Madame Pelosi And The Democrats Unethical Tactics

It is increasingly obvious the democratic party will use any measure to pass ObamaCare, even given the majority of the American people do not want the bill shoved down their throats. President Obama and the democratic leadership have been twisting arms and working deals in their attempt to get enough democratic lawmakers on board to pass this sorry bill.

Now Madame Pelosi is considering another questionable move to ram ObamaCare through the house and at the same time give congressmen cover. Actually she is considering three options but favors the option that will provide the most political cover for her associates in congress.

One option involves vote on the Senate health care bill which would then be followed by a vote on a reconciliation package. Pelosi has stated that no one wants to vote on the Senate bill. The reasons why are as obvious, it could hurt democratic members politically come 2010 mid term elections.

A second option would be to vote on a rule followed by a vote on a reconciliation package. The senate parliamentarian has told Pelosi and House democrats this option is not feasible because the Senate bill must pass the house before reconciliation amendments can.

The third option, and the one Madame Pelosi favors, is to write the rule so that passage of the reconciliation package deems the Senate bill to also have passed the House. even without a vote being taken. More shady unethical tactic's, at least in this writers opinion. Something one would expect from the the Chicago mob style political machine Obama grew out of.

This of course is a technical distinction and one democrats in the house hope will provide the cover they feel they need when reelection time comes. When  asked if she had definitely determined to use this option her response was... "I like the third one better."  I guess this is a definite maybe answer from Her Speakership.

Pelosi is quite confident that ObamaCare will pass. She has stated she has no intention of not passing the abominable bill and she has faith in "her members." Read more arm twisting under great pressure to conform to the "great socialist vision" that is ObamaCare.

Pelosi stressed the legislation would bring health coverage (insurance) to over thirty million Americans. Passage of ObamaCare will not only happen in spite of America's misgivings, but over the misgivings of many within the democratic party power structure as well. Those who wanted to enact change on an incremental basis.

So... once again we have an out of touch democratic party leadership acting in its usual blind and tone deaf manner to force their socialistic and statist agenda down the throats of the American people.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. It's now becoming ever clearer.

    The joke is on us. But we aren't laughing anymore.

    Playtime is over. Long Live the Republic.

    And so it begins.

  2. Indeed we are now facing increasing threat to our liberties. Cradle to grave appears it may be on its way.


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