Monday, July 11, 2016

Where Is America Headed?...

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Donald Trump understands how much money and power these groups have over the political process. Trump’s demonization of Latinos, Muslims, immigrants and even African Americans is a long held tradition in the United States. He’s just capitalizing on it and giving people permission to jump on the hate bandwagon. Trump even used bogus statistics from a Hate Group called The Center for Security Policy during one of his speeches when he claimed that a quarter of American Muslims are violent jihadists.

Source - American News X


  1. I am thinking of an island in the Bahamas. We can assemble our entire expat blogging community and commander this island ... living in peace and harmony. Then sell the story rights to Hollywood.

  2. Hm, sounds like a good plan. But I'm thinking once it hit the big screen the political forces of the American right would politicize it, claiming it a nefarious plot to corrupt America.

    You'll have to forgive me my cynicism
    (O)CT(O)PUS. Too many otherwise good people have bought the bunk fed them by Trump and the corrupt reichwing conservatives.

  3. Octo... can I visit from my perch in Oaxaca, Mexico?

  4. Those "hate groups" sure do have nice-sounding monikers. And it's sad people don't research the organization before joining or donating money.

    It's astounding to me that we still have such large groups of "haters". What the heck is wrong with people? Would they want someone to start a group about them? Hate them because they have green eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes, blonde hair, are bald, have freckled skin, are short, or stout...goodness the list can go on forever!

    This hatred has to stop. People in power, who have the best platforms, need to denounce these groups.

    I feel like we've gone backwards decades.

    1. Yes Pam it IS is astounding. What I find most astounding is the inability of these people (groups) to recognize their own glaring hypocrisy.

      You are of coure right. Folks in power should denounce these groups and they should set the example by their own actions.

      Unfortunately politicians like Trump, Gingrich, Cruz, Huckabee, and others, as well as media individuals like Hannity, Levin, Beck, Limbaugh, and others, ae intentionally working to set society back decades. To a time they delusionally think was America's time of greatness. A time when institutionalized bigotry and racism was the accepted norm. A time when white authority reigned supreme and the rest knew their place in society.

      A rational person only needs to read the weblogs of the extreme rightwing and listem to the pontifications of rightwing media to recognize this. America is ineed movig in the wrong direction. and, the biggest problem is so many blame it on all the wrong people and all the wrong issues.

      America is indeed moving in the wrong direction. and, the biggest problem is so many blame it on all the wrong people and all the wrong issues.

  5. "Hate Groups" is that what you call people who disagree with the Failed "First Black President"
    You need to put back your Sluth mask and wake to hell up!

    1. America is indeed moving in the wrong direction. and, the biggest problem is so many blame it on all the wrong people and all the wrong issues.

      A case in point.

    2. Sluth mask... what?

      The "Sluth" shall rise again or something?

      These bowls of word salad are hard to understand, RN.

  6. UNK... it isn't the disagreement... it's the way it is done. There is a way to disagree agreeably, but many, when it comes to President Obama have chosen not to do so. Quickly the resort to language that would make their mothers blush.

    It just seems a far cry from the values the party of "family values" used to espouse...

    Disagree on policy all you want... but don't personally attack, call into question someones citizenship or their love of America.

  7. Trump frequently trumpets the business school where he graduated.
    What does Wharton think of their product?

    1. Thank you for the link BB Idaho.

      An excerpt from the linked article:

      You Do Not Represent Us: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

      Dear Mr. Trump:

      At the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, students are taught to represent the highest levels of respect and integrity. We are taught to embrace humility and diversity. We can understand why, in seeking America’s highest office, you have used your degree from Wharton to promote and lend legitimacy to your candidacy.

      As a candidate for President, and now as the presumptive GOP nominee, you have been afforded a transformative opportunity to be a leader on national and international stages and to make the Wharton community even prouder of our school and values.

      However, we have been deeply disappointed in your candidacy.

      We, proud students, alumni, and faculty of Wharton, are outraged that an affiliation with our school is being used to legitimize prejudice and intolerance. Although we do not aim to make any political endorsements with this letter, we do express our unequivocal stance against the xenophobia, sexism, racism, and other forms of bigotry that you have actively and implicitly endorsed in your campaign.

      Pretty much says it all!

    2. Indeed they do IMO. You prove every single day of the week with your buddies over at the stink(e) sites.

      Have a good day now ya year?


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