Rational Nation USA is Evolving

Rational Nation USA is in the process of evolving, and as such is devoting the time this week to put into place the changes envisioned over the past five months.

Posting will likely be spotty this week as the changes require time with Rational Nation USA's site re-designer and web consultant. We ask your understanding and patience as we put the final touches to this weeks "transition" and roll out.

Rational Nation USA's vision is to evolve into a sight that all can find value and insight. While the publisher remains, as always, the "independent" conservative, the vision for the site is to be one where political opinions and discourse runs the spectrum of political ideas.

As always Rational Nation USA is committed to rational, reasoned, and thoughtful discourse. Disrespectful or vulgar comments will continue to  be met with the swift and decisive "delete key" without comment.

More later this week.


  1. Take your time, Les. Everything here looks great!

  2. Pay Wes more and maybe he will work harder...

  3. Tim - Thanks,Wes has done great job thus far.

  4. TAO - Wes is working quite well, I am pleased thus far, and renumeration is between he and I.

    There are some things I feel I want to do that is beyond the scope of the redesign.

  5. I, for one, as extremely jazzed-up about these oncoming changes to RNUSA!

    It's going to be a GREAT year!

  6. Don - Thank you. Here's to a great year and working to move the conservative/libertarian movement forward to greater successes in the coming years!


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