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Trump, A Disgrace To America And All She Has Stood For...

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Donald J. Trump, a man that has been called many things from narcissist, to misogynist, to demagogue, to racist, to xenophobe, to a-hole has hit a new low. A low that not even those who had great dislike or disdain for him thought he would sink to. Yet we shouldn't be surprised really. It is as if he is intentionally testing the limits of American stupidity. Trump, the little man that he is now deserved to be despised by any true patriotic American. And by despised we mean completely and totally despised.

POLITICO - Donald Trump's call on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails has shocked, flabbergasted and appalled lawmakers and national security experts across the political spectrum, with one saying it was "tantamount to treason."

Few would argue Wednesday that what the Republican presidential nominee said will directly cause Russia to conduct more cyber-espionage against the U.S. than it already is doing. But several described Trump's statements as dangerous for America's global standing. Some echoed the Clinton campaign in calling the comments a threat to national security.

"It’s just one more example of the reckless and dangerous comments that Donald Trump makes that compromises American foreign policy objectives," said Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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  1. It's difficult to understand how that man could be a candidate for president. I just don't understand the people who support him, Les. I linked to this on my blog.

  2. Love Hillary or hate her, there needs to be a united front against this.

  3. I wish we could have every registered voter NOT vote in November. Leave the polling stations empty.

    Send a message we are disgusted with what we have because I don't know how anyone can support either candidate.

  4. I have to remind myself several times a day that this election is really happening.

  5. For me Pamela the billion dollar question is, how can so many presumably intelligent people support a narcissistic megalomaniac that happens to be the least capable and least qualified or prepared individual to seek the presidency in modern times. It frankly speaks volumes about a very large segment of the American electorate. And, it is one scary thought, the idea that a undisciplined, unprincipled, megalomaniac could have the nuclear launch code.

    Trump is evil, pure full strength evil. Patriotic Americans, people of decency and moral conviction and courage must, and I mean must, do everything they can do as an individual to see that Trump is defeated, and soundly defeated. So that America never hears from him ever again. The very ideals this country was founded on are at stake and nothing is as important as defeating the worm that has grown very large within.

    As for HRC? Yes, I have many issues with her and her political philosophy. However, she is an American, she desires unity and cooperation, she is concerned about families and the equality we ALL desire, and the liberty to lead our lives on our own terms, which includes loving those we choose. I can work with that, and so should the republican party to craft a even stronger, more secure, and even better America for AL who obey our laws and love our country. Regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, and all the rest.

    Sorry for the rant Pamela but I have never in my adult life ever despised a man or women as I despise Trump.

    1. No apologizes necessary, RN! I am flabbergasted at Trump's support and I agree, he won't be good for our country. But I also can't support Hillary. I don't believe she cares about anyone except herself, her money and her power.

      Yes, the Republican party is on the wrong side of many issues. Truthfully, it's dying. The millennials won't jump on board unless the party embraces common sense views--gay marriage for one. Things need to change, the party needs to change. Either that or we need a 3rd party and to hell with the Democrat and Republican parties.

    2. RN: ...must, do everything they can do as an individual to see that Trump is defeated, and soundly defeated. So that America never hears from him ever again.

      A consequence of the Trump ascendency...

      RN: ...must, do everything they can do as an individual to see that Trump is defeated, and soundly defeated. So that America never hears from him ever again.

      A consequence of the Trump ascendency...

      Riding Trump's Wave, Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Runs for Senate (Trutout article excerpt) On the heels of the Republican Party's Convention, Duke, promising to be a voice for "European Americans", threw his hat into the ring to run for the Louisiana Senate seat vacated by the retiring scandal-plagued David Vitter. ... As [a] New Republic [author] recently pointed out, "Donald Trump has made people like David Duke feel as if they're no longer on the fringes".

      Regarding HRC "lying to the Benghazi families" (telling her daughter in an email that it was a terrorist attack, then allegedly telling the families the video was to blame). That it was a terrorist attack is what they believed initially. Then the State department settled on an explanation that tied it to the video. It was spokeswoman Victoria Nuland (a former Dick Cheney aid) who insisted a reference to Ansar al Sharia be deleted because she was concerned that the inclusion of that information "could be abused by members of Congress to beat the State Department for not paying attention to agency warnings" (Benghazi Talking Points Revisions Pushed By State Department).

      So, whatever HRC told the families (if anything), I think it was what she believed to be true at the time. I don't believe she would deliberately lie to families who had just lost loved ones. The MUCH more logical explanation is that the State Dept report was bowdlerized. I mean, this story about HRC going out her way to lie to the families (when she could have just comforted them and said they were were looking into it) when they knew it was a terrorist attack (and, OF COURSE, that would come out later) makes no sense to me.

  6. So the 30 plus thousands deleted emails were only personal and had nothing to do with the gooverment. Now all of a sudden it is treason and puts the country at risk if they are discovered. What is the truth according to -H-, are they personal as she claimed or are they a security risk as the liberals claim. Can't be both.

    One thing the liberals are not taking into account. Trump says and does nothing by accident. His blunders are calculated to get a response from the liberal media. How much free publicity and attention did Mitty get from the MSM, little and he was always on the defensive. How much free publicity does Trump get from the MSM, tons and now -H- is on the defensive. All of this is planned and everyone in the MSM spends half their time talking about Trump.

    Now not only has -H- been exposed as a cheat and liar but so has the DNC. It's all to funny to get upset with and no matter who gets elected they have to be better than what we have.
    I am not voting for anyone for president but I am sure voting against -H-.

    1. Skud must be new here. Very new. Because he apparently has missed the several harsh posts by RN, the blog host. criticizing HRC over the email and other issues.

  7. Good to see you Kevin!

    I must say, nothing in my life prepared me for the total idiocy we are seeing today from Trump and the republican party. It almost makes we embarrassed today to say I'm an American. Thankfully the sane still outnumber the Trumpians.


  8. skud: "Now not only has -H- been exposed as a cheat and liar..."

    Donald Trump has been fact-checked six ways to Sunday and has been found to be the biggest liar -- Hillary Clinton has been fact-checked 10 ways to Sunday, and she's been found to be more honest by far than Trump. That's a fact. You can have your own opinions, skud, but you can't have your own facts. You, like so many other Americans, have fallen for what William Safire wrote about Hillary over 20 years ago, and then he discovered he was WRONG. Hillary Clinton is no more of less dishonest than any politician, including the Republican icon, Ronald Reagan. Remember, skud, Ronald Reagan was responsible for the deaths of 250 marines in Lebanon, and he PROMISED to stay there, and then left 3 months after that tragedy. The Democrats did NOT go on a witch hunt over that disaster, did they. What about the security then that allowed 250 marines to lose their lives? Why is Benghazi worse? Can anyone give a rational reason for making BENGHAZI! worse than Reagan's Lebanon. Tragedies happen in dangerous parts of the world where Americans are deployed. That's the price America pays for being the global policeman.

    Les is correct about Trump, and I give him major props for being independent and true to his principles. There aren't many out there who have the courage of their convictions, he is a rarity. Country means more to him than any political party or politician.

    We need more Americans like him.

    1. Shaw, the "Hillary lied less" is a horrible excuse. We have a corrupt political system filled with corrupt politicians. That is just plain wrong. We deserve better.

      As far as Benghazi is concerned, I abhor Hillary for blaming it on a video. As a mother of a son who was injured in the military, I can't even imagine the devastating pain those families are going through. Hillary, and everyone else, OWED those families the TRUTH. Period. I can't forgive Hillary for that. She told her daughter in an email it was a terrorist attack but told the families a video prompted it. That's disgusting.

      It is a horribly sad fact that we have deaths all over the world because we act like the world's policemen. But that doesn't excuse lying about it.

      And I applaud Les for standing true to his principles too. He is indeed a rarity!

  9. Pam, I can't imagine how awful it is to lose a son or daughter who served in the military, or a son or daughter who's been injured while serving his/her country. I honor those who have had to deal with this sort of wrenching heartache.

    As to the Benghazi tragedy, I know only what I've read from testimony given at the various Congressional committees and from trying to untangle what the families who lost their loved ones said happened when SoS Clinton met with them. There are conflicting stories by those families. I suppose it depends on how one feels about Hillary Clinton that will determine if one believes her or not.

    I hope people read this and come away, as I did, with the conclusion that we will never know what exactly was said to the families because there was no recordings of that meeting between them and Mrs. Clinton. Some family members claim Clinton blamed a video on the attack; some family members (including Amb. Stevens' family) AT THE VERY SAME meeting said there was absolutely no mention of the video. So how do we find out what was really said? I tend to think that at a meeting of such devastating emotional upset, perhaps memories are unreliable? I don't know. But the facts are that there is no consensus by the families who lost their loved ones on what Hillary said. Hillary denies blaming the video. Those who dislike her will not believe her; those who like her will believe her. Please read this fact-finding's site and make your own decision:

    Here is PolitiFact's analysis and conclusion:

    In conclusion

    It is impossible to know with certainty what Clinton told these families in brief conversations at a private reception only three days after Benghazi. Some, but not all, family members who have spoken to the media said Clinton mentioned a video or protests in their meeting. Some said she didn’t mention a video. Clinton says she did not.

    If she did say something about the video, would it have been an intentional lie? It’s very possible that this is one of the many conflicting pieces of intelligence that the administration was working with at the time.

    There simply is not enough concrete information in the public domain for Rubio or anyone to claim as fact that Clinton did or did not lie to the Benghazi families.


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