Thursday, June 2, 2016

Is This What America Needs? Or Wants?

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In our democratic republic legitimate authority is derived from the people. Is Trump a personality this nation really wants to take a chance on? Reason consuls us the answer is absolutly not.


  1. Hillary or Bernie, yes, over Donald.

  2. Trump has demonstrated that he is an unstable demagogue and ignorant of our constitution and laws. A dangerous combination. Now, because of this primary contest, we at least know how many people in our country are willing to vote for a potential authoritarian dictator and change forever what America stands for. Those are the same people who howled about Barack Obama fundamentally changing America. Those people, and we can read their screeds on certain rabid right blogs, don't see this threat that is right in front of their noses.

  3. Giant Meteor 2016. And his VP running mate, EndItAll.


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