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Ron Paul Gives Bernie Sanders a Boost... Sort Of

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“On occasion, Bernie comes up with libertarian views when he talks about taking away the cronyism on Wall Street, so in essence he’s right, and occasionally he voted against war,”...

"It's hard to find anybody -- since Rand is out of it -- anybody that would take a libertarian position, hardcore libertarian position on privacy, on the war issue and on economic policy,"...

“So I always say: You can search for a long time, but you’re not gonna find anybody in the Republican or Democratic primary that even comes slightly close to ever being able to claim themselves a libertarian,”

So, the way I read this is, if you aren't voting Gary Johnson you should be voting Bernie Sanders.

It just makes sense...

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  1. Libertarians For Bernie. I think that will be a very small group.

    1. It may be. For Ron Paul to acknowledge some of Bernie's posistions have merit is what I'm talking about.

      Talk turkey and then effect mutual compromise to get things done.

    2. The way I read this is, you shouldn't be foolishly throwing your vote away by voting Gary Johnson (and, by default voting for the Republican nominee). You should be voting Bernie Sanders.

      BTW, according to the Reason article Bernie Sanders, First Libertarian Socialist? "when you compare and contrast Bernie with... Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sanders looks downright Ayn Rand-ish. ... And when you put Sanders up against the Trump Circus, also known as the Republican primary field, he is practically the headmaster of the Austrian School of Economics... when it comes down to what increasingly seems to be the only three realistic possibilities for Leader of the Free World in 2016 - Hillary, Jeb, or Bernie - who would libertarians feel most comfortable with, for four more years?".

    3. I just listened to Sen. Sanders entire speech from New Hampshire. He said many things and made many promises that people like to hear and some things even this socially liberal and fiscally conservative libertarian could get behind.

      I anxiously await for Precisely how the Sen. from Vermont will pay for all the initiatives he would move forward should he become president. Taxing Wall Street and billionaires will not pay for all the things he promised should he become president.

      If the house and senate retain GOP majority Senator Sanders will face gridlock such that he very well could be a failed one term president.

  2. Pardon me for being OT, but I mentioned this on another one of your posts: Mass. Governor Charlie Baker's ability to seek compromise and common ground with the opposition party. Here's an article on that on He's no fan of Trump or Cruz because he doesn't see either of them being able to work with opposition party. Baker is baking Chris Christie. I disagree with him on that. I see Christie as a bully and too hot tempered for someone who'd have his fingers on the nuclear button. I'm surprised Baker isn't backing Kaisch or JEB! They have the temperaments for a leadership position.

    1. I am not that surprised. Christie is a republican governor in a democratic state. He, like Christie has had to bridge the aisle to get things done.

      Yes Christie can be fiery and hot headed, but looking at his debate performance he could be considered impressive. My wife likes Christie and I can say from personal experience she is a very good judge of character. :)

      As for Jeb? A lightweight trying to find his message and deliver it effectively. Ain't gonna happen. Governor Baker knows this.

    2. "Baker is baking Chris Christie"

      Not sure that I want to come around his house for dinner on that day.

    3. Obvious typo. Should be "Baker is backing Chris Christie." But the error is funnier.

    4. Yes, it was a dig at Christie, nor you.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the link. I concur completely with Baker's thoughts

      Perhaps wishful thinking but maybe Baker is a future GOP presidential nominee. A huge improvement over this year and prior years GOP nominee.

  4. I don't think most American libertarians would find much common ground with Sanders. Libertarianism was and still really is just an anti-New Deal movement, and Sanders puts the New Deal up there with Deuteronomy.


    1. There are ultra liberals such as Noam Chomsky who label themselves as "libertarian socialist." More common ground than would appear on the surface. Nevertheless, labels really mean nothing.

    2. Americans forget the history of libertarianism. It began as part of the left-wing workers movement in Europe that included socialists, Marxists, etc. This is a much older tradition than what gets called libertarianism in the US.

      There are left-wing libertarians in the US as well, but they tend to go by other names such as anarchosyndicalists. There are many varieties of co-ops and collectively owned businesses. Two interesting examples are the East Wind Community and the Mondragon Corporation. Even the Milwaukee sewer socialists were libertarian to some extent in that they represented local government solving problems at the local level.

      My own ideal ideological system would probably be some form of left-libertarianism and I sometimes identify as a liberaltarian. I was attracted to Ron Paul in the past, but now am supporting Sanders. Some years ago I even half humorously started an Facebook page that was called "Socialists For Ron Paul!"

  5. Trump continuing to provide ample reasons why he should not be president.

    I would add Cruz and Rubio did the same, although they were at least articulate.

    Carson... Why is he still running?

    Adults who might , and I mean MIGHT , be able to unite the nation and get something done, Kasich, Christie, and Bush.

    Then there's Johnson and Sanders.

    It's gonna be a fun 10 months. I think.

  6. There have been a number of Presidents who were good at working with both parties to assure change for all Americans. Of course Reagan was the most successful but he did have O'Neill to work with.
    It is unfortunate for everyone that we now have politicians who want to conquer instead of lead.
    Maybe Joe will run and reunite the country while giving some comedic relief. Bernie and -H- are not the answer nor are any of the republican candidates who stand a chance.

  7. "...some things even this socially liberal and fiscally conservative libertarian..."

    In other words, a socialist libertarian.

  8. Or, just a dude that maybe has a capacity to recognize the difference between realistic possibilities, pie in the sky desires, and plain straught out bulls*it. The present day GOP and tea party adherents excel in latter.

    1. Middle ground, shared by reasonable folks of reasonable intelligence and common sense is usually where "it's" at.


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