Obama Pollster.. We'll Like Health Reform Regardless

President Obama, the all knowing and enlightened, decided America needs heath care ( insurance) reform. After it became apparent the people were not happy with the reform package he found a pollster to assure the people to fear not, once the bill is railroaded through congress, in spite of their objections they will learn to like it. So sayeth Joel Benenson, President Obama's lead pollster.

According to the THE HILL Benenson's remarks were partially in response to other Democratic pollsters who have warned that if health care (insurance) reform is passed the GOP will score big in the 2010 mid  term elections. Doug Schoen, pollster for former Senator  Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), as well as  Pat Caddell, former aide to President Jimmy Carter, have said that the Obama team and congressional democratic leaders are simply deluding themselves in thinking they will gain political by ram rodding this unpopular bill through Congress.

Schoen and Caddell had this to say this past week, "Their blind persistence in the face of reality threatens to turn this political march of folly into an electoral rout in November." More on their thoughts at the Washington Post Even given these two voices of caution from within their own party the troika of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid continue to use their strong arm tactics and behind the sciences deal making to get their dream of universal socialized government run health care passed.

Opponents of the current bill believe that if anything opposition will harden because of the fashion in which the Democrats are using legislative deals in the attempt to win support for the unpopular bill. The general public is opposed to using reconciliation in the senate to get the bill through by a simple 51 vote majority rather than the 60 vote super majority.

The bottom lie here is that this bill is a stinker and the public knows it. The ObamaCare team however is intent on ignoring the people, and rather than going back to the drawing board to craft a bill that makes sense the stench of ObamaCare is about to settle into our lives. Whether we like it or not.

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  1. They just don't get it. We don't want it, don't like it and won't stand for it.

    I guess the Chosen One truly does want to be a one term President.

  2. Chris - You are so right. And if political winds keep blowing as they are today the end of the Obamanation will come to its end with the 2012 election.

    We must be diligent and keep working to that hoped for end.

  3. they are just saying like this,they are not taking any steps for it.



    'very interesting post'

  4. sanjay kumar negi - Thank you for your visitation to Ration Nation USA.

    I assure you that my principals of industrialism self reliance, limited government, liberty and freedom will overcome the misguided beliefs that theology or the misguided belief that theocracy or the state knows best.


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