Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There Comes a Time...

by: Les Carpenter
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There is a time to kiss a*s, and there is a time to kick a*s.

This sight was started with the belief those who really understand the meaning of liberty and the exercise of free will, as well as the individual IE: personal responsibility that both require would find themselves "brothers and sisters" in arms fighting the tyranny that both parties represent.

Sadly I was mistaken.

It has become by far more important to "follow the party line" and march in lockstep with the "party establishment" than it is to recognize and speak the truth.

Truth in politics has sadly become more a matter of how an individual "perceives" national realities (as spoon fed by the political elite in both parties) rather than what the actual facts of any perceived "realities" in fact are. Which is to say most people freely choose to accept precisely what they have been conditioned to believe by the "elite and talking heads" rather than question the validity of any said premise.

We can thank modern day progressives such as TAO and Jersey McJones, to name just two, for most of today's societal ills.

Individuals who subscribe to, and practice "Classical Liberalism", IE: those whose values are based on a rational system founded in logic, objectivity, and the constitution, rather than raw emotionalism hold the key to our nations future and the ultimate survival of our Republic.

I opened this post by saying "there is a time to kiss a*s, and there is a time to kick a*s. I for one have kissed by far too much a*s in the name of "bipartisanship" in the misguided hope of finding common ground with those who know not the meaning of "common ground." Nor do they care to find common ground.

So my dear readers I ask, has the time come to kick some a*s?

What say you?


  1. You mean there was a time we SHOULDN'T have?

  2. There is no compromise. There is no need to "reach across the aisle". That kind of mentality is what is preached by the weaker. Do you think the lion wants to sit down and work out a deal with the gazelle? Nope. Neither do I, as a Conservative, ever wish to sit down with these TAO or JMJ characters and make peace.

    Why would I? I'm not wrong, they are. They are wrong and their kind have been wrong for years. Simple as that. I do not have the luxury of political correctness or touchy-feely politics. Liberalism sucks. Period. It is for women, minorities, homosexuals, abortionists, and other such America-hating drones who cling to victimhood and helplessness.

    No compromise. Never. There's right and there's the left. There's right, and there's wrong.

  3. As one of the few bloggers who happens to think that both sides have good ideas, and that neither side has a monopoly on the truth, I very much lament the toxic environment that surrounds us all today. The truth be known, though, I have taken far more abuse from the progressives than I ever have the right.

  4. Les, that picture of the eagle. It looks like a Richard Seeley photograph. Do you know whether or not it is?

  5. Will said: "The truth be known, though, I have taken far more abuse from the progressives than I ever have the right."

    It is similar to how they treat the media. All of the major network/satellite news organs are leftist. There's narry a peep from the "progressives" about this, except to lie that the leftist media organs are right-wing if they occasionally make the mistake of having some balance.

    But then you get Fox News. Because it is the lone outlet that dares not to be leftist, there are major campaigns of outrage against it, include several efforts to actually have it censored by the government.

    In their response to media bias, the right wingers are a lot more civicaly responsible and informed on First Amendment rights. They complain about the left-wing media organs. Oh yes, do they ever. But they don't question their right to speak, or try to censor them.

    Sometimes, they only tolerate both sides of an issue if the sides are all theirs.


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