The Face of Fundamental Christianity in America?... You Be the Judge

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

The face of Fundamental Christian Bigotry!

The face of a strong diverse America!

Mrs. Rational and I took our dynamo back home to Mom and Dad yesterday as he will be going with them to Myrtle Beach Friday for two weeks. Yes, he is one lucky, and very appreciative dynamo. His family is hard working and as a result he is able to enjoy some of the fruits of their labor. With continued perseverance, and maybe a bit of luck this dynamo will be as educated and forward thinking as his supportive family.

Coming home for a day before heading south to the casinos I could not resit the temptation to visit the ever present Memeorandum and catch up just a bit on current events. During my diligent review of the "news" on Memeorandum I could not help but notice the still present bigotry and racism that apparently continues to exists in the dark pockets of Christian fundamentalism. Perhaps it is but a few who support this disgraceful conduct, however it is never the less disgraceful as well as despicable.

The question for all intelligent, reasonable, and rational individuals to ask themselves is whether they want America to be a bigoted and racist nation (as apparently some Fundamentalist Christians do) or whether they want America to be the diverse nation that has always been the wellspring of our strength.

Sadly, I fear the worst. In 2012 for any organization, especially a "Christian" organization of Pastors to take the position of  "All White Christians Invited" simply defies any sense of understanding or logic.

As Mrs. Rational and I leave for the casinos we leave wondering just what exactly has been lost on a  certain share of the American population.

Another interesting read, however the bigots and racists in America likely won't get past the first paragraph before zoning out. Sad. Sad indeed!

There are simply some things which should transcend liberal -vs- conservative doctrine. This issue happens to be one of them.

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  1. let's see, when blacks gather together with the intent of excluding other races there is no accusation of racism or bigotry.
    when espanics gather together with the intent of excluding other races there is no accusation of racism or bigotry.
    but, when whites gather together with the same intent the accusation of racism and bigotry is the automatic response.

    would you like to explain your reasoning behind this contradiction? it was always my understanding that freedom of association was a right guaranteed in the constitution. when was that made into a privilege?

    1. This was a pastors conference Griper, not a social event or a cultural celebration of ones heritage.

      Or perhaps you find it acceptable for the "Christian" pastors to hold a conference where all white Christians are invited, thus implicitly excluding Christians of color.

      I might have been born at night Griper. It was certainly not last night. The intent, in my considered opinion, is quite clear. Continue the course of divisiveness and separation. No difference than when the conservatives talk their perceptions that Obama's intent is to divide America. I see just a bit of hypocrisy here.

      Anyhow, I just finished my workout and it's off to shower, shave, and then to the casinos with Mrs. Rational...

  2. i find it as acceptable as "Christian" pastors hold a conference where all black christians are invited, thus implicitly excluding white christians and the same with Espanic pastors. and don't try to say it doesn't occur.

    what is the difference? why is it racist only when whites do it but not racist if blacks or Espanics do it? that is the question you need to answer.

    1. I have answered the question quite satisfactorily for myself, and I'll take the leap and say likely for many others. Bigotry and or racism when it shows it ugly head can't be hidden by hallow words of justification.

      I do believe Dave's comment just below said better than I have.

  3. Griper... I spend my life working in the Christian Church... I've yet to personally see a church, and I get into a lot of them, black, white and Hispanic, that has ever said they are, as you said "gather[ing] together with the intent to exclude others."

    It is one thing to not invite, it is quite another to do what this church has apparently done.

    If you, as a conservative, find some sort of equivalency here, perhaps that explains part of the reason we are so divided as a country.

    I'm with Les on this one...

  4. could someone please explain what "espanics" are? The second I read that the hillbilly music started playing in my head :)


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