Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On The New Clinton E-mails, Trump, and Republicans/Conservatives...

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Clinton's Republican challenger, Donald Trump, is accusing the Democratic Party's nominee of “pay to play.” It's a narrative sure to continue after Trump hired Republican operative Steve Bannon, who wrote a documentary alleging the Clintons got rich from their connections with big business and foreign governments, as his campaign's CEO

As expected. Almost the moment news broke on the new e-mails discovered on Hilllary Clinton's private server by the FBI (15,000 of them) the Trump campaign, and conservative organizations, are claiming Clinton gave special access and favors to donors of the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family's charitable organization.

What is true is that access was given to donors, what has not been proven is the allegation that special favors were granted during her tenure as Secretary of State.

“These new emails confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

According to experts, the emails confirm donors were gaining access to Clinton, yet there is no evidence she granted them special favors, an important distinction that may determine how damaging the controversy is to Clinton’s campaign.

Rather than simply acknowledging the facts that are known at this point, encouraging due diligence as the FBI continues investigating these new e-mails, and not jumping to conclusions or politicizing this for political gain, the Trump campaign and conservatives again show their true colors.

Trump has made a mockery of the democratic process, he has several so called "news network" as accomplices, and the republican party and its Tea Party Wing supporting his often incoherent and un presidential campaign for president.

Conservatives have been trying to destroy William J. Clinton and Hillary R. Clinton for 25 years with numerous bogus claims, all of which turned out to be unprovable and false. With the single exception of a intern, a stained dress, and a cigar. It is probable this recent attempt to destroy the Clinton credibility will end in failure as well.

Read the full US TODAY article from which the above excerpts were take BELOW THE FOLD.

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  1. I do distrust her. I distrust a majority of politicians, from both major parties. It is merely a matter of whom I distrust least .

    I know for certain I won't be voting for Trump. The decision who I ultimately vote for remains not made.

    My focus is defeating Trump and working to reform the now dysfunctional and crazy GOP.

    1. Additionally, my post is not a defense of HRC per se, rather it is a call for the rabid rightwing loonies to cut the BS AND withhold judgement until ALL the facts are known. Not that a damn one will listen to reason.

  2. IMO, any politician who was investigated as much as Hillary year after year would probably fare worse.

  3. Being worse than Hillary is, is just about impossible .

  4. Trump certainly knows the pay-to-play game. He has admitted to as much when explaining his political contributions to both parties.

  5. Well what do you know, Mr. Know It All, providing zero substance to support his claims we'll just have to do his work for him.

    Trump-vs-Clinton on the truth factor.

    Trump's business failures

    Trump's foreign policy knowledge.

    trump's domestic policy knowledge.

    There ya go Mr. Know It All, it has been our pleasure enlightening you. Please stop in again, WHEN YOU ACTUALLy HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE to offer.

  6. Note to Rusty Shackelford, the idiot whose comment was of no value was therefore deleted.

    I'm very sure you're too stupid to be embarrassed by your ignorance.


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