from both parties and unidentified “global financial powers.”

“When the people who control the political power in our society can rig investigations like [Clinton’s] investigation was rigged, can rig polls, you see the phony polls, and rig the media, they can wield absolute power over your life, your economy and your country and benefit big-time by it,” Trump told a crowd this week in St. Augustine, Fla. “They control what you hear and what you don’t hear, what is covered, how it’s covered, even if it’s covered at all.”

The “power structure” he describes, according to a review of his speeches this week, includes banking institutions, the judiciary, media conglomerates, voting security experts, Democratic tricksters, scientific polling and also perhaps military leaders. He has also accused Clinton of meeting “with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty to enrich these global financial powers, her special-interest friends and her donors.”

By emphasizing such rhetoric, the GOP nominee — who has a history of circulating unsubstantiated accusations — has sown distrust in basic democratic institutions among his supporters. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll released this week found that more than two-thirds of Trump supporters think the election results could be manipulated and 43 percent say corruption will be to blame if he loses.

Simply put the state of the American political system is not good nor is it totally honest. The present state of the GOP and the Trump campaign is deplorable.

Full article HERE.

UPDATE -  10/30/16  9:45 AM

Here's the latest from the guy to pay attention to, Nate Silver.

I’ve heard from people who wonder whether Friday’s news – that FBI director James Comey was investigating additional emails that may be pertinent to Hillary Clinton’s private email server — might have come too late in the campaign to be reflected in the polls, and therefore in our forecast, before Election Day. While the situation isn’t ideal, there’s probably just enough time left to measure the initial impact. In the past, major developments in the campaign have generally taken somewhere around a week to be fully reflected in our forecast, give or take a couple of days depending on the volume of polling. Because we expect there to be an awful lot of polling during the remaining 10 days of the campaign, and because our forecast is designed to react fairly aggressively to late polling shifts, we should have a pretty good read on the initial reaction to the news by the middle of next week.

But while I’m not that worried about the model having enough time to account for the reaction to the FBI news, I am worried about whether it will capture the reaction to the reaction as the story continues to develop. The thing about Friday’s news is that it left a lot of questions unanswered. Comey’s letter to Congress was cryptic, and his motivations for sending it were uncertain. There are conflicting reports about whether the emails include messages to or from Clinton, how many emails there are, whether they’re new or something the FBI has looked at already, and whether the FBI requires a court order to investigate them in more detail. Even the reporting that the investigation pertains to devices owned by ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is based on anonymous sourcing. There’s a lot we don’t know.

It seems to me as though there are four basic courses the story might take. As a framing device, I’m going to conceive of these as four strategies available to the Clinton campaign, although of course the campaign isn’t the only actor here – the Trump campaign, the FBI, the news media, down-ballot candidates and so forth also have some choices to make.

Strategy No. 1: Demand more details from Comey

Strategy No. 2: Rile up Democratic partisans by attacking Comey and other targets

Strategy No. 3: Let it go

Strategy No. 4: Drop an opposition research bomb on Trump

Our personal preference here at RN USA would be HRC opt for strategy #4. After reading the rest of the article here we welcome your thoughts as to what you think HRC's best strategy would be.

BTW, in case you missed it, Nate now has it at 81.1% HRC and 18.9% tRump. Tightening but a huge gap for tRump to close.


  1. No conspiracy theory experts and no tRumpista cconspiracist(s). Guess most everybody is getting pretty tired of the political drama an BS. Can't say as we blame them.

    Vote HRC. Even if it hurts a little. The alternative is as dangerous as an H bomb.

    1. I think it must be quiet because TOM/Luke etc... he of the National Gurd... forgot his own password.

    2. It will be back, but the likelihood It gets posted is very small.

    3. I tried to post but couldn't get it to work. Now I'm using my wife's laptop. Sitting here in the hospital since Friday waiting for a diagnosis. I'll be alright, though. Getting great care.

      What's been bugging me are these sleazy GOP senators saying they have no intention to fill Scalia's vacancy if Hillary is elected. There has got to be a way to force the Senate's hand on this. I say take advantage and get rid of the filibuster for nominees, for once and for all.


  2. Hard to imagine a Trump administration. Within a week he would probably sue his cabinet, start a war with
    Mexico, open a Trump Plaza in Yellowstone and turn my social security over to Wells Fargo. And yes, we suspect Geiger counter sales to rise drastically.

  3. I early voted Monday for HRC. Even though I'd have preferred Bernie Sanders, it did not hurt. Not that she is going to win TN. BTW, did you see this? Looks like even voting for Gary Johnson is going to hurt a bit for a former gung-ho supporter. Not so gung-ho any more. LOL.

    1. It is not a satisfying feeling to vote against a particular candidate rather than for a different candidate. But, DJT is just that bad .

      Have a ghoulish Halloween Dervish. :-)

  4. Step 4: drop an opposition research bomb: Trump has been bombed and shredded by numerous
    factual items. Despite polls showing 62% believe him unqualified, Rasmusson puts them at
    50/50 currently. Like Reagan, he is made of Teflon and though Clinton has been over investigated,
    especially by the GOP congress (for 40 years) without real success, the bizarre show continues
    with the electorate divided between reality and the community that rejects Lincoln and Eisenhower
    as commies and hitches their wagon to a little lad in man's clothing. It is what it is and as
    Julius Caesar lamented, people will think what they think. A bit frightening.

  5. My father is in the hospital with his family (all four generations) from all over this GREAT country at his bedside. With dignity and grace he prepares to leave this world. As we begin to think about and celebrate his life and legacy all this trite political BS is suddenly of little concern.

    At least for me and for now...

  6. Peace to you and the family Les...

    Celebrate a life well lived...

  7. We'll see what happens this Tuesday. Hillary will get her carcass sent to prison soon.

  8. I may disagree with you politically, but for family, I hope your family is at peace with what's happening.

  9. Dear Les, my thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

    1. Thank you so very much Shaw. Your thoughts mean a great deal.

      Even though we knew this was coming it still is so very difficult.

      Our father, grand father, and great grandfather is happy as he knows he is going to be reunited our mother.

  10. Good thoughts to you and your loved ones. You know what really matters.

    1. Thank you dmarks, your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

      My father taught me much throughout my life, he was constantly reminding me in many ways (by his example ) of the things that really matter.

  11. My father passed at home @ 5:36 PM yesterday surrounded by a loving family and friends. He is now in a better place and with Mom for eternity.

    We will return to regular blogging soon, but following the election.

    1. I'm sorry for your loss.

      His legacy is his fine family he left behind. Great Americans all.

  12. Always a deeply sad moment, the passing of a parent. Surrounded by those closest, we know he was proud of his family and his family proud of him and it was a life well lived. We can only offer sympathy.

    1. Thank you BB Idaho, he was a fine man who touched hundreds if not thousands. Hw will be missed by many.

  13. It is an amazing thing to be blessed with a parent or parents with long life. It gives us more time to prepare for the grief or pain of losing them. My own parents, although afflicted with a smattering of age-related ailments, continue to live and love in much the same fashion that they have been for the last six or seven decades. In some ways my life is unchanged since childhood. It is truly astonishing and I find myself wondering if I shall be as fortunate in my last years.

    My tribe has a tradition of holding memorial services. When my own parents die, if I am still living, I shall be called upon to make remarks before a congregation. Somehow I can't bring myself to compose my remarks ahead of time. Although it seems like it would be a good thing to not have to do when in the depths of sorrow. As another thought, I have known many people who have been able to make their own remembrances a true celebration in the midst of sorrow. Peace.

  14. @ BB Idaho & Flying Junior... Thank you both so much for your thoughtful words. They mean a great deal to me.

  15. It seems most Hillary supporters are people who simply do not like Donald Trump. It's find to find reasons why they would like their own candidate. Because it's true that very few people actually like Hillary Clinton.
    Throughout this US election season (which lasts several years), many have been asking, ‘who likes Donald Trump’. Broadly speaking, the following people like Donald Trump: traditional Robert Taft style anti-war conservatives, anti-war people of all ideologies who realize he’s the only broadly anti-war candidate who stands a chance of winning, disaffected left-wing voters who are upset at the effects of globalism and free trade on wages and employment, those who want tougher immigration into America, those who favor robust law and order, those who want a simplified tax code but not a neo-liberal one either, those who are upset about Obama care, those fed up of America being an international and at times domestic laughing stock.
    As for who just does not like Donald Trump, and his Potty Mouth, or Orange Hair.

    But who likes Hillary Clinton? Does anybody actually like her? I don’t mean personally, even though it seems she rules more through fear and intimidation than through commanding respect lest affection.

    It seems that many people who are voting for Hillary Clinton are doing so because they don’t like Donald Trump. This shouldn’t be surprising. She’s as inspiring as a broken umbrella in a hurricane, she’s as exciting as a dead monk, she’s less honest than even her husband, she’s more opportunistic than a prisoner with keys to his own cell (not that Hillary would know about that), her corruption cannot be denied by anyone other than those who are afraid of the truth and she’s more pro-war than any US presidential candidate in recent memory. She makes Ronald Reagan look like John Lennon.

    So my sincere question is, does anyone actually like Hillary Clinton? This is an entirely different concept to having a complete loathing of Donald Trump. Indeed, some Hillary Clinton supporters admit that if Donald Trump were standing against a ticket of Satan with the running made of Eva Braun, they’d hold their nose and cast their vote for the Devil. Now silly as this is, I’d at least respect the honesty of people who admit that by voting for Hillary Clinton, they are merely voting against Donald Trump and nothing more.

    People who are offended by the fact that Wikileaks ruined their childhood fantasy that American politicians are the most honest and forthright in the world and want to punish Julian Assange for telling these truths.
    People who derive joy from the fact that Libya is now a failed state and want to spread the good gospel to others.
    High level employees of Goldman Sachs.

    That’s it. I can’t particularly think of any other reasons. None of these reasons seem to be very popular issues. A survey showed that Hillary Clinton’s blaming of all the world’s ills on Russia doesn’t sell. So far as corporate good will goes, Goldman Sachs aren’t exactly as popular as the Disney Corporation or the NFL. Meddling in foreign affairs sells about as well as the ‘Putin Did It’ line.

    Saudi Arabia isn’t generally on the ‘must visit list’ of most American women. When it comes to leisure time, it seems Donald Trump’s Big Golf is more popular with Americans than Hillary’s Big Gulf. So what is it about Hillary Clinton that her supporters actually like?

    The whole Hillary phenomenon beggars belief. If Democratic voters were so keen on Trump not winning, they should be actively upset that Hillary Clinton’s henchmen stole the primary election from Bernie Sanders. At least like Trump, Bernie Sanders actually had policies one could support, rather than and lying,socialist, money grubbing, thieving,Felon-est,Criminal!

  16. We note the reverse logic as well. The sole reason for voting for a billionaire who pays no income taxes and thinks that makes him a genius, took five draft exemptions during VN, has never ever been elected to anything, sues and gets sued monthly. has the temperament of a pre-adolescent, surrounds himself with
    Newts/Guilianis (9 marriages between the triumvirate) and poses as a holy Evangelical, can only get the votes of long time Hillary haters.

  17. I could never be an atheist. To believe that when a loved one dies - or when you die - that's it? Gone forever? The person's life only matters as much as they impacted the lives of others. For most us, only our family will remember. And they will die eventually as well. Not that has much meaning for the person who is dead. If they are gone, why would they care how they are remembered? To think about how you will be remembered is something one does WHILE they are alive. Aftward, especially if there is NOTHING, it surely does not matter. If it's all for nothing, why bother? I will add my sympathies, in any case.

    1. My father was spiritual but not religious in the conventional sense. He expected no one to understand his beliefs but he did believe in somethuing beyond existance on this planet. I share many of his beliesf, although not all. And, that is all I've got to say about that.


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