Saturday, March 27, 2010

John Larson (D-CT) Alleges Threats

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

The Democratic party, while continuing to alleged threats were made against an ever growing number of  members that voted for ObamaCare, is unable to provide any specifics as to the allegations.

Representative John Larson (D-CT) refused to provide details. He said only that during an event at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center his office "reported them to the appropriate authorities." Further he stated that,  "we just don't go into the nature of them." Apparently following the "proper" procedures, even though the public is terribly interested in the specifics, is sufficient.

This certainly seems to be a prime example of "smoke and mirrors" in further attempts by the democratic party to destroy the Tea Party movement's credibility. If there is any validity to the allegations surrounding Representative Larson's allegations it would seem quite appropriate to offer at least some specifics for the public interest.

The representative's failure to provide a single specific simply cast doubt, and a dark cloud of doubt to be sure, over his allegations of threats.  In his "political" driven wisdom he had this to say also. "I'm not downplaying those but it's nothing that I want to dwell on."  Further, "What we're going to dwell on is having hearings out in this district, having round tables with the business community, and making sure everybody's informed about this bill."

Translation: There were no real threats. But in so alleging, while failing to provide any specifics or evidence, we have created a doubt. The hook has been baited, the main (excuse me, lame) stream media will do the sell, and we are then able to do the switch back to pitching the ObamaCare that 59% of America did not want.

While the act of tossing a brick through the window of Representative Louise Slaughter's district office window, which has been well publicized  is over the top, as well as being reprehensible and irresponsible, it does not represent the majority of conservatives or those in the Tea Party movement. Most of the acts committed by opponents of ObamaCare are merely political statements of dissension or an act of civil disobedience and nothing more.

The statist/socialist left however is using every incident, no matter how small and inconsequential, to cast the long shadow of racism, and or  support for brown shirts etc. over the conservative mind and Tea Party associates. The progressive movement will stop short of nothing to further theitr cause.

The room of democratic smoke and mirrors is designed to focus the public's  attention on issues that will distract them from the reality that ObamaCare is really the abomination the majority of voting Americans knew it to be. If one stops and thinks about it, the question screaming for an answer is... if this d*mn bill is so good why did it require strong arm tactics,  deal making, and the hard sell by the President and the government media complex once the bill was forced own our collective throats?

The answer is because the democratic representatives in congress, as well as the leadership... Madame Pelosi, Herr Reid, and Chancellor Obama know that they are selling the soul of this and future generations into serfdom. As well as possibly, and quite probably, turning this once great ecnomic powerhouse of a nation into a second or third world economy.

Admittedly GWB and his administration share some of the responsibility for this decline as Rational Nation  USA has repeatedly acknowledged. However, the march of statism, and the loss of individual liberties is being accelerated at lightning speed by King and Tyrant  Barrack Hussein Obama. It is up to Americans who understand our Constitution and the values this nation was built on to stop the insane rush to total statism and the belief that government has all the answers.

The allegations by Representative John Larson are nothing more than a bogus attempt to distract  us from the reality that socialism and statism has no place in America any more than it dd one hundred tears ago. Socialism and Statism is only about one thing... power to the state.

Think about it.

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  1. Remember the scene in "It's a Wonderful Life" where Jimmy Stewart's Building and Loan is in trouble, and evil Mr. Potter sends cop cars past the place, sirens blaring, to scare everyone?

    You are right, this is classic leftist demagoguery. Shout and point at your enemies and call them thugs to cover your own thuggery.

  2. OMG! We need to stop this evil! It needs to stop immediately! Enough is enough! How can we allow these people to take over our country, rape our women, and trample over our scared documents?

    Enough I say!

    Their leader is a muslim who was not even born in the United States; he has as his closest aides terrorists and communists and still a minority of this country wants to follow him!

    Stop this madness Rational Nation and Silverfiddle!

    Tell us how to put an end to the destruction of the country that all of us hold dear!

  3. Conservatism is Terrorism...

    When faced with clear election defeats in 2006 and 2008 Republicans and Conservatives decided to embrace Terrorism, the use of violence and threat of violence, to win political power.

  4. If there is any validity to the allegations surrounding Representative Larson's allegations it would seem quite appropriate to offer at least some specifics for the public interest.

    And you know this because of your vast knowledge of CT state law and police procedures?

    RN USA don't let your personal beliefs cloud the FACTS that someConservatives are engaging in more and worse rhetoric and threats of violence everyday.

  5. TAO and Gene... Yawn... Yawn.. Yawn...

    Neither of you are worthy of intellectually engaging in conversation.

    Your comments belie a deep and unending hatred for the Constitution and the freedom of thought and speech.

    Feel free to misrepresent true freedom an liberty all you like. Please feel free to expose your elitism and statist leanings. please feel free to show your disdain for the people who have made this country what it is. Please feel free to show your disdain for those that do not think like you. Please feel free to lie, and excuse the excess that MODERN DAY FASCISTIC liberalism has brought this country. Please feel free to drink the Obama kool aid (at east I didn't drink the Bush kool aid) get drunk on it. And please feel free to continue to visit and espouse your circular and delusional thinking.

    Please... Please... Please continue to show your complete lack of any value other than the same old socialist/statist dogma.

    Which is to say the elitists currently controlling the government. You know, the ones that know better than the people.

    See ya in 2010 and 2012.

    Enjoy your self induced euphoria while it lasts.

  6. @RNUSA,

    Ouch! And with those comments above, you deftly handled yourself and laid down the proper smackage onto Gene and TAO.

    You is a bad man, mistah Les...! LOL!

    Nicely done, sir, as always.

  7. Don - Tanks my friend, just doing my patriotic duty.


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