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Governor Christie and the George Washington Bridge Lane Closing Scandal Pt. 2...

by: Les Carpenter
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Polls are merely a snapshot in time indicating the public's perception relative to something which concerns, or ought to concern the public. A recent NBC News/Marist poll shows 70% of Americans have not changed their opinion of the New Jersey Governor and 44% believe the governor is telling the truth. What is telling is that by far more view Governor Christie as a strong leader rather than a bully some are attempting to make him out to be.

Equally as interesting is the 20126 potential republican presidential candidate has lost grounf since news that a Christie administration staffer(s) was involved in the George Washington Bridge four day lane closings in September 2013. Governor Cgristie is now trailing Hillary Rodam Clinton by 13%.

Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, explains that, overall, this is good news for Christie.

“The numbers suggest it’s far from politically fatal for him,” he says of the scandal, adding: “This is a developing story, so the extent of the damage down the road is an open proposition.”

But the down side for Christie, according to Miringoff: Americans “are getting to know to him, and that’s maybe not the best way to introduce himself to a national audience.”

The poll – conducted Jan. 12-14 – comes after released emails showing that a top Christie aide, as well as his Port Authority appointees, conspired to close local-access lanes to the busy George Washington Bridge as retribution against the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, N.J.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Christie Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly emailed Christie Port Authority aide David Wildstein back in Aug. 2013, just weeks before the lane closures.

“Got it,” Wildstein replied.

In a subsequent news conference last Thursday, Christie announced that he had fired Kelly, but also said that he had no knowledge of or role in the lane closings.

Read the full poll here and the complete NBC News article below the fold.

It would make sense, at least IMNHO, to let the investigation conlude so we have a completer accounting before making or passing judgement. The video knda sorta shows that isn't happening.

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  1. Christie's getting hit from the left and the right and it doesn't surprise that the middle doesn't particularly care. The popular Dem pols and pundits see him as a threat in 2016, and the GOP base see him as usurping RINO. Too much attention on this rather banal scandal, without any more meat, would only make Christie seem more sympathetic to exactly the sorts of voters popular Dems and base Republicans are afraid he attracts. My advise would be as well to not rush to judgement, at least among the pols and pundits.

    As for me, this in no way changes my opinion of the man. He's as banal as this stupid scandal. And his friends are morons.


  2. Little to disagree with. Except I doubt his friends (all of them which your statement implies) are morons, ethically challenged perhaps but not morons.

    Personally I like the dude. Whether or not he has a shot at 2016 remains to be seen. If the investigation shows he had involvement my opinion will change and I'm guessing his political fortunes will be toast. As they should if he was actually involved.

    Jerry made a valid point on the previous post. If he was duped that is cause for concern when considering Christie for potential GOP nominee in 2016.

  3. Here's what I don't like about him:

    He's yet another pro-Wall Street, anti-consumer, small-rich-town pro-Home Rule idiot who, yet again like so many before him, cut all the wrong taxes and arbitrarily capped property taxes without way of dealing with the actual costs incurred by Home Rule. He's a bullshitter. Blame the teachers, blame the consumers, blame the state government - never look at the actual problem.

    If you want to hear what you want to hear and disregard reality, Christie is your man.


  4. In one respect you described Obama aa well and many others as well.

  5. Christie has made himself out to be a bully. No "attempting" by others. Some wrongly interpret bullying as "strong leadership", but clearly the leadership wasn't "strong" enough so that his advisers would know better than to lie to him (if that is what happened).

  6. Your opinion Mr. Sanders is certainly not shared by everyone and likely not even a majority. Other than the liberal/progressive activists, operatives, and supporters of the cause.

    1. And righties, Les. I wish you'd stop forgetting the righties.


    2. jmj, I do not forget the righties and you damn well know it.

      Ya see jmj don't wear a political party label like many, perhaps most even. I'm free to have the luxury of criticizing either or all as I see fit.

    3. More people agree with me than voted for Gary Johnson in the last election. FAR more. That's a fact you can take to the bank.

    4. Woopie Mr. Sanders. Your point is? And does anyone really give a s*it?

    5. RN: Depends on what they agree with Mr. Sanders on. I would venture that Gary Johnson would get a lot more votes than those who agree with Mr. Sanders that Bin Laden should have been turned over to a kangaroo court of fellow theocrats and terrorists for "justice".

      By the way, do you think Johnson will run in 2016?

  7. When it comes to "facts" to take to the bank, Dervish Sanders' legal tender is typically of the same face value as play money. Or flooz.

  8. dmarks, cut the dude some slack. I mean he even has agreed with me on 3 or 4 occasions.

    It's a small amount but at least it is a start.

  9. Maybe he is coming around. He's also trailed off in sending me gay sex fantasy messages since the start of the year. A big change from the many novellas about Santa from around Christmas.

    I did tell him, I will publish his comments if he acts normal for 4 weeks in a row.


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