Obama's St Louis Health Care Rally: Obama's Brass Knuckles, Arm Twisting, Kickbacks, Bribery, Mob Tactics and Corruption


by the Left Coast Rebel

To confuse the American people and to institute a Marxist power scheme on those that don't want it, you must overload the process, push, push, push and then employ crooked, mob-like tactics to 'convince' opponents (even on your own team) to institute your marxist/leninist scheme. And that is precisely what Barack Hussein Obama and his Band of Merry Chicago Cronies is doing.

Just minutes before Obama's St. Louis Obamacare gathering, what is called as the 'last ditch' effort for Obamacare, I ran across a NY Post article (by Cato's Tanner) via Drudge, Final 'reform' Push: Twisting Arms. I'll sum it up for you and it's probably the most important thing you will read today. Make it go viral!

First off we have the bribes and corruption of the Senate version of Obamacare (that mind you may be passed and never reconciled):
"Louisiana purchase" ($300 million to bolster that state's Medicaid program, which swayed Sen. Mary Landrieu); the "Cornhusker kickback" ($100 million to Medicaid there, sweetening the pot for Sen. Ben Nelson), and Florida's "Gator Aid" (a Medicare deal potentially worth $5 billion, a hefty price for Sen. Bill Nelson's vote). Plus the millions for Connecticut hospitals, Montana asbestos abatement and so on.
Scott Brown? Well, it almost didn't matter (before it didn't anyway):

Obamans rewrote Massachusetts law to allow for an appointed senator to hold office for several months, hoping to get the bill through before the special election that Scott Brown ultimately won. Their plans spoiled, they even considered holding up Brown's seating to let the appointed senator continue to vote on health care -
The willingness of Obama and the Band of Merry Chicago Cronies willingness to ignore congressional rules:
....from the failure to appoint a "conference committee" to negotiate differences between the House and Senate bills, to their current plans to use the reconciliation process to bypass a Republican filibuster.
The latest, including Jim Matheson, Alan Mollohan and Bart Stupak:

No sooner had Rep Jim Matheson (D-Utah) suggested that he might be willing to switch his vote and support the latest version of ObamaCare than his brother was nominated for a federal judgeship.

Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.) is also on the undecided list. And, purely by coincidence no doubt, the Justice Department just announced that it is dropping an FBI investigation that has been swirling about the congressman.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), whose opposition to abortion funding has become one of the bill's biggest hurdles, is now seeing attacks on his ethics.
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow recently questioned the legality of the low rent that a conservative Christian group charges Stupak for his DC apartment

The liberal blog Daily Kos has picked up on the charges and suggested that both the IRS and the House Ethics Committee investigate.
Read it all here.


  1. Let me be clear on this LCR. I remember no outrage from you and your side of the political spectrum when the Bush/Rove machine was calling triple amputee and Vietnam War Vetean max Cleland a coward and other vile things. Or when they said the same lies about John Kerry. Forgive me if I find your outrage at this hypocritical.

  2. Want to see some real crap...then go back and revisit all of backroom deals, bribes, and political thuggery that occurred during the passage of the Medicare prescription drug program...

    After the last eight years hearing conservatives screaming 'foul' at the tactics of the democrats is like a whore demanding to be treated like a lady....

  3. TAO and Truth, so what does this tell you then? Maybe human nature is the problem, which is why the founders set things up the way they did.

    Now, our venal political class has bred with the greedy crony capitalists and we have an out of control government.

    Time to get back to the basics of a limited government that sticks to the enumerated powers.

  4. Well, we might just have to get back to reality first and acknowledge that BOTH sides are crooked rather than pointing fingers at one side while hiding the facts of the other behind our mock outrage...

    Oh, but NOOOO...we want to forget or move on from the past....

  5. @Silverfiddle,

    You so succinctly said:
    "Time to get back to the basics of a limited government that sticks to the enumerated powers."

    Agreed, sir, wholeheartedly!

    I read what TAO and Truth said and I see where they are coming from. Pretty much anytime we, as modern-day Conservatives, speak against the current breed of Democrats/liberals/progressives, they will pull out the good old "Bush/previous administration/last eight years" card. I get it. I do. I find it tiresome and tedious, but I get it.

    Speaking only for myself, I must say that I was no fan of Bush or Cheney or the "last eight years" anymore than I am a fan of Obama and his Congress. I always chuckle to myself when liberals pull the Bush card out and throw it down when we are engaged in dialogue, as if that action will somehow trump my logic or shut me up. Bush was not the greatest of Presidents. And now he is gone. I am focused on the current President, Mr. Obama, and his actions and policies.

    I will easily admit that it was not until 2008 that I stepped into this colorful arena of American "politics", and sadly missed all the glorious missteps of the Bush years. It would have been a "target-enriched battlefield", as I am an Independent Conservative and this allows me the luxury of not being blinded by party fealty. In other words, I would have called Bush out just as I seek to call Obama out today. No worries.

    However, back to my comment:
    It is high time to get back to the basics of a limited Federal government, renewing the lost truth of State's Sovereignty back to the place it should be. (You didn't say that yourself, I am embellishing it on my own.)

    The strength of being a contributor and reader here is that I do get to hear what the liberals who frequent this blog have to say. I do disagree with them, but only in how they approach discussion on this particular blog entry. Instead of adding to the discussion or starting the discussion with actual questions not related to a President who is gone and can no longer speak for himself, they have opted to parrot the typical talking points of Liberalism 101. (No offense there, Truth 101. The "101" just seemed to fit here!)

    Anyways, I liked what you had to say, and I agree with you 100%. Limited government never killed any Nation. Can we say the same about Big Government that imposes its will upon its citizens with all the subtlety and finesse of a bull in a china shop?

  6. @TAO,

    You said:
    "Well, we might just have to get back to reality first and acknowledge that BOTH sides are crooked..."

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Believe it or not, TAO, we agree on this! Hence, this is why I am an Independent and have no fealty or carry no water for either of the Big Two.

    Awesome. We agree on something. It's a good day, indeed.

  7. I addressed LCR's politically convenient outrage and was correct in doing so Donald.

    And you reply gives me a chance to bring out your misconceptions and limited view of government. (That is not intended to be an insult. Rather an observation. I hope you don't take it as an insult)

    I have a macro view of government because I am aware of the world situation. Governments subsidize and prop up businesses int heri countries and to compete globally, we have no choice but to do so. That's one of the reasons I'm adament for national health care and enforcing workers rights on a global scale. To level the playing field with manufacturers propped up by their governments.

    We've seen the unfair competition from Japanese steel makers decades ago. We see workers exploited and made to work for slave wages in Asia and South America.

    We're all in this together and what other entity has the scope and authority to work for all Americans other than government?

    Thank you for the opportunity to have a real discussion RN and LCR.

  8. @Truth 101,

    To the contrary, I find no insult in your comment to me! Thank you for specifying that for me though. Courtesy is always appreciated, and hopefully reciprocated.

    You said:
    "To level the playing field with manufacturers propped up by their governments."

    Hmmm. To this I would say that while I can "see" what you are saying, I simply do not "get" it. I mean, business/industry should be separate from government. The two should not walk together, or have one lord it over the other.

    I agree in part about the slave wages of other countries. This is a truth, to be sure. I would be ignorant if I said, "Oh no, that never happens!" Unfortunately, it does.

    However, while I find it distasteful, if it is in other countries and not America, I find no reason to get involved. This sounds cold and callous, true. My reasoning is that as America, we should focus on ourselves and allow other nations/countries to manage their own faults, even when there is a part of me that wants to slap their leaders for being dismissive of their own citizens. It is not our place to intervene.

    Is that to say I don't think we, as America, should never intervene in world situations? No. I don't think that either. There is a time and a place when America needs to step up to the plate and assert itself. Poor wages and working conditions inflicted on a people of another nation is not one of them, in my opinion.

    For the record though, allow me to opine and say that I think we should intervene militarily in genocidal situations when they erupt. We will send our troops to rebuild countries like Haiti, but not send them to fight against genocide in other countries? Um,...why the hell not?

    You also said:
    "We're all in this together and what other entity has the scope and authority to work for all Americans other than government?"

    I would answer, as cliched as this may sound, that Americans can take care of Americans better than our government. Any day of the week.

    You mentioned "authority" in regards to the government. Authority based on what? On our obedience? Or on our reliance? If I said I believed in our government, I would be a liar. Ronald Reagan said something along the lines of, 'The nine scariest words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' I believe that.

    I am a firm believer in community self-reliance and community esprit de corps and cohesion. I detest that somewhere along the lines, people got it into their heads that government is the only helper they can have. It repulses me.

    That is not to say that since you espouse such a thought that you repulse me, Truth. I'd like to think that you can kinda get that by the fact that I am having a rational conversation with you. Do I agree with your thinking on this issue? Nope. Not a bit. But this is okay, yes?

    I reckon, now that we have put our cards on the table, that we will simply agree to disagree.

  9. @Truth 101,

    I had this article saved in my email. It's from a fellow named Kevin Price. After our back and forth tonight, you came to mind when I re-read this article and I wanted to shoot it your way. Please know this is not meant as a dig. Absolutely not. But Kevin puts into words, in a much better way that I, pretty much why I view big government like I do.

    For your perusal or dismissal:


    With respect, Donald Borsch Jr.

  10. I think everyone knows from posts on this humble site, or reading my comments on other sights that I am a limited government, independent conservative, and a huge believer in, and a proponent of Rand's Objectivism and the vision of the founding fathers.

    Anyone who has read my positions, and understood,also knows I was not a fan of Mr.Bush for much of his time in office, nor do I carry water for,or support any political party... period.

    This country we all call home has its share of problems, and they are large to be sure. I am highly concerned about the ethical direction as well as the fiscal direction this country has been headed in for quite some time. Not to mention the many misguided interventionist foreign policy decision our government has made.

    Certainly both major parties bear responsibility for our current problems. Some which developed many years before a few of us were old enough to be active in political discussions or actively involved in politics.

    So here we are, discussing issues from different perspectives. This is good, for from each rational discussion lies an opportunity to grow and maybe even find common ground. Perhaps not on every issue, maybe not at all on some. But in the end at least the discussion has occurred.

    I know I sound like I am lecturing. Please forgive me for allowing myself to ramble here. What I really wanted to say is this...

    What I have read on this comment thread makes me proud to be an American. I believe our founding fathers would be nodding their heads in approval.

  11. "I am a firm believer in community self-reliance and community esprit de corps and cohesion. I detest that somewhere along the lines, people got it into their heads that government is the only helper they can have. It repulses me."

    ....government of the people, by the people, and for the people...

    Government is NOT an alien life form that was forced upon us but rather it is an organic form of organization that arose from amongst us.

    Our government today was created by our Founding Fathers and it was not imported from someplace else but rather it is a totally "Made in the USA" creation and it is the highest form of 'community.'

    Now, with that being said, the alienation from our own creation that we feel today, is not so much due to government as it is due to politics.

    Ronald Reagan taught a whole generation of conservatives that 'deficits don't matter' and while he can be quoted extensively about the evils of government he grew government to unheard of power.

    I cannot help but note that every conservative blogger that exists today started blogging in 2008 and one cannot help but ask, "...was it the election of a liberal democrat that got you fired up or was it the financial collapse of our nation that did?"

    If it was the financial collapse then we have to focus on the past and the actions that led to the collapse: But then you would be focussing on Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush rather than Obama.

    If it was the election of Obama well then you have to excuse me when I say that makes you a political hack. As a political hack that makes you part of the problem and not the solution (this comment is aimed directly at LCR).

    But, and I apologize once again, I cannot help but wonder why nothing the prior administration did drove conservatives to throw their hands up in the air and begin blogging for radical change, and yet after electing a liberal democrat, all of the sudden there is this surge in a need to express ones anger and frustration.

    Liberalism and Liberals are not to blame for the situation we find ourselves in today. Because as you label yourself 'independent conservatives' as a means to separate yourself from republicans then you have to allow for the fact that there might be 'independent liberals' who want to separate themselves from democrats.

    In regards to liberalism, well, if you are a firm believer in the words and wisdom of the founding fathers then you are all for liberalism.

    I know that it is surprising that there are intelligent liberals and that they can debate in a logical and rational manner (non emotional) oh and some of us can be quite polite but rest assured, I am amazed to find the same thing from conservatives!

    Over the last 30 years I have watched as policies were devised that catered to special business interests...that these policies were promoted and marketed by our elected officials as 'job creators' and I came to realize that our elected officials no longer represented the voice of the people or the best interests of this country but rather they became marketeers or pimps for special interests.

    Now, when I say that you naturally think I am referring to ACORN, SEIU, or MoveOn.org...but no, I am thinking about the oil companies, wall street, and the chamber of commerce.

    But nothing today surprises me because nothing today is new....its all the same ol' same ol' so I am not going to get all worked up over the 'marxist-leninist' agenda of the Obama Administration when no one seemed to have the urge to get all worked up over the exact same agenda of the prior administration.

    In fact some of the loudest voices today against Obama and his administration were the loudest voices of support for the prior administration.

    Until we wake up and realize that what is true for the goose is true for the gander then it is all nothing more than politics...

  12. Conservatives and Republicans only want limited Government when they are not in charge of the purse strings or coercive enforcement powers. When Conservatives and republicans are in power they use the power of Government to enforce their personal beliefs and to channel money to their cronies and families.

  13. Don said,

    "It is high time to get back to the basics of a limited Federal government, renewing the lost truth of State's Sovereignty back to the place it should be."

    I thank the federal Constitution everyday, that it is superior to State constitutions and and protects the rights of all Americans no matter which State they live in.
    I guess we could go back to having a situation where slavery is legal in one State, but not another. Thanks to the federal constitution for upholding "all men are created equal."
    The protection of my rights should not rely on which State I live in, but that I am an American citizen and have the federal constitution to protect my rights.
    States have lost the ability to make certain laws, because of equal protection declared by and guaranteed by the federal constitution, and thanks for it.
    What right is it, that the federal government is denying you, that only your State can guarantee you? What is this "lost truth of State's Sovereignty?"
    Do you think a government the size of ours in 1790 could manage a country of over 300 million in 2010?


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