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American Nationalist Party... A Positive Political Ideology Or Not?

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America is angry. Angry at politicians, government, business (particularly Wall Street), fearful of Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration, concerned about our ballooning national debt, as well as host of other concerns. America is ripe for a change. A departure from business as usual in Washington DC. Folks are hungry for a leader that will promise them a change and restore the United States to greatness,

The rise of Donald Trump and his nationalist populism is driven by the concerns of Americans noted above. It also explains the existence of the American Nationalist Party (click here to go to their website). Our purpose for posting the following is not to be taken as support for Donald Trump or an endorsement of The American Nationalist Party as it is neither. Rather it is posted for informational and educational purposes.

Nationalism in its extreme is a very dangerous condition as we have seen throughout history. The formation of an American Nationalist party, and the advent of populist movements like Donald Trump's should give educated and concerned citizens great pause. Nationalism, regardless of how sold carries with it the echoes of the past, quickly bringing to mind the nationalism that led to Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Fascist Spain of the 20th century just to name a few.

We hope you find the information and links provided helpful and useful. Much is at stake in 2016 and beyond. It is critical America does not make the mistake of turning its future over to demagogues that prey on the concerns and fears of the populace. It has never turned out well for countries who have,

The 2nd Revolution

You will hear us use the word “revolution” many times in our writings, articles, etc. Many may wonder what exactly we mean by revolution. How would revolution actually happen if one was even theoretically possible? And what kind of revolution? What do we mean by revolution?

Revolution is defined as:

1. A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.

2. A fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

3. A sudden, extreme, or complete change in something or a sudden, complete change in the way people live, work, think, etc.

4. An instance of revolving; the movement of an object in a circular or elliptical course around another or about an axis or center.

When we speak of revolution which one are we? Obviously not number 4. So that leaves 1-3. We want to try and avoid number 1 if possible, so that leaves us as promoters of numbers 2 and 3. We are a revolutionary party! No matter how you look at the problems our nation faces, it is going to require some kind of mass upheaval to finally break the cycle of corruption, decline, and disgrace that plagues our Nation!

How would revolution actually happen? And what kind of revolution? What do we mean by revolution? What is the nature of revolution? Perhaps this section will shed some light on what we mean and bring to light the necessity of some kind of collective action against the ruling elite!

Outline of Revolution

1) Why Revolution? Avoiding Violent Overthrows of Government

2) Can Revolutions Happen Against Democratic Institutions?

3) The Rise of a Third Political Party?

Bonus: American Nationalists Building the Next American Revolution

The Revolution that we are calling for takes place on many levels. This revolution takes place politically, intellectually, economically, culturally, and perhaps in a sense, spiritually. This revolution encompasses that of an awakening for the American people and the rebirth/renewal of the United States of America! Rebirth is a process of restoring as well as creating!

This revolution will bring about the birth of a new way of life. We Americans have sat quiet long enough while the political establishment has dismantled this country in all shapes, forms, and ways through their corrupt manners. There is no one person or group to fully blame for the bad shape this country is in. The ruling establishment deserves much of the blame for their twisted and corrupt ways that have destroyed the lives of millions of Americans.

We Americans are also guilty for allowing all this to happen and blindly following the status quo’s corrupt system! This revolution is an atonement for past mistakes! We can all rebuild our country, restore our government’s sanctity, and recreate a more prefect Republic! We are the next American Revolution!American National Party

Postscript: While there are items on the American Nationalist Party's website that do make sense, taken as a whole it left me with a net negative judgement.


  1. I guess the abbreviation for Nationalist is Nazi.

  2. NAZI is the abbreviation for the National Socialist German Worker's Party.

    The America Nationalist Party certainly has many similarities with the 1930's NAZI party. After reading through their stuff a great feeling of unease came over me.

    Donald Trump's populist movement is built on, and is fueled by extreme nationalism and fear. The American Nationalist Party and Donald Trump have a lot in common.

    There is a book by Professor Leonard Piekoff entitled The Ominous Parallels drawing similarities between Nazi Germany and the USA and what let to the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler.

    Seeing the rise of Trump, organisations like the American Nationalist Party being founded, and other political activity, (mostly by the GOP) and
    other rightwing groups supports Professor Piekoff's assertion that America is trending toward fascism (Nazism) and not communism as the American right likes to claim.

    Trump, and the American Nationalist Party are symptoms of what those who know history and Professor Piekoff are talking about. Evil can happen in America and the Nationalism of Donald Trump sprinkled with a little fear and bigotry is a sure recipe for it to happen. Nationalism and a Demagogues travel hand in hand, Donald Trump.

    Patriotic Americans who love their country beware. America's foundation is being shaken and badly. This must be halted in its tracks and soon, before it is too late.

  3. You've got that right, RN. To you're credit, you see the dangers. Too bad not more of your conservative brothers don't. People wonder how a group such as the nazis could arise. Trump is the answer.

  4. I don't have many conservative brothers these days. Today's conservative band of brothers is really far from responsible patriotic conservatism. I can't explain it other than to say It is what it is and I want no part of conservatism if Trump, Cruz, the present republican party, and the NRA are what is considered "principled" conservatism.

  5. Thanks for this, RN. Very informative. There are principled conservatives out there. Don't forget our own governor, and also the Republican governor of Nevada. Our friend, Dave Miller, admires him. I'm sure there are others, but the TPers have drowned all the reasonable voices out. Perhaps the present GOP will have to burn itself to ashes and then rise again, like a phoenix.

  6. More than one observer has noticed the Trump phenom's similarity to the early campaigns of Hitler (former Mexican president Fox, some concerned
    German Army officers, etc). My question is- should he be referred to as
    Mein Fuhr-ball..or Mein FuhrKombover?

  7. The damage inflicted on America and its democratic republic/representative democracy by tRump and hs gop may take years if not decades to repair. Especially given the low quality and caliber of republicans and conservatives presenty in the majority in the gop.


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