Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alan Grayson: Unbalanced Liberal Liar

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson (D-ing Dong), is bat guano crazy.  He is in danger of losing his seat to respected businessman and state legislator Daniel Webster, and it's causing him come completely unhinged.

This brainsick ranter has taken to calling Webster "Taliban Dan" because of his conservative Christian beliefs, which he has NOT tried to enact into law.  Politico calls it a blatant lying smear.  The Orlando Sentinel gets to the crux of the wackadoo charges leveled in Grayson's communist propaganda disguised as a campaign ad: 
• One says "Dan Webster wants to MAKE DIVORCE ILLEGAL," a reference to a bill Webster sponsored in 1990 that would have given couples the option of entering a covenant marriage, which would have allowed divorce only in cases of adultery. The legislation failed.

• Another says "Dan Webster voted to deny abused women health care," referring to a vote against legislation that would have prevented insurance companies from listing domestic violence as a pre-existing condition.

• And a third says "Daniel Webster wants to force raped women to bear their attackers' child," citing a 1990s newspaper story in which the then-state representative said he opposed abortion even in cases of rape and incest.    (Orlando Sentinel)
In the first case, Webster supported a voluntary marriage option, in the second he voted on an issue that is far from the egregious wrong Democratic demagogues claim it is, and in the last case he expressed a personal belief but apparently never attempted to codify it into law.  Grayson is flailing.

Another Grayson Smear slapped down another Grayson smear, where he falsely claimed Webster was a Vietnam draft dodger.  Of course, like most of what come out this dishonest slobberer's mouth, it's not true.
Records show that Webster was deferred from military service five times due to academic study from 1967 to 1970 (once in high school and four times while he was in college at the Georgia Institute of Technology).

Once he completed his undergraduate degree, he was given the classification 1-A  (which means he was available for military service) and was asked to report for a physical examination. The documentation shows that on the date of his physical, July 26, 1971, Webster was rejected and given the classification of 1-Y, which means that he was "qualified for service only in time of war or national emergency." (

Now, Grayson could go after Webster for the student deferments, but asshat Alan never served either.

Nutball Grayson is unbalanced, slanderous, and off his meds.  He's the perfect poster boy for a desperate, grasping, Democratic Party.

Grayson Down 7 Points to Dan Webster!  Central Florida voters realize they have a turd stuck to their shoe, and the stench is killing them.  Looks like they're fixin' to scrape off Alan boy...


  1. OH, you got that unbalanced part dead on. This man is obvioiusly off his meds.

  2. He should have a great career at msnbc after the Floridians defenestrate him.

  3. Would it be totally wrong of me to confess that I firmly love Grayson? I do. This guy makes Biden look like a polished English teacher who specializes in public oration.

    Can you say, "gaffe machine"? I knew you could.

    Grayson is insane. He must be. No one with a lick of common sense acts like he does or speaks like he does or believes the things he believes. I absolutely love this guy. I even get a bag o' popcorn whenever he is on the news and relish every bite, because Grayson makes for awesome political comedy.

    Go Grayson! I just wish his name was Dick. I mean, being a comic collector and all, "Dick Grayson" would be great.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Bethel, CT

  4. Hi Silver,
    hope all is well with you!

    I don't pay close attention to Grayson, being a lefty I have heard a couple rants of his I liked - but there is one thing about him that has bothered me for quite some time.

    Grayson was questioning Ben Bernanke (whom I consider an educated fool)on currency swaps last year.Say the Fed swaps $ with the European central bank, gives them liquidity then it's returned with interest. Banks helping each other out, get paid back with interest. Done all the time, makes the financial markets work smoothly.

    So Grayson questions Bernanke,asks the amount - billions, these are central banks, after all - then asks specifically which smaller banks got the $. Appears dumbfounded that Bernanke can't name specific banks.

    Then Grayson really played to the gallery, mugging and asking similar "are you still beating your wife" types of leading questions. I saw youtubes of it, liberals and probably conservatives were thrilled.

    But the thing is, in this case Bernanke was right. Currency swaps are done all the time, fully collateralized and a $ maker. I watched it a couple times and determined Grayson wasn't doing that lawyers trick of asking questions where you know the answer, scoring points-he appeared to truly not understand what he was asking.

    It would be like if I borrowed 10,000 to add on to my house, and the banker couldn't specifically describe if I purchased supplies at Home Depot or Lowe's.

    I've got no problem with someone badgering a tool like Bernanke, but at least know what the hell you're talking about. Dems were thrilled, but it was actually embarrassing.

    Of course Reps also do this all the time too, with the assumption that the federal govt is an exact parallel as a household.

    Ron Paul. I don't agree with the Austrian School, but Paul's honesty places him head and shoulders above the rest.

  5. Such outward enmity is almost always the sign of the ideologue.

    -ignorance is strength


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