Monday, August 29, 2016

The GOP's Humongous Problem... Donald Trump...

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Given the country's changing demographics and the GOP's small tent mentality it would have happened eventually. As the millennials come into their own, the older more conservative and less tolerant or understanding pass on, and the country becomes less white it would be inevitable the political landscape would shift leftward.

Enter Donald J. Trump, the GOP's most divisive, undisciplined, unknowledgeable, offensive, dishonest, inconsistent, and unpredictable presidential candidate of at least the last 60 years. By nominating Trump the GOP has insured acceleration of the party's eventual permanent minority status. Given Trump's many flaws and the very real danger he represents to our civil liberties, religious freedom, and national security to tick off a few the shift is a welcome one.

PHOENIX — Republicans in Western states fear that Donald J. Trump could imperil their party for years to come in the country’s fastest-growing region as he repels a generation of Hispanics, Asians and younger voters who have been altering the electoral map.

Mr. Trump, with his insult-laden, culturally insensitive style of campaigning, is providing fuel for the demographic trends that are already reshaping the political composition of this once-heavily Republican territory. And now many Republicans are contemplating the possibility that states like Colorado or Nevada could soon become the next California: once competitive but now unwinnable in presidential contests.

In few places are the party’s woes over their nominee more immediate than here in Arizona, a state that has voted for the Democratic presidential candidate only once in the last 68 years.

Recent polls show Hillary Clinton is close to tying Mr. Trump here. And her campaign has responded by teaming up with local Democrats on a statewide get-out-the-vote operation, which has grown to 160 staff members across 20 offices.

While flipping Arizona has been a Democratic fantasy for years — and one that Clinton supporters acknowledge remains quite difficult — their efforts to register and recruit voters are part of a longer-term plan to capitalize on the Republican Party’s vulnerabilities with younger and minority voters.


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