Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lemon Gets His Comeuppance on CNN..;.

by: Les Carpenter
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Politico - Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman got into an argument on CNN with host Don Lemon and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin when he was brought on to discuss his victory this week in a lawsuit challenging NSA surveillance, resulting in Lemon cutting him off the screen and Klayman comparing Lemon to disgraced former MSNBC host Martin Bashir.

Wow, what a smack-down! One that was certainly appropriate and well deserved. One of the great problems with the media, both right leaning and left leaning, is their tendency to control discussion and debate to favor their own biases. I must admit I did enjoy this smack-down of the left leaning Lemon on CNN. Read the entire article HERE. Via: Memeorandum


  1. I didn't see anyone get a "comeuppance" there, and I think most viewers would agree with me. Of course, they'd have to have viewed the whole story, not just that last clip.

    Klayman's storied relationship with this and the prior two administrations is part of this story, whether the terminally-unable-to-see-irony Klayman likes it or not. Now, that's not to say Klayman doesn't sometimes have a very good and important point. And in general, his long fight against the government is a good thing. We need citizens who badger the government, whether we like them or not. If Lemon chose to approach the story by way of Klayman's famous and infamous White House wars and whack-job rhetoric, Klayman could have chosen to clear things up as he chose. But no, he acted like a douche bag.

    So, no. Not only was that not a "comeuppance," it was just slobby and pathetic. Reminds me of the pointless slobbola hick rants in public you see down in the South.


    1. I'm quite sure you didn't jmj. Fine by me. We shall just agree to disagree.


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