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" America Live" Host Meygn Kelly Setting the Record Straight

by: Les Carpenter
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One of my favorite Fox News programs, "America Live" with Megyn Kelly, again illuminated the lack of clarity and rational thought {as well as hypocrisy} emanating from the minds of many progressives. Including Vice President Joe (the gaffe) Biden.

Tuesday Megyn took the time to set the record straight and respond to a question "The View" co-host Joy Behar asked the V.P. with respect to the audience booing when a gay soldier asked a question about gay rights.

Fox News Insider - On Tuesday’s episode of the talk show “The View,” co-host Joy Behar asked guest Vice President Joe Biden about “booing” that went on during the Fox News/Google Debate when a gay soldier asked a question on gay rights. Behar said she was aghast at how none of the Fox News Channel panelists chastised the audience over the response; Biden agreed, calling the audience reaction reprehensible.

Megyn Kelly, one of the panelists during the debate, took a moment on today’s America Live to respond, saying there were a total of two “boos” in an auditorium of over 5,000 people. She also contended that the noise was heard only after the soldier completed asking his question, not after he revealed his homosexuality.

Megyn then played the clip in question, asking viewers to decide for themselves.

Watch the video:

Yes indeed, Megyn, always fair and balanced effectively points out, in in her view it is not the panelists responsibility to chastise the views of attendees. Unless the attendees are disruptive. Which they were not.

Isn't one attribute of a totalitarian or police state mentality to squash any opposing opinions or views that differ from those in power?

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  1. Demagoguery, lies and smears are all the democrats have left. It's gonna get really ugly between now and next November.

    Kudos to Megyn Kelly for setting the record straight. That is why fox is #1, while MSNBC's audience can fit a bathroom.

  2. Les,

    No matter that you show this video clip for the progressives to see. They will not believe it. They cannot believe it for what it really is, which is as you pointed out.

    Remember, and I know you now this: liberalism is a mental disorder. You would have better luck lecturing 4 year olds on quantum theory, in Russian, blindfolded.

    Anyone with any common sense will see what you said to be true. Progressivism is not known for being a mindset of common sense, however.

    I don't think there is a bathroom that small, unless it is a closet with a bucket. Just sayin'.

  3. While her motormouth sometimes irritates me, I generally agree with you that Ms. Kelly is fair. And, yes, any chance to take a swipe at that self-righteous partisan, Behar, is A.O.K. by me. Well done.

  4. The fact that we heard anything approaching a BOO! at a gathering of the "Support Our Troops" crowd is what made this display shocking. Does it matter how many did it? No. If that disrespect, even by one audience member, had been evident at a debate with an audience of Democrats you would be all over this like white on rice; and, if you’re honest with yourselves, you know this is true. You’d take this as proof of how the Democrats hate America and her brave soldiers who serve her.

    What pains you is that this disrespect--no one on that panel thanked the soldier for his service BTW, something that happens every time someone in uniform shows up at a GOP event--this disrespect, large or small, was there for the world to see that support for the military is conditional with the GOP--it’s there if you’re straight. Everyone who comments here knows that no GOP president would have EVER repealed DADT. Ever. And the reason for this was evident in that audience and in that panel in Florida. That’s the GOP’s burden, not the Democrats‘.

    Les, you took one hell of a leap from people being shocked at the surly behavior of audience members to characterizing that as a Nazi-like response. No one was in favor of shutting down people’s response--in fact it was good for the Dems to have this happen when it did and to whom it did, because it pointed out the anti-gay mentality of the GOP. The more those audiences show their true colors--and they ain’t rainbows, that’s for sure--the better for the Dems, at least on this subject, since a majority of Americans support the dismantling of bigoted rules against minorities.

    That Kelly person did nothing more than make excuses for an inexcusable display of disrespect.

    BTW, someone here calls being a Liberal a “mental disease.” That’s the sort of cheap, invidious rhetoric the Communists used against people who didn’t conform to their philosophy. Apparently, that sort of destructive slander is still admired by some.
    You +1'd this publicly. Undo
    How was the communist regime to fight against its enemies? ... that they could, adding, 'And therefore, there can be crimes characteristic of mentally ill people. ...

  5. The 2 idiots who booed are just that; idiots (though they're clearly entitled to THEIR opinion, too - the fact that I'm strenuously opposed to DADT is completely immaterial). But to also condemn the questioners who were obviously trying their best to conduct what was a fast-paced nine person debate I believe is a cheap shot. I mean, can't the progressives take a break from their self-righteous indignation for a minute, for Christ?

  6. Shaw - Micheal Savage is responsible for the liberalism is a mental disease thing. I actually think his words were a mental disorder.

    Many conservatives tend to agree. Alongside some of the verbiage spewed by progressives to denigrate,and disparage conservatives and libertarians I'd say the Savage description is mild by comparison.

  7. "I mean, can't the progressives take a break from their self-righteous indignation for a minute..."

    It would be nice if that sentiment were applied to those who condemn Muslims for not speaking out against the minority in their religion who commit atrocities.

    But I guess it's "self-righteous" only when Liberals do it.

  8. @Shaw,

    blah blah blah...blah.


  9. No, Shaw, it's not. I find it equally obnoxious when supposedly morally superior people like Bill Bennett go on their shpeals, too.

  10. Les,

    After reading your last comment, I can only commend you and say that you are ever the rational diplomat.

    Nicely done, sir. (Albeit I myself am not as courteous as you...)


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