Sunday, June 13, 2010

And So It Goes In America Today

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

After almost a year of blogging I have come to the realization that America has decided to take the path leading to European Socialism and ultimately fascism. Forgive me if you disagree with my analysis but it really matters not which party is in power. The only demonstrable difference is the rapidity the nation will realize total and complete socialism/fascism. As Ayn Rand so accurately pointed out, and I paraphrase... When good compromises with evil good acquires a measure of evil and by this process evil is strengthened.

For almost a year I have listened to the irrational rants of left, as well as reading a myriad of writings by those on the left that IMO enjoy, and in fact revel  in finding everything they can to tear this nation and it greatness apart. While they may proclaim their efforts are to make this a better nation they are in reality doing everything possible to help mold the nations future in the vision of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao et all... For all these individuals espoused nothing more than socialism. In other words a state controlled economy and social system.

I am sure the left thinks I don't realize the subtle differences between fascism and socialism. To this charge I can only say bulls*it. Anyone who has followed my posts over the last year knows this. But all that aside I must say academia, the lame mainstream media, the progressive republican and democratic politicians, the past and current administration, the useless congress, and all ambivalent Americans are responsible for our current state of  decline.

So be it. Until such time as America decides to openly, honestly, and without irrational emotionalism address the problems this nation faces, and identify objective and logical solutions to our problems not a hell of a lot will change. Personally I believe it is beyond the ability of either the Republican or Democratic party to do so. And this my readership is based on the obvious following the actions of both parties.

I must add however the extreme socialistic left and the extreme fascistic right are most culpable. Perhaps as a a rational member of the progressive left has often said... maybe this nation has just grown to big and all encompassing and maybe we should be a continent of fifty individual states. Each with its own budget, self defense concerns, educational system, etc.

No, I am not advocating this but it sure as hell caused me to think. Something our national leaders and the leadership of both major parties ceased to do a long time ago.

Folks it's about time we said screw political correctness and stick with objective logic and reason. If this makes me raaaacist, homophobic, a right wing nut job, an anarchist, anti government, un American, or whatever so be it. I remain a proud American and I see what the progressive left over the last 100 years has brought America. Ayn Rand was absolutely correct.

But of course the progressive left insured her Objectivist Philosophy was not taught in American schools. Just like Friedrich A. Hayek's The Road To Serfdom  was not required reading. Both should have been.

America has simply become a nation of Rip Van Winkles. Sad but true. I think I shall join them for it is easier and a hell of a lot less stressful. Good Evening.

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  1. As always, very accurate observations. Unfortunately, there are so many of the "can't happen here" types that even the most obvious trends and patterns are ignored, and as has happened so many times to so many people that thought they weren't vulnerable, those trends and patterns will likely be ignored until it's too late.

    I do have a question (just for clarification) about your definition of the "extreme fascistic right." What (or whom) specifically would you place in this category (in the U.S.)?

    Personally, the usual terminology has gotten so twisted (e.g., what is so liberal about liberals other than their morals and their use of other people's money?), that I try to use the individualistic-collectivistic continuum instead of conservative-liberal. Even then it's necessary to differentiate between "voluntary collectivism" and "totalitarian collectivism," the former being compatible with individualism and liberty and the latter being a form of slavery. Unfortunately, both of the major parties in the U.S. are much too far along the road to totalitarian collectivism. In other words, the road to serfdom.

  2. so sorry for the following ramblings, had just rolled in at 2:45 am on the sled from Austin. 3 days of beer and well other things. 3 and a half hour ride in, so me was a tad spent. couldnt finger out how to post last night, letting it run as wrote to give you a chuckle.

    Les - my wise friend, take the following into consideration - We
    should never just toss out history or the lessons that were learned in
    the past.  Especially when people lose faith in the future. 
    That said, I for one and sure not to be alone, have watched to
    political activism abate over the last few months. I watched it from
    my own study of the constitution. That was truly the a study as I said
    at the start of it, for me. To see peoples understanding of liberty. I
    honestly feel our American experiment in freedom is dead, we have grown
    fat, lazy and stupid. No one to very limited amount are willing to
    fight until pushed into a corner. Maybe it is the human nature element
    of escape, self preservation.
    As you state and you know my thought pattern, both parties are not to
    be trusted. They heed to the invisible puppet master - the fed res.
    Big biz, big oil and greed are bi-products. The fed is the heart of the
    beast -- government. It is a living breathing entity and it must be
    fed. Fed with printing press of fiat tax payer money.
    If the fed was gone, we were on a gold standard or each bill had a true
    physical value, would we still be at war? Remember WWII and war bonds,
    we paid as we went. Four years later we were home having done the job
    with no excuses. Would a university give a 250k student loan to a
    degree field that pays 30k a year? Hell I could stay on this one for
    wks, but back to point.
    I try to look at our countrymen much like the stars and strips. We
    have tax producers and tax consumers united for a greater cause. This
    is the body of the flag. And then there is this unnecessary fringe that
    seeks to distract from the beauty of the main body. Our fringe has
    poisoned our minds. Stripped our true history. Destroyed our work
    ethic. Wussified our men from physical labor. Ripped morals to shreds
    convincing our young that the baby daddy is this guy named big poppa
    gub-r-mint. Just eat what they give you, get the newest iphone/ipad /
    big screen escalade with bling on the market. Stay broke and stupid,
    what they deem as dependable amoeba fart in the wind. They keep us
    dizzier than a rat on meth, changing the daily crisis, so we don't see
    them moving the cheese from the maze. Listen to what we are saying, so
    you don't see what we're doing. Just stay in that corner you're pushed
    into How and why should we rely on this type to fight for something
    that they know not of.
    Face it Les, we know a complete clean house of government, including
    dismantling of it will be the only way. And this will only come with
    blood shed. Yes I said it. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.
    Or the flip side - go Galt. Starve the bastard. The same element is
    required - patriots whom look at country before self.
    The thing we have at our use is the idiocracy of their lack of
    teaching. The enemy has taught it's larva to consume only making for
    day long bed wetters. They will only aid in drowning Leviathon in piss.
    Look I know I ramble (slightly) but we are growing quietly angrier ever
    so noisily, so much it's deafening. We are a nation built upon a
    pioneer spirit that would by all means disposable to achieve what all
    before couldn't even dream of - liberty. Free from every other man
    made restraint of spirit. And that spirit is still breathing and
    willing to rise and take what God granted.
    Take care my friend and as always remember the Alamo! Small #'s can
    achieve large things.

  3. Gorges Smythe - Yes it is... very depressing. As well as very disheartening.

    I suppose for me the bright side is I probably won't live to see the day this great experiment call America comes crashing to and end.

  4. Bastiatarian - Thank you for your insightful comments. As always they are thoughtful and accurate.

    Perhaps my use of the terminology "extreme fascistic right" was more a moment of emotional though rather than reason.

    What I am really referring to is the brilliant book by Leonard Peikoff, The Ominous Parallels in which he shows how the US is trending down the road to fascism rather than Marxism. In other words a socialistic state that allows for ownership of private property and business but regulates both so as to render the term almost meaningless.

    The Parallels of which he speaks are those between Nazi Germany and the current state in the US. The book was written in 1982 before Ayn Rand died and she did the Introduction.

    if you have not already read the book I highly recommend it.

  5. LandShark - Thank you for your "rambling". They are always welcome!

    Your words speak for themselves and they speak the truth.

    It is so very sad that our grandchildren's generation will likely never come to know and fully understand the greatest and most successful experiment the world has ever witnessed.

    The United States of America and the value of the individual, liberty, and the power the capitalistic economic system has to create not only wealth but to raise the standard of living of an entire society.

    Perhaps you are right with these words...

    "Face it Les, we know a complete clean house of government, including dismantling of it will be the only way. And this will only come with
    blood shed. Yes I said it. I'm not saying, I'm just saying"

    I sincerely hope you are not right and that the people of America come to their senses and reason, logic, and objective thought prevail. My hope continues to rest in mankind's ability to see reason.

    For those who might read the final comment and think me sexist frankly (and I certainly don't mean you LandShark) I don't give a damn. The terminology mankind is meant in the classical sense of the word and implies humankind. My wife gets it and therefor that is all that really matters.

  6. Les, the words of bloodshed is the last resort. when our reason fails us, then all is lost. The problem is reason is in short supply in government.
    The men you send will be consumed by it. This is its nature and ours. Liberty, true freedom, is guarded by the vigilant. I'm afraid there are not enough good men to do what may have to act upon in the end.
    Thanks and keep the vigilant eye on the fight.

  7. LandShark - I understand, and I know that if that should come to pass in my lifetime which side I shall stand on and give my life for.

    And I know where you stand as well my friend.

  8. To get ou of the morass left by both parties will be mighty damn ugly Les.

    There aren't many of us who don't enjoy the wonderfulness of borrowed government largess. I got all the federal grant money i could to help pay for my kids college. I know many on both sides of the political fence who jumped on the tax credit for buying a house and the cash for clunkers program. Whether or not you or anyone likes the arts, most local theaters are publicly funded to a degree. They couldn't survive otherwise. My town is a flaming conservative town yet the Community Theater is packed for every show it puts on. Our local Republican Party had it's yearly fundraiser in a local, publicly supported landmark.

    To wean us, and that means all of us, off the teat of government would be an incredibly, hell Les. It would be impossible. I've tried for four years of blogging to get people to agree that raising their taxes 1% along witha spending freeze on everything would be a good start and I can think of three on the right who agreed with me. And if I remember, it was only if the tax hike was used to pay for defense.

    We've been warned for years the crash is coming. Congress and local governments cry out but in the end they refuse to make tough decisions and continue to borrow. They continue to be reelected.

    Bill Clinton was famous for feeling pain. The reality is those in government don't want to feel the pain and borrowing and debt is their painkiller.

    You come up with a way to change human nature and I'm listening Les. Til then, we reap what we sow. Higher debt and the illusion of prosperity that is teetering ona tightrope.

  9. Truth - Human nature is a fallacy. Read philosophy my friend. I will leave you to find the philosopher who said this. But I will give you a clue... He penned Being and Nothingness. Or something like that. Forgive me but he was not mu favorite philosopher.

    I know the answer to our dilemma Truth, so do you. The difference between us is I will not equivocate,. You and the entire modern left (as well as he modern misguided right)will.

    Now if you will forgive me I will concentrate that which really matters. 1) planning with my wife our next visit with our grandson and 2) continuing to educate myself on why the modern left left is so uselessly misguided.

    Have a wonderful STATIST king of day!

  10. Oh, and for what it is worth I happen to like the arts being a musician and dancer myself. Just keep the frigging government out of it.\

    Again a pointed difference in our philosophy.

    I hate to say it my friend but once again I am right.

  11. The right has made a movement by playing to base, hateful emotions to win elections and you say human nature is a fallacy? Even the left has used jealousy as a playing card. I am above all else willing to call a spade a spade RN. And you my friend Les, are the ace of spades in this conversation.

    You and all of your allies will beofre the week is over demand government do something about something. When it suits your position or ethical beliefs, you will say "It's a function of government."

    What you want is to keep your government welfare while others do without because it's socialism or any other ism you decide to call it on a given day.

    Good day to you. My best to your grand daughter.

  12. Truth - Please do not destroy the respect I have always held for you.

    Before the week is out you will NOT HEAR me calling for government to do something. I am sick of government. I simply want to be left alone to live my life based on my own merit.

    Further, I do not have a granddaughter. As I clearly stated I have a grandson. Perhaps reading is something the left does not do well. But given all the touchy feely BS the left has bought since Dr. Spock I guess I can understand.

    As always the details remain unimportant to the left. Only unbounded emotionalism is worth considering.

    Good Day To You As Well.

    When you and the rest of the left stop misrepresenting actual conservative thought we will have something to discuss. Until then... Whatever.

  13. The progressives have performed a brilliant 110 year march. They have "framed the debate" as rhetoricians like to say. Government assistance is the default, and anyone who calls it into question is a kook.

    I share your philosophy and your pessimistic outlook, but I still hold a glimmer of hope. Welfare states here and overseas are groaning under the weight or unsustainable debt. Americans are taking notice....


    I love your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

  15. You argue very eloquently, gentlemen. And just for the record, I don't think that either one of you "equivocates". That, my friends, is far more the domain of us in the middle, those of us who struggle with the isues, philosophy, etc..

  16. Les (from our email discourse, though pertinent here as well),

    I have not responded nor posted to your site as this was a bit heavy on the mind for me. Let me see where I can take this.

    First off, I agree that the gamesmanship can be essentially a useless enterprise and one that believes in liberty can lose the forest for the trees. On the other hand, the virulent fascist left needs their asses handed to them - in a street fight fashion (check

    The philosophy of our founding has been lost, I disagree though that the spirit of our founding has been lost though. I see this in the resistance to our collectivist President at the moment.

    I gladly accept to carry the mantle of liberty forward and ask that you do not give up the task yourself. Perhaps you have taken discourse to a direction that is not one that makes you happy ( I, along with C-Gen like fighting the libtard left), but I can understand those that do not. You are brimming with ideas and insight, it would be a shame for that to be lost.

    Think back to the Ayn Rand's beginnings in teaching her philosophy. She was met with scorn, ridicule and lack of recognition. In fact, such carried through until her death. However, she knew what was right and stayed on course - changing millions of lives for the better. How many of the Leftists can claim so as well? Like Rand, don't quit.

    Perhaps it is a bit of my youth speaking when I think of the eternal hope that America represents. I will never let it go. I will always face each day knowing that AMERICANS can create a future for themselves through individual pursuits that is better than what was passed to them. I think that our current (and most of close past) government-regimes have worked to take this away.

    But they will not succeed. We will continue this in person!

    In liberty,


  17. >The Ominous Parallels

    Ah, yes, that's a must read!

    It's sad and amazing that so many people think it can't happen here. People seem to have such a knee-jerk reaction against holding up Nazi Germany as an example of what can happen, and pointing out the very clear parallels to what has been and is happening here, that even "conservatives" who should know better criticize people who make the comparison.

    No, Barack Obama isn't rounding up Jews and sending them to death camps, but that was only one of many evil and destructive things that Hitler did. I am absolutely sure that if Hitler had not been the head of a movement that slaughtered six million Jews, he would be an idol of the American left. Everything else he did fits perfectly into the "liberal" agenda.

    Of course, Stalin and Mao were responsible for FAR more deaths than Hitler, but Hitler's ideas and actions have been spun in a manner that attempts to trick people into believing that his philosophy was not the same as that embraced by Stalin and Mao. Basically, Stalin and Mao got better press, so they're the darlings of the left, and Hitler has been portrayed as somehow being part of the "right," as if he weren't a totalitarian collectivist like Stalin and Mao.

    The specific methods were very slightly different, but when it comes right down to it, there isn't any meaningful difference in the political and social philosophies of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

    All three of those beasts rose to power with a slogan of "hope" and "change" couched in the promise that the government was going to make everything all better. And the people got excited and supported them.


  18. Tim - Thanks, see continuing e-mail correspondence just sent.

  19. Bastiatarian- Well put and spot on as usual.

    You ought to copy and paste this comment over at Truth 101 as the group over there seems somewhat deficient in this basic knowledge of what collectivism is in all it's variants.


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