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Michelle Bachmann, who is Donald J. Trump's evangelical adviser as well as a former Minnesota Congresswomen has recently proclaimed that Trump was picked by God to be the GOP nominee for president. According to Bachmann God raised The Donald up to win the general election. Bachmann, pointing to the Book of Daniel stated that it teaches "us" that the most high God lifts up who He will and takes down who he will.

Contemplating Bachmann's words must be difficult for the Evangelicals and other devout Christians who are considering whether or not to vote for Trump in November. For the Christians that have been paying close attention to Donald Trump's many xenophobic, misogynistic, sometimes racist, and often extreme nationalistic comments they must be wondering why God would lift such a person up. Instead of say someone who is more tolerant and loving of all of God's people. Just sayin...

Anyway here is the article published in THE HILL.

Former Minnesota Rep. and evangelical adviser to Donald Trump Michele Bachmann said that the GOP nominee was "raised up" by God to win in the general election.

“This is one thing I know from the book of Daniel, the bottom line of the book of Daniel is this: it teaches us that the most high God lifts up who He will and takes down who he will," she said in an interview with "The Brody File" that was released on Tuesday.

"I actually supported Ted Cruz. I thought he was fabulous but I also see that at the end of the day God raised up, I believe, Donald Trump, who was going to be the nominee in this election. I don’t think God sits things out. He’s a sovereign God. Donald Trump became our nominee," Bachmann continued in the interview, which was conducted on Friday.

"I think it’s very likely that in the day that we live in, that Donald Trump is the only individual who could win in a general election of the 17 who ran. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know but I do know that the Bible is true and that Daniel teaches the most high God which is one of God’s names is the one who lifts up who he will and takes down who He will."

Bachmann also lauded Trump's advisers, who she says are "solid as a rock" when it comes to upholding orthodox Christian values, unlike people surrounding Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"If you look at Barack Obama by contrast, if you look at Hillary Clinton by contrast, tell me where the strong people of orthodox Christian faith or orthodox Jewish faith who believe that the Bible is true, who believe that God is who He says who He is ... I don't know of any. Maybe [Clinton] has some, but I don't know of any."

Trump has made a strong push to rally evangelical conservatives behind him, after some speculation that he might struggle with the demographic earlier this year.

A Pew Research Center poll published in July found that 78 percent of white evangelical voters are likely to support Trump over Clinton come Nov. 8.

The cognitive dissonance within of the 78% must be great.

UPDATE 9/02/16:

Michelle Bachmann, doubling down on insanity, just proclaimed that if HRC wins the November 8, 2016 presidential election (which she will) it will be our last election.

In an interview with The Brody File, former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says this will be the "last election" if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. She says the GOP won't win another election if she's in The White House.

"Hillary Clinton will ensure it won't happen because she's going to change the demographics of the United States so that no Republican will ever win again," Bachmann tells me.

EXCLUSIVE: Michele Bachmann: 'God Raised Up' Trump to Be GOP Nominee

Therefore, Bachmann has a message for all the anti-Trump folks:

"I say get over it! All the 'Never Trumpers,' all the establishment Republicans that are out there saying,'We'll just take our chances and four years from now we'll have a better candidate, then we can take the White House.' It's not going to happen."

Republicans will win presidential elections again when and if the republican nominee is representative of the nation's political views. When the republican party and it's presidential candidate understands what the issues are, presents a rational action plan for addressing them, grasps that we have a diverse society, and shows sincere tolerance for, and acceptance of, our diversity we will have a republican candidate that can and will win the White House.

BTW, with individuals like Bachmann speaking for the GOP and on behalf of its presidential nominee (presumably) it is quite likely the GOP could lose the house as well.

Read full article with videoBELOW THE FOLD.


  1. God has been telling a lot of losing republicans to run for president. Seems like god is not very good at picking winners...or...

    1. Jerry, maybe God has it in for the Republican Party :-)

  2. Watching Trump tonight in Phoenix. Can't wait for the fact check..

    Actually, Drumpf the Rump is enough to make the sane ill.

    The only thing missing is the mustache.

  3. Hannity and Ingram shill for Trump. No surprise there folks.

  4. God obviously has a wicked sense of humor. Re: Trump's speech: I'll be it sounded better in German.

  5. The Don dropped Sarah for Michelle? OMG

  6. DJT, the sweeper away of socialism, is not a Godly man. Because the Bible calls for State Socialism. See the verse that reads "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me". We know this is a call for Socialism because Matthew 25:32-46 says the Lord will judge the NATIONS (not individuals). It's nations that are supposed to provide for the needs of the poor.

    According to God's representative on earth (if you're a Catholic) Pope Francis "To all people of good will who are working for social justice: never tire of working for a more just world, marked by greater solidarity! No one can remain insensitive to the inequalities that persist in the world!". Social Justice being "the fair and just relation between the individual and society ...[with an] emphasis... on the breaking of barriers for social mobility, the creation of safety nets and economic justice".

    This is what I, as a Christian Progressive Democrat, believe to be true. Which is why I think evangelical Right-wing "Christians" are in for a shock when they find out how wrong they have been (people like Michelle Bachmann). Which they will, eventually. Not in this life, however. Unfortunately.

  7. Fine sentiments Dervish. With or without the Christian trimmings.

    As an atheist I believe moral and ethical behavior, as well as social justice defined by Wikipedia, is quite possible absent belief in a god.

  8. In fact the carnage left behind because of religion and the fanaticism it has spawned is puzzling.

    1. That is the work of Satan. He uses the greedy, the weak-willed and easily fooled to turn people off of religion.

  9. I realize this is Sunday. However, this is not a church or a religiously inclined weblog.

    All I will say is I'm happy for you if you are happy.

    BTW, I've read the entire Old and New Testament, King James Version.
    As well as been exposed to and been involved with many denominations. It was all I needed to feel comfortable with being an atheist.

    Have a Glorious Holy Day Dervish.


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