New Addition To Rational Nation USA's Line Up Of Contributors.

Rational Nation USA is pleased to announce that the Left Coast Rebel  has agreed to become a guest contributor to RN USA. His razor sharp analysis of current political trends and issues is a sought after and welcomed addition to our team.

Rational Nation USA is equally  honored that the Left Coast Rebel   feels  Rational Nation USA can add a unique independent conservative view for the  Left Coast Rebel's  readership, and as such I have accepted the offer to contribute to the Left Coast Rebel.

Be sure to bookmark the Left Coast Rebel and visit his sight often for breaking news on political issues of the day.


  1. Awesome News!! LCR, I am a fan of your stuff, and how great it is that you have joined up with RN USA!

    I am looking forward to hearing your insights.

    Kudos, (I really never use that word, but...), to you, Les, as you bring your insight to LCR.

    It has been a great day all around, to be sure.

  2. This is GREAT news!

    Welcome Tim!

    Wow, I have some awesome competition here--meaning creative, intelligent writers. I'll really have to be on my toes--or should I say fingertips.

    And congratulations to you, Les! LCR should feel very honored, as I'm sure he does!

  3. Don and Pam - Thanks so much. I feel honored to be associated with an individual of LCR's talent and character.


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