Let Us Rise from the Ashes

By: Pamela D. Hart

With the passage of the Health Care bill, Americans are angered, frightened and disenfranchised. They feel as if Congress is not attuned to the average American; they feel as if Congress has trampled on their rights; and they feel as if Congress renounced their oaths to uphold the Constitution. Americans fear for their future and the future of their children and grandchildren as the debt of our country has reached overwhelming levels and will probably extend to levels that will be impossible to maintain. All of these fears are understandable; the anger and hostility as well.

It’s in the darkest sky that we see the brightest star. It is during our most difficult ordeals that we find courage to face our challenges. Without trials and hardships we would never know our grit, resolve, and convictions. It is when we are tested that we discover our TRUE selves and whether we can withstand the onslaught of perceived impasses.

So, like the Phoenix, let us rise from the ashes. We must remain strong and not lose our resolve or our convictions, but most of all, let us not lose hope. With hope, we will not lose ourselves and we will not lose our country.

This is still the United States of America. We are still Americans. So, like the Phoenix, let US rise from the ashes. Let us become more informed, more educated and more united than ever before. This is OUR country. Let us not retreat silently into the night. Like the Phoenix, let us glow brightly and may the flame blaze forever.


  1. Amen! If this corrupt grotesquerie doesn't jab every freedom-loving American in the ass I don't know what will.

    This is not the end. It's the beginning of something big...

  2. Whew...I am not angry, frightened or disenfranchised....

    BUT that is how I felt while GWB was President...so since I am experienced let me let you in on a secret...it passes...you get over it!

    I figure since the conservatives voted for Bush twice so he could really screw things up over 8 years its only fair that the liberals get the chance to do the same!

    Wow Rational you got 107 followers! How come none of them comment on anything?

  3. @Chairman TAO,

    "Wow Rational you got 107 followers! How come none of them comment on anything?"

    We're not known for being talkative, like liberals who love the sound of their own voices. For us, actions speak much, much louder than words.

    Long Live the Republic.

  4. Oh, Donald, you are way too modest for a man of your skills! :)

  5. @Chairman TAO,

    Hmm. Awkward moment here. Usually I hear that line from women.

  6. Tao: I stand corrected! It should've said, "Many Americans..."

    That's what happens when one’s computer is hi-jacked by malware and one’s routine is turned topsy-turvy! Because I NORMALLY DON'T make those type of generalizations—-but if I’m not mistaken, you’ve been known to make quite a few.

  7. Pamela - Well said and with a poetic flair. Your positive encouragement during these dark days is uplifting.

  8. Well written piece, Pamela. Nicely done!


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