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Contemplating a Palin Presidency (or any religious right wing politician), Leftist Delusions or a Real Possibility?...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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I am sure many millions have contemplated what the United States of America might look like should Sarah Palin ever be elected president. I know I have. The following is an article that contemplates such a scenario. Although it is a fictional scenario it could conceivably happen. Contemplating beyond just a possible Palin presidency... Any religious right wing politician might very well change the United States of America along the lines discussed in the the article. Trashing the Constitution in the process.

Perhaps the best course for United States Citizens is to study the issues of the day, work to gain a better understanding of the Constitution and the rights it protects and guarantees, and improve knowledge of the workings of our government. Doing so would certainly result in making more informed voting decisions.

By PATRICK GAVIN - The McCain/Palin ticket lost in 2008, right? Fiction can change that.

Christian Nation” is a new novel from lawyer Fred Rich that wonders what would happen if the Republican ticket won in 2008. But Rich goes even further than that, plotting a would-be Palin presidency after McCain passes away in the novel.

And although it’s fiction, Rich is dead serious about what a Palin presidency would mean for the country. As the title suggest, Rich is concerned about how religious extremists on the right could upend society.

“If somebody like Sarah Palin, who holds so firmly to this conviction that America is and should be a Christian nation, what would happen if she actually had the power to implement it?” Rich says his book “paints a picture of what that path would look like.”

“How could the federal courts, which are the only defense against all the nonsense you see out of the state legislatures, how could the federal court system be neutralized? What legislative strategies could the Christian right pursue were they in control of the Congress? It shows that it’s not impossible or unthinkable for them to actually be able to implement that agenda.”

What would happen, according to Rich and the book is a government that claims to speak for God and policies based solely on the Bible, which would overwhelming hurt gay Americans.

Rich says he used to be Roman Catholic, but now he’s an atheist. And he used to be a Republican, but now he’s an independent. And he says his book shouldn’t offend all Christians, just the extreme ones.

“This book is not intended to be a shrill, bombastic addition to this conversation. It’s intended to be a much more thoughtful piece of work. … 30 to 40 percent of fellow citizens self-identify as born again evangelical. It’s going to take a long time, if ever, for those demographics to change. And those aren’t bad people — I’m not hitting those people over the head. What I’m doing is shining a spotlight on the fact that some leading opinion makers — and the ones that can drive the politics in this country — are extremists. (Emphasis added)” {Read More}

Indeed extreme views seem to get the lions share of the headlines and permeate the press, blogs, and airways. This is truly unfortunate, and both the right as well as the left has their share of "extremists."

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  1. I find Christian nationalism to be as destructive of a domestic policy aim as Socialism. Both deprive the citizen of individual rights, they just take different paths to the endstate.

    Although given my assessment of Palin's intellect and intellectual curiosity, she would be a least favorable candidate in a flock of undesirable contenders.

  2. I wonder if L'il Ricky Santorum is going to make a run in 2016.

    I doubt it. The Republican Party is trying for a makeover and will be
    presenting a less bizarro image.

    Maybe Jeb Bush. But the evangelical scene is dead.

  3. Now and over the next eight years is the right's last chance to gerrymander their way into a long-term regional power in America. They have eight years - until after the 2020 census - to solidify their position. After that, the demographics of the country will slowly erode their power out of existence. Conservatism as we know it today is a tired, old wasteland. Certainly, as usual, a new conservatism will arise, but what we have now will become a nagging problem around the interior of the country that eventually people will get annoyed with and forget.


  4. Ducky said: "I wonder if L'il Ricky Santorum is going to make a run in 2016."

    A guy bounced out of office years ago has little traction. A has been.

    Const said: "I find Christian nationalism to be as destructive of a domestic policy aim as Socialism. Both deprive the citizen of individual rights, they just take different paths to the endstate."

    No doubt the left-wing critic in the parent post has ways he likes to shred the Constitution. Just different how Palin does.


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