Texas Governor Rick Perry Confirming SOCON Intolerance...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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The voice of intolerance and bigotry.

AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement regarding the vote to admit openly gay Boy Scouts:

The Boys Scouts of America has been built upon the values of faith and family for more than 100 years and today's decision contradicts generations of tradition in the name of political correctness. While I will always cherish my time as a scout and the life lessons I learned, I am greatly disappointed with this decision.

Once again proving the bible thumping socons are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Way to go Governor Perry. Not that anyone with a rational mind is surprised by your backwardness.

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  1. So, anyone who disagrees with you is "part of the problem?"

    He didn't call for killing gay people. He merely expressed his disappointment at a private organization allowing them to lead children.

    Sounds like a difference of opinion. Now, who is the intolerant one?

    Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep an eye on 'em)

    1. Actually no. However in this specific case he is wrong IMNHO. And as much as it may pain some the truth is the truth.

      Well... actually, Perry like Gohmert is often wrong. But who's counting. ;-)

    2. Anon: So bigotry and discrimination according to you is OK as long as it doesn't demand killing the victims?

      I guess Rosa Parks had nothing to complain about, right?

    3. "the truth is the truth?"

      The truth is, a private organization has voted to allow homosexuals in, and a man has stated his opposition to it based upon traditional values.

      Equating homosexuals with black people. How original. Rosa parks was on public property. That, sir, was a clear cut case of discrimination.

      What we have here is a difference of opinion. I figgered the libertarian Mr. RationalNationUSA would understand that.

      So Rational Nation supports the government barging into private lives and telling people what opinions they can hold?

      So a Rand adherent supports a private organization changing its core values based upon the tyranny of the crowd?

      This is why libertarians are untrustworthy.

      Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep an eye on 'em)

    4. With all due respect you apparently do not understand.

      1) There are different types of bigotry. I did not invoke Rosa Parks, you did.

      2) I did not say Perry did not have a right to his opinion. He certainly does.

      3) I have a right to mine.

      4) The BSoA is a private organization. They made a correct, non judgemental decision based on rational as opposed to religous thought and now will allow openly gay members.

      5) Perry, the unenlightened individual he is chose to make a statement which politicized the issue given his political status.

      6) Therefore I will make the leap and state my firm conviction that if Perry could he would impose HIS will on private organizations based on his socon sensibilities.

      7) Feel free to visit anytime. Your comments are well thought out and appreciated.

    5. I invoked Rosa Parks. And yes I stand by it. The unjustified dislike of gay people is little different from dislike of blacks.

      And since your main objection on Rosa Parks, Anon, is the private vs public difference, does this mean you support any and all private discrimination (business, lodging, etc) against blacks?

    6. And since your main objection on Rosa Parks, Anon, is the private vs public difference, does this mean you support any and all private discrimination (business, lodging, etc) against blacks?


      Of course I do not, sir! The question is, where it the limit? Will people one day be prohibited from holding their own thoughts in their consciences?

      And many blacks do not like the unsavory comparison, so you should be more sensitive in your speech.

      Harlan From LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

  2. Gays have been so effective at gaining their rights I wish the Dems would study the tactics and strategy.

    Perry should go have a drink with Peggy Nooner.

  3. This clown is right out of central casting. a) He's a homophobe and b) he couldn't even remember 3 piddly little items at the debate. For anyone to have even considered this fellow as the leader of the free world is mind-boggling.

    1. It sure is Will. We can only hope the dude fades away quietly and wastes now more of our time in the future.

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  5. The Texas GOP has become a national joke. The good news? Texas is slowly but surely going to become a Blue State, and some day, probably within our lifetimes, only a few far-right screwballs in the state house and congressional delegations will have any place there to be.


    1. Yeah, they're such a joke that people are moving to the state from failed liberal experiments like California and New York.

      Careful Jersey, don't get high on the fumes of your own BS...

  6. Yeah, Jersey's comment read like something from Crossfire. Partisanship over principle. It;s the sloppy, careless Jersey, the same one that recently said that Fox News ignored the military rape scandal at the same time Fox had it as an hourly headline.

  7. Indeed jmj certainly floated a good one with that one.

  8. Actually waiting anxiously for the succession to happen. Oh, that's right, it ain't gonna because the state want's the federal help when needed.

  9. Jersey left that one floating, but didn't have the decency to flush it.

    Like the time he reviewed "Atlas Shrugged" and his main criticism was that one of the characters was a small homosexual (I have replaced the more disparaging term he used...one borrowed from Westboro Baptist).

    When he is on top of his game, he's great. I wish it were more than one comment out of every 10 that was.


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