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Racism, and Xenophobia...

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Racism is alive and thriving in 21st century America. It remains as virulent, hateful, and destructive as it ever was, the only difference being the absent of Jim Crow laws and lynching by the KKK. We have federal law to thanks for that.

Following the terrible events in LA and MN this week where two innocent black people lost their lives at the hands of white police officers, and the death of 5 white police officers and wounding of 7 others by a violent black criminal, some rightwing weblogs and rightwing bloggers have responded as expected. By blaming Black Lives Matter, even as BLM denounced the horrific violence against white police officers by black thugs, and President Obama with the usual false rhetoric and narrative.

While the number of xenophobic and racist rightwing weblogs are plentiful one in particular stands out as among the most virulent and dangerous of the lot. Dangerous because the weblog proprietor is an educated, articulate, and a convincing manipulator of both facts and emotion. In short he plays on ignorance and fear, combined these make for a volatile and very dangerous mixture.

This particular weblog owner/administrator rightfully imposes strict standards for posting on his weblog. His standards as published are reasonable and if enforced as they are published would result in creating a community of diverse ideas as well as the tolerance and understanding that would help built the cohesive and dynamic culture/society that this nation is capable of achieving. Unfortunately this weblog owner's real intent is to foster and encourage divisiveness and support for the extreme rightwing agenda in the Unites States of America. Including nationalism, nativism, and possibly a belief in, and support for,  white supremacy.

This site could post many examples of  racist, xenophobic, and anti American comments found at FreeThinke's weblog as they are legion. However, rather than copying and pasting comments we will provide links to several of his more outrageously racist, xenophobic, and divisively dangerous posts. They are aplenty and this weblog encourages all of good will to take a perusal through the archives of FreeThinke. He, and those like him, represent the greatest threat to the United States of America's and to our American Values.

We note that FreeThinke has recently deleted comments that point out the errors and intentional misrepresentations that he dare not allow. One that follows was posted by this weblog proprietor.

Thank you FreeThinke. It stands not only in direct opposition to your blatant racism it stands on TRUTH, as opposed to your hideous misrepresentations and lies.

You FreeThinke are not only not a Good and True Christian you are a hideous human being.

BTW Mr. FreeStinke, should you decide to delete this comment know that it is saved and WILL be published elsewhere should you take the cowardly action of deleting it. As a matter of fact, on second thought, I may just do a post exposing your blatant racism anyway.

Have a good day FreeStinke.

Perhaps I should not have addressed FreeThinke in closing as FreeStinke, however, his post and comments are so odious that the reference to stink(e) is ultimately a truthful one and therefore appropriate.

Following is a representative list of posts with links for your perusal. Pay close attention to comments in the comment section as they reveal as much (or more) about FreeThinke and his followers as do his actual posts on occasion.


The Naked Face of ISLAM Run Amok



DIDADIN - Detain, Intern, Disempower, And Deport Islamaniacs Now - D-I-D-A-D-I-N!


The above are but a few links to a weblog that has demonstrated a overwhelming desire and dogged persistence to spread fear, hatred, racism, xenophobia, and influence the ill informed and blindly partisan people who constantly watch and listen to; FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Mark Levin, et all as well as support Donald Trump because he is going to "Make America Great Again".

This nation has become a boiling cauldron and the stark bitter partisanship in today's political environment only adds to the divisions that are tearing this nation apart. No longer is it about unifying the nation and healing the scars of the past, instead it is about adding fuel to the fires of fear, xenophobia, and divisiveness. While the conservative evangelical right are most guilty by far the more tolerant and understanding left (and moderates) are also guilty of the same partisan virus that closes their eyes and ears to reasonable compromise at times. For this reason this weblog, for an undetermined amount of time, will be silent following publication of this post.

Enjoy the balance of the summer.


  1. FT used this image to head up his blog post. As someone on my blog noted, it's Willy Horton all over again.

    FT had no intention of having a thoughtful discussion on recidivism or black on black crime. Those images were meant to stir up the worst possible fears white people have of the black community. He loves to present himself as some high-minded, intelligent, thoughtful blogger when in fact that blog post and the ones you've linked to show him to be no better than those one sees on white supremacist blogs where anti-Semitic, anti-black, and anything that isn't white is slandered and demonized.

    He and his ilk (white supremacists) are not the solution to our problems; he's the sort that stokes the haters into a wild frenzy and who make our problems far, far worse with those incendiary images.

    The world does not look kindly on people who fan the flames of hatred and resentment. He and his friends apparently don't believe in the Savior they so hypocritically praise every Sunday and who said "Blessed are the peacemakers."

    1. Indeed Shaw. I've become convinced FT, WYD, Geeez, and their ilk will always exist. There is no defeating the ignorant and hateful.

      Have a good summer.

  2. The small seaside resort in Florida where I live has been ground zero for a story that has dominated national headlines recently: The Orlando massacre.

    The shooter lived about 20 minutes away; and the man who reported the shooter to the FBI has been a personal friend of the past few years.  

    With little time to blog these days, I have been writing a syndicated column for the Scripps/USA Today newspaper network — contributing opinion columns on "Free Speech, Hate Speech" and "Merchants of hate in a moment of crisis."

    My mission and purpose is to keep the peace and try to prevent reprisal attacks against Muslim friends and neighbors in my community.

    The atmosphere here is especially ugly. A motorcycle gang encircled a local mosque in Fort Pierce in an attempt to menace the congregation. A Muslim man was beaten in the parking lot on Saturday. Tonight I will attend an Interfaith outreach meeting organized by Christian, Humanist, Jewish, and Muslim leaders in the area.

    When I checked the links cited in your post, I was shocked. “Disgust” doesn’t even begin to describe the evil those people are trying to unleash. They are truly brown shirts in every respect.

    I noticed Jersey McJones has severed all contact with them. This is the right decision, the only moral decision possible. I will not link or comment anymore about these people. I don’t want to bring attention to them or advertise them in any way. Way too dangerous.

    And frankly, I am now fearing the worst possible outcome … which is why I will be scarce for awhile. More community outreach, more op-eds in the newspaper, doing everything I can to put out this ugly fire.

    1. I suppose anything anyone can do to put out the fires of hatred that helps to stop the insane pursuit of man against man is an admirable pursuit. I have become a true cynic however and no longer believe it possible. Reading the garbage that has become a daily menu on the internet (sites like those linked to), and in the media has taken its toll on me and I believe on out nation as well.

      Have a good summer.

    2. Good for you, Oct. Keep it up. If you want to share any links here, please do so...

      (In RN approves)

  3. Stinker is a terrible liar, obnoxious racist and Classic Anti-Semite(TM) to boot.

    Here’s a re-run of a comment I made at Farmer John’s blog sometime ago, based on quotes from FreeStinke writing (on FT’s blog) and my responses to them. ‘YOU’ refers to what Stinker wrote, ‘My response’ to what I wrote in response to Stinker’s filth.
    YOU: "Certainly the Jews, themselves, -- or rather we would say a highly vocal element among them who have a made a virtual profession of touting, defending and promoting their Jewishness as such -- against real or imagined evidence of "anti-Semitism" by ceaselessly casting aspersions at gentiles and others not of the Jews' singular, self-styled brand of humanity -- have spared Shakespeare and many many others no end of vilification in their ceaseless attempt to promote what-may-be called for-want-of-a-better-term The Jewish Agenda."

    My response: The Jewish Agenda. Strong echos of The protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    YOU: "I have a HUGE problem with Christian Fundamentalists who pride themselves on being "Bible-Believing," while openly scorning what-they-call "New Testament Christians." They fanatically support the establishment of Modern Day Israel, which has functioned primarily as a THORN in the SIDE of the Entire World since its inception."

    My response: A thorn in the side of the entire world? Blimey, just about any Western Nation supports Israel, as so many Arab nations.

    YOU: "Somewhere, somehow, someone MUST some day provide a rational explanation of why, despite their being highly intelligent people capable of impressive achievements, the Jews have functioned throughout history as a MAGNET for dislike, distrust, contempt, out-and-out hatred, rejection and persecution."

    My response: They've only got themselves to blame, i.o.w.

    Continued below.

  4. YOU: "THEY would claim it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with ANYTHING that THEY have ever done. Logic -- and the Law of Averages -- says otherwise."

    My response: Ditto. Historical insight or perspective: ZERO.

    YOU: "Why have the JEWS -- and according them, ONLY the Jews -- been singled out more than ANY OTHER PEOPLE -- for this kind of rough treatment? It stands to reason that it MUST have SOMETHING to do with the way THEY tend to act."

    My response: Most Jewish historians believe the Jewish historical experience is a chequered one, as is inevitable for a people scattered to the four corners of the world. Periods of intense persecution and banishment alternated with periods and pockets of great prosperity and occasional roles as oppressors.

    YOU: "That is certainly true of The Chosen -- and to a certain extent the Irish -- but of all the immigrant groups who arrived on our shores in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries ALL of which were given -- and GAVE EACH OTHER -- a hard time virtually ALL assimilated and became full-fledged Americans within a generation or two. But the JEWS have chosen very deliberately, I think, to remain SINGULAR -- APART -- IN-but-never-OF the mainstream."

    My response: Assimilation of Jews worldwide rivals that of most other minority groups, some elements with standing assimilation nonetheless. Does assimilation means all being the same?

    And I thought you said that they were over represented in Hollywood, Academia, public service and so on?

    YOU: "The Jewish Rejection of the THEIR Messiah and OUR Lord and Savior MUST be the reason their entire existence has been beset by woe ever since. No one could deliberately set himself against GOD and expect to win anything but trouble, heartache, misery, grief and perpetual dissatisfaction with life."

    My response: So reductionist I won't even begin refuting it. Jews often suffered at the hands of atheists too. No amount of embracing the 'Lord and Saviour' would have changed that.

    FreeThinke? More UnThinke, I think. Ahistorical tosh, petty theorettes that border on Tourettes. Free of Reason, perhaps...

    And there's more of the same on his Jon Stewart thread, another 'chosen one', don't you know?

  5. FT said: "They fanatically support the establishment of Modern Day Israel, which has functioned primarily as a THORN in the SIDE of the Entire World since its inception."

    He is psychotic. That hateful, genocidal language demands some sort of... solution. He would find a good brotherhood with the hard-left antisemites at Mondelweiss.

    Thanks for providing this, Gert.


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