Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye... Part 2

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Wella, wella, wella! The Duck crew has added to their product line. Partnering with Mossberg, Duck Commander, the company founded by Phil Robertson will begin marketing line firearms that will include “nine different shotguns, as well as two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol.”

Now, I have nothing against firearms, hunting, or ducks. In fact I admire individuals who take a risk and in the process create a successful business and become fabulously wealthy. After all, it is the American dream and it is the American way.

What I do have something against is racism, bigotry, and the belief that a man should marry an adolescent girl before she reaches the age of 15 or 16. All of which Phil Robertson has made clear he is in support of.

So, in as much as I admire business acumen and the desire and ability to make money I cannot abide supporting Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, or his family endeavor. I personally will NEVER by anything product marketed by Duck Commander and urge everyone of sane mind to BOYCOTT Duck Dynasty and ALL of its products. Give your business to the one of their competitors. Principle and real American values do, after all, matter.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) The family-owned business at the center of the hit TV show "Duck Dynasty" has launched its own line of guns.

The gunmaker Mossberg has teamed with Duck Commander, the company owned by "Duck Dynasty's" Robertson clan, to release nine different shotguns, as well as two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol.

Duck Commander was founded 40 years ago by Phil Robertson, the family patriarch who was recently suspended -- and then reinstated -- by A&E after making controversial remarks about gay people and African-Americans.
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  1. Robertson is a perfect example useless capitalism.


  2. Proof that morons really do exist, in multiple forms


    "What I do have something against is racism, bigotry, and the belief that a man should marry an adolescent girl before she reaches the age of 15 or 16. All of which Phil Robertson has made clear he is in support of."

    Do you realize, Les, that taking an adamant position on any issues -- other than the long-agreed-upon proscription of murder, mayhem, kidnapping, (forcible) rape, robbery, vandalism and extortion -- is a for of bigotry, itself? Look up the word, if you don't believe me.


    1. Oh I realize what you are saying. People do it all the time, even, and especially the extreme right wiing of politics and religion.

      I support Robertson's right to say and believe what he wishes. I also support his right to be an as**ole.

      There ya have it.


    Now, I know you are basically one of the good guys, Les, I'd never deny that, but taking one's personal distaste for the tastes, predilections, attitudes and behavior of others, and lobbying either stealthily or vociferously to have your pet peeves declared illegal is one of the hallmarks of Marxian-Communist-Fabian-Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Statist thinking and methodology. So, apparently, is a rather determined inability to know the differences between Satire, Jest, and Earnest Advocacy and Entreaty.

    In the nineteenth century and most epochs past, it was considered perfectly normal, right, good and desirable for girls to marry immediately after the onset of menstruation and a fully developed adult female body. In many societies polygamy was -- and remains -- an acceptable norm. "We" don't happen to approve of that, so "we" took it upon ourselves to declare it not only illegal, but also a form of Child Abuse -- even RAPE. (:-o


    1. So, by your analysis then you are guilty of..... with respect for your distaste, no, hatred of Marxist economics and philosophy. Not my favorite either to be sure.

      It is no longer the 19th century. Progress and continued enlightenment is.... Good or Bad? In your estimation.

      Are you defending Robertson's statements on the premise they are satire, jest, or some other argument?

    2. LES: So, by your analysis then you are guilty of..... with respect for your distaste, no, hatred of Marxist economics and philosophy. Not my favorite either to be sure.

      FT: I am adamantly opposed to Marxism and all it many derivatives. Yes. Would I outlaw it, if i could? YES.

      LES: It is no longer the 19th century. Progress and continued enlightenment is.... Good or Bad? In your estimation.

      FT: Genuine progress is wonderful -- but exceedingly rare. We usually just shuffle old concepts around, turn things upside down and inside out thus creating widespread misery, unnecessary megadeath, and whole new groups of victims, and CALL it "progress." It is not. Most often, it is simply "change for the sake of change" AND a shift in POWER, which will ALWAYS be abused, usually sooner rather than later.

      LES: Are you defending Robertson's statements on the premise they are satire, jest, or some other argument?

      FT: Frankly, I hink it's basically Show Biz. You know, "If it smells, it sells; if it bleeds, it leads,"
      and all that. If people are foolish enough to like this kind of junk, it shouldn't be up to either of us to tell them they oughtn't. I don't like it at all, but neither is anyone FORCING me to watch the show. If they were, I might feel differently. I HATE being COERCED, don't you? But yes, I think it's entirely possible that these provocative things have been said tongue-in-cheek in the hopes of boosting the ratings.


    I have to laugh at the way ---- let us call them Non-Conservatives and Non-Libertarians ---- continually REDEFINE legal definitions and terms in common use for decades, even centuries in order to be able to FORCE THEIR WILL on the nation. A classic example: What-was-once-regarded-as SEDUCTION, we now define as RAPE, and prosecuted accordingly.

    Now, I happen to ABHOR most popular music -- particularly Rock 'n Roll and its many even more hideous derivatives. I honestly believe it has had a deleterious effect on society since its inception, HOWEVER< it would never occur to me to try to make listening to it ILLEGAL -- UNLESS the sound of it invades ad pollutes the atmosphere in my PRIVATE SPACE -- my house, or apartment.

    I do believe in laws against HARASSMENT, and being subjected to unwanted NOISE is decidedly a form of harassment.

    Ad so it goes ..

    THE END (for now ;-).

    1. Rape is rape, period.

      Seduction is seduction, both sexes have practiced the art for centuries.

      The moment either sex engaged in said seduction says no... only a moron would risk interpreting NO to mean YES.

      I was a 1st chair Trumpet in both band and orchestra, classically trained for years. Although my preference is jazz, I appreciate all music forms of expression. However, I do not like or enjoy listening to all equally.

      Question... Is political noise a form if harassment? If so would Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Cruz, and Louie Gohmert be considered as purveyors of political harassment?

      Just saying. :-)

      The beat goes on...


    I vigorously support your right to state your views directly, candidly and unequivocally, even though I may disagree with much of what you've said.

    What I am very much against, however is any attempt to COERCE people into accepting ANYONE'S personal tastes and preconceived notions.

    For instance, I happen to be s Christian, and have sedulously cultivated a belief in God all my life, but my understanding of who and what God may be is radically different from the views of Fundamentalists, Roman Catholics, and most Evangelical Christians. I am content and reasonably secure in my beliefs, but abhor the very idea of making a MILITANT and DEMAND that EVERYONE should -- nay MUST -- believe as I do, or face severe punishment, etc.

    Militancy, Coercion and Intolerance are antithetical to Civilization and the development of a healthy, viable society.

  7. Ah, now we're talking.

    I support the right to free speech and expression. AND expect to exercise that right for myself. Just try to stop me.

    I am an atheist, however I am spiritual. I respect the right if everyone to believe and worship as they choose. Quietly and with those who share their beliefs. I ask no one and expect no one to accept atheism unless it by free choice, nor do I preach atheism. I also do not enjoy being Preached TO by extreme religionists.

    I find it interesting some of the most intolerant and insufferable individuals are found on the far right and the far left. They seem to have found common ground there.

    1. Very true. The hard left and hard right have a lot in common. If one can easily summarize the common thread, it is authoritarianism.

  8. If the bible quoting Duck is going into the firearms business, he must interpret the biblical 'swords into
    plowshares as 'duck calls into firearms' by some theological legerdemain?

  9. FT's arguments are patently absurd, IMO. Societal norms change as society evolves (becomes more civilized). If someone chooses to go with the old norms even when the majority of the rest of us have decided they are outdated (and passed laws saying so), then YES, they should be "forced" to adhere to the new norms (as codified by law). That is how society works.

  10. The deep thinking ex-Plant Mgr. Lester Nation has decided to issue a personal boycott of all Duck Dynasty products.

    Les,will heroically cease to purchase products he actually never bought in the past and had no intention of buying in the future.

    Les's boycott would be similar to a life long vegan refusing to purchase ribeye steaks....just a bit silly.

    For every Les there will be 100 people lined up at Bass Pro Shop buying a Mossberg Duck Dynasty shot gun......thank god for sanity.

    1. Happy New Year Rusty old chap. Just a reminder, my name is not Lester. I think Mr. Sanders has finally gotten it.

      Actually I own a Mossberg, bough it many years back. Used to deer hunt, birds (but no DUCK), and went black bear hunting once. Lost interest.

      Made a statement Rusty encouraging hunters with principles similar to mine to simple buy the Duck Commader's competitor product and not buy one of the 9 firearms carrying there logo

      Anyone can do as they please.

      Cheerio old chap!

    2. IMO, Mossberg seems to do fine in the sales area. Perhaps a little camo and the Duck label will draw the Dynasty supporters, sort of like CFC bulbs increase the sales of incandescents...boycotts and their reverse. Gotta admire marketing.

  11. I would be curious what ventures similar to this (in promotional synergy NOT product or ideology) that RN supports.

    1. Care to elaborate dmarks? For the sake of clarity.

    2. Not an accusation :) Just wondered what business ventures (including such tie-ins) you find to be exemplary.

    3. Sometimes ya just gotta take a stand against intentional, overt, and public displays of ignorance. Lets just say I know what my desicion would be were I the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Mossberg. But I'm not.

  12. I'd guess not many of the posters here have ever watched a single episode of Duck Dynasty and have little knowledge of the hunting culture of Louisiana.

    Having lived in northern Louisiana (Ruston) for a few years I know there are two days when everything comes to a grinding halt.......the first day of Bass Season and the first day of Duck Season.

    I can also tell you duck calling is considered an art and prized duck calls are passed down from generation to generation.The Robertson family was smart enough to make and sell a superior product and true to the American way....got rich on the way.

    I think someone here called the Robertsons "fake rednecks,".....I spoke to an old friend who lives in West Monroe and knows the family quite well....he said the Robertson's are a genuine,christian,country family who have created numerous good paying jobs in the parrish.

    Now,you may very well disagree with the comments Phil made in GQ and you may very well find his beliefs out of touch with the modern world in which you revolve,but please don't denigrate an entire family over the musings of an old man.Dont judge other cultures by your pompous,PC driven lives.

  13. 1) Watched two episodes... decided not my area of interest.

    2) I admire ingenuity, success, job creation... the American dream

    3) I am sure the family is a genuine, bible thumping God fearing Christian family, and very hospitable to friends... typical if many, if not a majority of American families.

    4) I don't rightly care.

    5) Perhaps the comments and values expressed by Phil Robertson are acceptable to you, perhaps you even agree with him?

    6) I support Phil, and the rest of his families right to say and believe as they wish. Never have argued otherwise.

    7) It is my right to disagree with PR's bigoted, racist, and outdated and backwards views on my site. It also the right of commenters to express thier views, as you have.

    8) Musings of an old man? Right. Pompous PC driven lives? Right. Thanks for expressing your aid and comfort for one of America's bigots and racists. I presume your down with both Rusty old chap.

  14. You shouldn't presume Lester....its very similar to assuming. If you are indeed calling me a bigot and a racist,without knowing me....I would say you clearly show your pomposity and strict adherence to all things PC.......wouldn't you say sparky

  15. My presumption Rusty is based on a premise. Such premise based on your statements. Feel free to identify yourself as opposing the bigotry and racism expressed by one Phil Robertson.

    I shall await your response.

  16. I see you didn't post my last comment.

    I don't feel it necessary to jump up and down,waving my arms yelling that Phil Robertson is a bigot and a racist.Phil Robertson's beliefs are his,not mine and I'm not pompous enough to feel I have to judge him nor do I feel I have to denigrate that family just to make myself feel a bit larger and impress the PC crowd.

    So you see Mr.Nation your presumption,based on a premise means diddly shit to me. You can continue on with your head firmly inserted in your pompous ass. Tata sparky.

  17. Rusty Old Chap, I shall take your last comment submission as confirmation you do indeed have little to no problem with the views expressed by Mr. Phil Robertson.

    To crib your words... "ta ta sparky."

  18. I didn't think the "deep thinking ex-plant mgr" could actually face his betters......run away....run away

  19. Run away from what Rusty ole chap? Run away from what?



  20. Phil's homophobic but he made his fortune making things for men to blow.

    Seems ironic.

  21. Yes....Mr. Nation....it seems you were a bit scared to post my comments. You make you little snide remarks,yet will not show my actual comment.

    If that make you feel a bit bigger then you actually are so be it......."ole chap" wow,thats a doozy.

  22. While I genuinely share Rusty's disdain for sanctimonious leftists, the PC police, etc., sometimes you just have to pick your battles wisely and, yeah, to throw your support to a guy who gets his information on human sexuality from a couple of other guys who wrote about it in the 1st Century is undoubtedly a bridge too far.

    1. I have much disdain for the PC brigade as well. As much as I do for the box dwellers who see no issue with bigotry and racism.

      If that makes me PC in the rusted shut eyes of some then so be it.

  23. It's just wonderful that Nation views himself as the keeper of the flame. unfortunally not everyone feels obligated to yell and scream about a perceived breach of his beliefs.

    Nation seems to have crowned himself as the high sheriff of uncovering bigots and racist. Now,I don't know how he perceived himself worthy of this lofty position but he has obviously grabbed this bull by the horns,so lets get the hell out of the way and let the man do his job. I'm sure the people Nation seeks to impress will be beside themselves with his waving of the PC flag.

  24. Crusty Pack-A-Merde … what a rude little troll!

  25. Why Rusty old chap it seems Blogger has good taste after all . I found 3 of your previously unpublished comments in the spam folder this morning, 1/4/14. I decided to publish just to show what a sporting fella I am. That and so other commenters get to see the REAL you.

    Thanks for dropping in, don't let the door hit ya in the a*s when you leave.

    1. Is Rusty a sales rep for duck calls?

    2. Might be BB-Idaho. He's a frigging troll for sure.

  26. Rusty is the same troll who made bets on the size of my ass over on Dervish's blog. Then he has the raisins to come here, RN, and play the role of a blogging scold? Because he thinks you've set yourself up as an arbiter of something or other? What raisins he has!

    1. Some people run into logs occasionally. Rusty had found an entire frigging Redwood to run into.

      His eye(s) must really hurt.

  27. I am a fan of Duck Dynasty, and have seen many episodes. However, I really really draw the line at Phil's crude statements about gays, his ludicrous portrayal of a "Song of the South"- like life of black people, and his advocacy in favor of rape.

    1. Good for you dmarks, although I found the program BORING, guess you have to be a duck hunting fan huh?

      It is too bad old Rusty the troll doesn't see things the way you do dmarks. He just can't make himself denounce the bigotry and racism of dudes like good ole boy Phil. Makes ya just wonder doesn't it?

    2. RN: Never duck hunted, or any hunted. Nor have I seen duck hunting on the show! I accept your view that it is boring.

      As for Rusty, he does seem to be going all WD on this one. Any more of these comments from him and he might be a duck's-breath away from becoming this blog's El Cunardo.

    3. I disagree with the views of Mr. Robertson and support RN's right to put HIS disagreement into words on his blog. Rusty (in essence) says RN should shut the hell up. Rusty most certainly is not "going all WD on this one". I've never told anyone I disagreed with to shut up. I read Rusty's comments and (before I got to the ad hominem lie by Dennis) thought this must be an example of the "dry humor" Will is a fan of.


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