Monday, May 3, 2010

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Puts Foot in Mouth, Implicates Tea Party in Times Square Car Bomb Plot

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by the Left Coast Rebel

How deranged is the left, really? Does NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg only get his 'news and views' via the New York Times and MSNBC? This is what he said to CBS, via Real Clear Politics:

“If I had to guess, twenty five cents, this would be exactly that,” Bloomberg said. “Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.”

Of course the 'anything' here absolutely cannot be radical, suicidal, Islamic-jihad. Because to say that would be incredibly, politically incorrect. To insinuate that health care critics; ie. Tea Party activists, would be capable of bombing Times Square and killing hundreds, if not thousands of Americans - why that is the height of leftist enlightened thought!:

Thanks to Newsbusters, Gateway Pundit and Weasel Zippers for this teachable moment. I guess this individual is implicated, then along with millions of you too for I loathe, despise and deplore the 'health care bill':

Sorry sap, he know not what he does. I wonder when DHS will 'pick him up?'


  1. Amazing - No doubt my name must be on the list. So by his statement, Mayor Bloomberg automatically assumes this is the work of an American individual and who or why would one ever consider a foreign terrorist group? One group that has threatened to wipe Israel off the face of this earth. It's just mind numbing to this normal, peaceful and God Fearing American.

  2. Yup, could be anyone of the tens of millions who opposed ObamaCare. Indeed, Bloomberg is a sap. Perhaps a dangerously deranged one at that.

  3. Bloomburg has always been far to left for my taste. However, this is unbelievable, even for him. I think he wants some bailout cash funds.

  4. DeanO - Couldn't agree more...

    Les - Can you imagine that these people insulate themselves like this?

    Trestin - You might be onto something.


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