The Miracle's Of Obama - Or Not

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The President , trying to dazzle the American Public, ended his week of victory with his weekly address full of questionable rhetoric. Something we have come to expect from an orator with nothing on his mind but growing government and restricting the individuals ability and right to chose. Not to mention his obvious desire to Nationalize as much of the private sector as We The People will allow him to get away with.

 Let's not forget as he congratulates Congress and himself the strong arm tactics, and deal making that occurred in getting this "mistake" accomplished. Nor the nettlesome fact that 59% of the public was opposed to the bill rammed down their throats.

First the video, then a breakdown analysis of what it really means.

The breakdown:

ObamaCare successfully handed control of 17% of the nations economy to the federal government. Ostensibly because the government can of course run things much better than the private sector. We are still waiting for prof  of that premise.

Changes to the federal student loan program (part of the health insurance reform package) is projected to yield a 68 billion dollar savings over the next ten years. His statement that somehow when government takes control of the student loan programs cost will come down is at best questionable. The President gave no specifics as to how these savings would be realized.

The legislation has provisions to increase federal support for institutions that focus on minority students, and historically  black colleges. This means increased expenditures by the federal government at a time when the government is "allegedly" concerned about cost savings.

In addition, private lenders have indicated that the legislation will sacrifice jobs working families desperately need. Sallie Mae, a Virginia - based lender said the measures passage will cause the company to fire 2500 workers.

This is just the beginning. The big government elite is just getting started. As Madame Pelosi has said, there is much more to come. The question to be asked, and ultimately answered is... can the country withstand much more of the Combined Bush/Obama recklessness?

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  1. Les: It’s interesting, Obama said, “…by the end of this decade we will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.” How can he guarantee something like that? No one can see the future. We have no idea how many people will enroll in college, let alone graduate, regardless of how much money the federal government throws at them. The spin on why government should take over the student loan industry is audacious.

  2. Pam - You have it right. We cant and it is just an illusory pie in the sky rhetorical line of BS. You nailed it!


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