Of Bogeymen and Reason

After  many attempts to paint various individual republicans, conservatives, and those who just plain disagree with the lefts socialistic brand of statism as dangerous people, the left  has finally and clearly identified their bogey... people. They are Dobbs, Palin, Beck, and Bachmann. Scary people for sure. After all,  anyone who does not agree with the left's agenda is scary. Just ask them, right?

The groundswell of justified anti government sentiment is based on the corruption within our government, as well as the radical direction the current administration and power base in congress is bent on taking this nation down.

Yup, people have had it for sure. They are pushing back against the huge efforts over the past 20 years to... grow the government, lead us into the "new world order", (remember Bush one?), restrict our liberties both personal and economic, convince us that national fiscal responsibility doesn't matter, and push diversity and multiculturalism at the expense of American values.

It is time the people of this nation begin to push back. It is understandable they are doing so. They see their country struggling fiscally, ethically, and they are struggling through tough times themselves. Is it any wonder people are questioning their ineffective and bloated government? Anyone who grew up in America during the 50's and 60's (or earlier) know what I am talking about.

All  political posturing aside isn't it about time both the left and the right (and I'm talking extreme here) put away their bogeymen and talk to the issues? There will always be legitimate issues facing us. Not the least of which is socialism vs capitalism. Liberty  and individualism vs altruism collectivism. Limited government vs intrusive government. And the list goes on.We are, and should be, free to decide these issues for ourselves.

From a realists point of view it is obvious the differences need to be resolved for a civil society to function effectively and cohesively. The only possibility for lasting success rests in an educated and active populace with respect to their government. A public that demands, through their activism and the ballot box, that special interests are removed from governance. And perhaps most important, a public that protects its right to dissenting political views as fiercely as our forefathers and our nations founders did.

We are a nation of laws. As long as we remain a nation of laws based on rational and ethical standards of morality we will be fine. The difficulty of course lies in the exercise of determining how to insure the tyranny of a fifty one percent majority does not abridge the rights of the forty nine percent minority. Our Bill of Rights were, in part drafted for this very purpose. Let us not forget the smallest minority is the individual, and therefore in need of equal protection. To me this lies at the heart of the issues the rights bogey... people are concerned with.

Now for some informational reads, here and here.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: Judicial Watch


  1. or as Truth declares, these are the people who are at war against the U.S.

  2. Griper - While there are issues I find myself in disagreement with these individuals on from time to time, I simply do not understand the venom many on the left seem to have for them.

    They are not at war with America. They are merely questioning the direction our country is moving in. Precisely the same as the left does, and has for years.

    The differences are ones of ideology. One is for the individual and liberty, the other is for statism and based in collectivist thought.

    But... who am I, but one lonely voice for liberty and respect for the constitution of this Great Land of Ours.


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