Freedom Isn't Free!

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
berty -vs- Tyranny

Today we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty for all.


  1. Freedom is not free, but what we need today is a financial sacrifice, not a military sacrifice. We are willing to die for our freedom, but not spend one more penny to protect our freedom. Republican proven failed policies have endangered our freedom, yet they continue to push the same failed policies. They are cowards and traitors to our country. Those of you who have supported them and their failed policies for decades, are responsible for their weakening of America and are guilty of promoting the downfall of America.
    Since you are one of those, congratulations, but save your fake patriotism.

    1. Once again the Anon who makes up crazy stuff just to stir controversy shows up. As before, he tells a huge pile of lies.

      "We are willing to die for our freedom, but not spend one more penny to protect our freedom."

      Anon is so stupid he is incoherent. Here his poor command of English has him arguing to increase our already massive defense spending. This contradicts his mindless bashing of Republicans that follows this, since Republicans tend to want to spend many more pennies on defense.


      RN: To paraphrase Forrest Gump: Anon is as Anon does. And here he is in effect defecating on the graves of those who served and lost their lives by using your well done Memorial Day post to rave about matters he obviously hasn't given much thought to.

      Is he really this stupid?

    2. This Anon if frankly just like the POS that have had a feeding frenzy over at AOW's blog trashing Shaw. POS tend to flock together and because they lack substance they trash others. But all is well because Anon here, like the POS over at AOW's blog are having a grand time pleasuring themselves the only way they know how.

      Occasionally I humor them.

  2. @ Anon: "Since you are one of those, congratulations, but save your fake patriotism."

    Since you are clueless, as well as one that has no clue with respect to my principles (or reality for that matter) feel free to take a long walk off a very short pier. A**hole.

    1. RN: Anon proves by example that while freedom isn't free, willful distortion, crazy statements, and careless incoherence are all dirt cheap.


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