Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Echoes of McCarthyism...

Ted Cruz: Friend to Fascists, Past and Present

A greater threat to our republic and civil liberties than even Trump. Click on highlighted link above.


  1. Yeah, a while ago he crossed the line into territory of "someone I would prefer Bernie or Hillary to".

  2. The top three G(rand) O(bstructionist) P(arty) candidates for POTUS are essentially alike. Trump is the most crude and rude but any of the three will move the nation further down the same path toward destroying civil liberties, further dividing Americans, and solidifying wealth even more at the top.

    A nightmare should Cruz or either of the other two win the presidency.

  3. For the past twenty five years, I've been a recovering Republican. Now that I see what the GOP is offering, I'll be voting for someone I don't really like very much - Hillary! Cruz and Trump are simply evil and crazy and little lying Marco is just not ready for prime time. I like Bernie but he won't be the nominee so I'm left voting for Hillary but without pleasure.

  4. Yes BlueBull there is evil at work in the G(rand) O(obstructionist) P(arty). Cruz is truly and evil man imo, Trump is a totally self absorbed narcissist and demagogue, and Rubio would be a rehash of the GWB neo con years.

    But I am not sure I can ever bring myself to vote for HRC. Maybe Gary Johnson or the Green Party candidate. Since I live in MA,which will either go HRC or Bernie Sanders I'm free to ast a protest vote. Again. Woo Hoo!!


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