Jimmy Carter/Obama Billboard Spotted in Colorado!

carter billboard

by the Left Coast Rebel

As I have reached a saturation point and must rest my mind today from the fascist health care takeover, I thought this story was perfect to cleanse the palate. Yet another billboard has been spotted,(abvove) this one shows the peanut farmer Jimmy Carter pondering, "they can't call me the worst president anymore." Case in point, even Jimmy Carter wouldn't have pushed a socialist scheme to destroy our medical system and economy, ''they can't call me the worst president anymore'' rings particularly true this Sunday, the day of the 'vote' on HC.

Seeing as this billboard was paid for by an organization of small business owners, I assume that the Obamanation is quite bewildered by such angst and hostility. In fact, he may consider this a compliment since he probably considers Jimmy Carter to be the best President this nation has had in 30 years and 'worst' for the Obamanation means 'best' in Orwellian news speak. Readers - let me know if you see this billboard in Colorado or any others. Send me a photograph that is better resolution if you don't mind. Monkey on his back:



  1. Yes, Yes, LCR, you do need to take a break and rest up....

  2. Oh yeah! And a birth certificate billboard went up on I-70 in Denver.

    The Obamatards in Denver may have squeezed out a vote for him in this state, but the hopium smoke has dissipated and the buzz is gone. Back to sanity for Colorado!

  3. Tim - I fully understand you need to take a break. Fighting for individualism, liberty, and the right to chose in this day and age in America is tough. Even when 55% of Americans agree with you.

    I took my break yesterday to enjoy the all the joy happiness my 17 month old grandson ave myself and my wife.

    What was especially rewarding to me was that my son, a self proclaimed liberal agrees with us on the Obamanation. Must be he see liberalism in the classic sense Thomas Jefferson viewed liberalism.

    Keep on fighting my brother, there is hope in the generation that is my son's and daughter.

    Long Live the Republic!

  4. TAO - You need to take a beak as well. The stress of potentially losing the statist battle against liberty has obviously overly stressed you.

    tic toc... tic toc... toc toc...

  5. Silverfiddle - I hope you are right. But there are a lot of smoke filed Obamatards our there.

    The battle for reason and individualism, limited government, and self reliance must continue in full force.

    It is what made America great, and it is the only hope for its survival in the 21st century.

  6. Take a break from all this absurdity?

    You got to be kidding! I wouldn't miss this spinning for all the money in the world!

  7. TAO - You are the professional spinner. If anyone should take a break it it you, and Truth 101.

  8. Oh, sure Rational....no one is as good as LCR..now come on!

    You supported supply side economics, you voted for BUSH twice....and NOW you complain about nanny state corporatism...

    Nothing like a gravy train for health insurers....

    Why not bailout the health insurers? They create jobs!

    The abusdity of it all! Oh, but how you hate the Left, you hate the socialists....

    Your 'tic, toc' is nothing more than the countdown for the end of capitalism.....destroyed not be workers in the streets or angry mobs but by corporate CEO's!

    All the while you Patriots were off supporting GWB as commander in chief as he fought terrorism he was taking your freedoms away with the Patriot Act and destroying the economy through lowering taxes and increased government spending....

    OH, but NOW you are up in arms!

    You are a dollar short and a day late my friend...

    Socialism is HERE because the failed corporatists and shareholders demand it not because the workers rose up!

    That is no spin...its just the naked truth...

  9. TAO - I hate irrationality, and you are showing it to a tee!

    If you had half the intellect LCR has (EVEN IF YOU ARE LEFTY) We could converse.

    However your blind hatred for conservationism and all you don't agree with makes it impossible. Just like all the elitists in academia, government, and yes, even business.

    Good Day

  10. Another billboard is found in Texas! Says "Miss Me Yet?" like GW, but with a picture of Jimmy.



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