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by: Les Carpenter
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Sometimes it just makes sense to review precisely what it means to act in the rational self interest of ones nation.

Perhaps we have reached a point where infrastructure must take precedent over engagement in never ending global conflicts. Especially when the conflict has little to do with our national security. Start by thinking Iraq and working backwards. Of course Afghanistan is exempt from the exercise.

Business Insider - The big news today is that a bridge in Washington collapsed, throwing cars into the water. Amazingly, nobody died.

This may revive debate about the need to spend more on infrastructure, which would have multiple positive effects.

Nothing is likely to happen, however.

That being said, here's a chart of public construction spending (TLPBLCONS) as percentage of GDP.

You can see, public construction spending is lower than its been in over 20 years.

Click graph to enlarge

Given the current mood of the Tea Parry, the MIC, and the pro military neo-cons (lets find a war at any cost types) I'm guessing things just might bet worse before they get better.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. It would have been nice if more of that $862 billion in stimulus spending had gone to infrastructure but I definitely see your point here. We're building bridges over in Iraq at a time when ours are collapsing (literally) over here. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

    1. Not only in Iraq Will. Our perspective of national self intetest is backasswards.

  2. Repeal Davis Bacon and prevailing wage. Not only is it pure corruption, it diverts away a large percentage of the money spent on infrastructure projects. That's a good place to start, a no-brainer.

    1. Equally as good a place to start, perhaps even better, is divert funds from the MIC and foreign aid to infrastructure projects here in the USA.

  3. Both can be rather corrupting.

  4. Also, I'd be interested in seeing the rate of construction spending in more unbaked terms, say, compared to inflation. As opposed to GDP. That would be the closest way to compare "in real dollars".


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