Obama's New Symbol of Class Warfare

by: Le Carpenter
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Obama taking class warfare to the next level.

Human Events
Before my colleagues in the White House Press Corps and I were escorted to the East Room for President Obama's news conference today, our conversation focused almost exclusively on just what he might say that was newsworthy at his first solo session with reporters in three months. Would Obama put something on the table he could negotiate with House Republicans over in return for their vote to lift the debt ceiling in August? Would he address the stormy situation in Greece and the possibility that Athens would default on its International Monetary Fund bailout package (which U.S. tax dollars helped underwrite)? Or would he take the opportunity to change his position and support gay marriage, as was widely rumored this morning?

The President did insist his support of action in Libya did not violate the War Powers Resolution, repeated his now-familiar warning about what a failure to lift the debt ceiling would mean, and told the Wall Street Journal about his position on gay marriage: "I'll keep on giving you the same answer until I give you a different one. That won't be today!"

But if there was any news that came out of today's televised conclave, it was that, with the 2012 campaign season upon him, Obama is ratcheting up the rhetoric of class warfare. In so doing, he once again made it clear he wants to lift the tax cuts on America's highest wage earners that he backed down from last December.

And, in what was probably the most-talked-about remark to come out of the East Room today, the President invoked what is sure to be a catchphrase for him and fellow Democrats to describe those he hopes to make pay higher taxes: "corporate jet owners. {Continue Reading}

The President is becoming desperate, it is showing, and the American people are seeing the man has no effective plan.

Other than Class Warfare.

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