Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The New American Revolution 2010: Thank You, King Obama!

NOTE: This is strictly an Opinion Piece and in no way reflects the mindset or character of Rational Nation USA or its contributors or owner. Thank you, God Bless, and Long Live Our Republic.

Good day, fellow Americans.

Do you remember your history lessons from school? Do you remember looking at paintings of guys wearing white wigs, gathered around a table in some assembly hall, with pens in their hands and looking quite satisfied? Do you remember the painting I used as the article image- the three American Patriots that came to symbolize our freedom and victory from King George III? Lastly, do you remember what you were taught about The US Constitution while in secondary school, before you might have journeyed off to college? Uh huh. Indeed.

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but there is a new President in office who has the unbridled power of a King, given to him by the progressives and supported by an America-hating Democrat-controlled Congress. Indeed, President Obama is no longer our President. He is now our King, and he knows what is best for us.

Kelli Krauss, a contributor here at PIN, wrote an article on 22 Jan 2010 named “Obama is our King George“. I highly recommend that if you have not seen it, to invest the time to read it fully and let it sink in.

Much talk is being circulated about the upcoming November mid-term elections, the TEA Party, American dissension, Conservative Movement, and an armed revolution against our new King, much like the one our ancestors fought to create our great Nation in the late 1700’s. Wow! It’s a lot to digest, I know. The State-run media is doing its best to overwhelm you and me and all of America with rapid-fire articles and stories designed to confuse and disorient us. Sad to say, for them anyways, that Americans in the know are not so easily discouraged.

There is indeed a New American Revolution forming. Is this to say that there has been a spike in musket sales and tri-cornered hats? Hardly. This New American Revolution will be fought using bullets made from ballots, Conservative Thought, historical Truth, and the strong reality of our Constitutional knowledge. American dissenters are forming grassroots groups, fellowships via Facebook and Twitter, and a huge number of Rightist Bloggers. There has never been a time in our history as a Nation quite like this, and we are very ready for it.

Yes, we were discouraged on Sunday evening, as we watched our Constitution take a beating with the passage of the Health Care Bill, written under the corrupted hands and wills of a Democrat-controlled Congress and blessed by the kiss of our King Obama. I myself slept fitfully that evening. Yet, come Monday morning, I awoke feeling refreshed, re-focused, and more streamlined than ever before. With the passage of this America-hating bill, the cards were now displayed out upon the table of American history, and there were no further doubts or questions about what and who the Democrats and Obama really were.

Patriots nationwide rose and joined forces. We bonded on Facebook, on Twitter, and through emails and blogs. We are organizing, protesting, writing, and praying. The Conservative Movement has never been stronger than it is today, and it took the Democrat-controlled Congress and King Obama to bring us together as a solid unit. For this I would say, Thank You.

This is now The New American Revolution. Sites like this one, which calls for INTEGRITY, and many other Rightist sites are flourishing right now, and our numbers are swelling daily. This revolution is not about bloodshed and muskets. Not yet, anyways. Please refresh your knowledge of The Second Amendment of our Constitution and use it to measure the modern-day affairs and agendas of our current leadership in DC against. I think you will be sobered up quickly.

The New American Revolution 2010 has begun. Thank you, King Obama! Enjoy your remaining months on the throne, your Highness. History is indeed about to repeat itself soon enough.

via: Political Integrity Now


  1. There is hope while we still have the vote.

    Thank you Democrats for showing America what naked, unvarnished liberalism looks like. We see that the emperor and his cohort have no clothes, and we are disgusted.

  2. The sooner we get him out of power the better. Then we must go about the work of aligning the laws of the land with the Constitution.

  3. Don - Great post. Through hard work and perseverance we can put this nation on a better course.

    Remember... "The pen is mightier than the sword." You use it well!

  4. At the sipsey street Irregulars blog, there is an interesting take on Obama that says that Obama enjoys and looks for ways to govern against the "will of the people" because he views himself as an elitist. It totally coincides with the Obama/King George idea.


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