Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ex Prez Bill Clinton... The Stimulus Just Wasn't Big Enough

by: Les Carpenter
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Politico - Former President Bill Clinton said he likes the economic stimulus - it just wasn’t big enough.

“I think the stimulus did as well as it could have done — there just wasn’t enough of it,” Clinton told reporters on Tuesday.

President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill, signed into law in 2009, has since being a rallying point of contention for Republicans and conservative tea party activists.

Clinton has made his support for the stimulus package clear in the past, telling Fox News in 2009: “I think the stimulus package is well conceived. A lot of it puts money in people’s hands, with the unemployment benefits and the food stamps and the tax cuts. A lot of it keeps the states and local governments from laying off a million more people or having big tax increases with the aid to education and health. And then I think the energy and the infrastructure investments will create the jobs the president wants. So I like the conception of that.

Hm, likely is considered common sense to the progressive statist. You know, the kind that want government to continue growing in scope and size until it destroys the private sector.

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  1. Well, neither Clinton nor any other serious person wants "government to continue growing in scope and size until it destroys the private sector." That's just silliness.

    Clinton makes a fair point, and I agree.

    The trouble with the "stimulus" is that it really was just a "Recovery Act" after all. The money went roughly evenly three ways: to make up state obligation shortfalls, tax cuts, and stimulus. We needed as much stimulus as everything combined.

    Look, the private sector is sitting on two trillion dollars in investment capital. They're not spending it. They'd rather pay the taxes now and destory Obama so they can get more irresponisble tax breaks later. A large segment of the buisness class simply do not care about this country.

    It's at times like this that we need our government to step up. It's good for the country, for future, for the people. To heck with cheap lowlives who only care about their immediate profits. We need massive infrastructural spending. It would turn the economy around and build for future growth. The lousy cheap conservative lowlives who do not care about America will benefit as well. They're just too short-sightedly cheap to understand that. I wish they'd wake up and care about their country more than their lust for money for a change.


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  3. What was that all about???

    I'm a pretty bombastic liberal progressive and Les lets me in and debates me regularly!


  4. Jersey they are waiting because they don't know what their health care costs and taxes are going to be. They are holding out to see if the bill gets repealed or else they like many other companies will do business overseas.

  5. JMJ - Yes, I let you in, and I do so because even though I disagree with your position most of the time, as I do on this one, you have been, for the most part, respectful and do indeed offer counter viewpoints in both a professional and thoughtful way.

    I consider you to be a rational progressive even while disagreeing with your positions.

    Such is politics and such is life. And all independent conservatives and classical liberals know this.

    ANON on the other hand, whomever the j*ck*ss is has no class, nothing of value to offer, and is a destructive individual. Therefore he or she will continue to be deleted as soon as the blog administrator sees his or her comment.

    ANON is the epitome of a control freak that cannot stand any disagreement with their positions. A truly irrational individual.

    And a truly dangerous one as well.

  6. Well, I doubt he's dangerous. But wouldn't it be nice of him to offer a substantive argument? ;)


  7. JMJ - The views this person holds, as well as their methodology are indeed dangerous and threaten our republic. One only need be rationally aware to realize this.

    This dude, {or dudette} is seriously unbalanced. They will continue to be deleted as per this sites modified comment policy.

  8. Lisa - Yeah, I know! But you can never be sure... LOL!


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