Saturday, June 18, 2011

Groundhogs 24/7/365

Issue #1. Solution - raise taxes on the wealthy. Issue #2. Solution - raise taxes on the wealthy. Issue #3. Solution - raise taxes on the wealthy. Issue #4. Solution - raise taxes on the wealthy....Are you starting to see a pattern here, people?...Seriously, though, have you noticed how certain progressives simply cannot fathom EVER being questioned? I mean, it's almost like, "How dare you!" "How dare you say that the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn't the supreme President of all time." How dare you say that the lowly Harry Truman may actually have been better." "How dare you say that the Great Society may have had a double-edged sword or two." "How dare you say that unions may engage in questionable tactics occasionally." My God, it's gotten so bad that I almost want to talk to Pat Robertson, the ghost of Jerry Falwell, etc..


  1. Almost all we've done is lower taxes on the wealthy since the sixties, and the country is in the tank.

    So much for your solution. And what a load.


  2. You obviously don't know me very well (or've ever been to my blog). My criticism of the right is that those folks want to solve every problem by CUTTING TAXES.......And it's not entirely accurate to say that all that we've done since the 60s is raise taxes. Reagan eventually raised 'em. Bush 2 raised 'em. Clinton raised 'em. And even when Reagan cut them a second time in 1986, that was part of an overall package that also eliminated loopholes......In terms of the present scenario, I am in favor of raising the top rate to 40% (on everybody making over $300-400,000 a year) - for the deficit, basically.


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