Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Palin On The Tonight Show

Sarah Palin tells Jay Leno she will continue to jot notes on here hand. You gotta give this women credit for not backing away from an issue the libs used to make her appear much less than intelligent. Rather than ducking she takes it head on and effectively turns it to her advantage. Remember "all wee wee'd up?"

Keep us laughing with you Sarah!


  1. RN: I don’t do things to “wee-wee up” anyone, however, I won’t change in order to please anyone either. If Palin’s normal “routine” is to scribble on her palm, then I think she should continue to do so.

  2. RN: you know I hold you in high regard. It's with regret that I think you're nuts for defending Sarah Palin for her palm crib notes. I wouldn't have had a problem with them if it was to remember someone's name she just met. Or a couple of dates. Any information that was just given her. I did that as a habit in past careers. But c'mon man. She was a major national candidate. She is one of the faces of the republican party. How in the heck could she not remember "cut spending" "cut taxes" and "lift American spirits" ?

    And then to try and poke fun at Obama because he reads speeches from a teleprompter instead of from a piece of paper like REAGAN did. This woman couldn't even remember three elementary right wing talking points.

    She had fame thrust upon her. The only difference between her and Joe the faux plumber is she is attractive.

    For God's sakes RN; you're the last hope for the right. Mke them find another hero!

  3. Pamela - I agree. Each to his own methodology. Or what works for the individual. The independent streak is what should be admired.

  4. Truth - I am not so much defending Palin, as there is really nothing to defend on this one way or the other, but I am giving here kudos for her handling of the lefts attack on her and the way in which she handled it.

    She is indeed one of the faces of the Republican Party... Independent conservative anyone? If you catch my drift Truth.

    Thank you for your encouraging... "For God's sakes RN; you're the last hope for the right."

    I certainly will focus on the next presidential election and the line up of candidates when the time is right. If I see a "heroic" candidate you betcha (to crib Palin) I will line up in their corner.

    Of course Ron Paul is unlikely to run in 2012.


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