A Conservative Rallying Cry: A time for boldness and confidence, not desperation


by Conservative Generation, Left Coast Rebel

Gaze back in history, 232 years. An American Revolution from British tyranny, from tyranny worldwide. The beginnings of the birth of the brightest experiment in humankind, the seeds of liberty unlike the world had seen and perhaps ever will.

At this time, American rebels fighting for this vision were nearly without victory, one can imagine their despair. When General Charles Lee cut and ran from a formidable force of redcoats that were amassing at Monmouth in 1778, the entire revolutionary army fell into disarray. About five miles away, General George Washington gazed at the confusion that was his front lines. Angry, but resolute, he rode out to Lee, determined to put his army back in order.

From “Patriots” by AJ Langguth:

“Colonel Harrison galloped up and reported that the British main force was barely fifteen minutes away and pressing hard. Washington had time only to act on reflex. He charged through the confusion, lining up the Americans behind a hedgerow. Alexander Hamilton watched admiringly as Washington, cool and firm, molded the soldiers back into a fighting force. Lafayette, who was also looking on, decided that he had never seen so superb a man as George Washington at that moment. Washington was still clearly angry, but calm as he rode effortlessly among the men, converting panic into enthusiasm.”

Yes, Washington was still clearly angry, but calm as he rode effortlessly among the men, converting panic into enthusiasm. Where is America's Washington in March, 2010? Be brave - the answer may surprise you.

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  1. C-Gen & LCR - Great Thought, Encouraging Words, Great Work!

    As individuals united in cause and purpose we can make a difference.

    Whenever a cause is right and just a leader will emerge to take charge. If not now... in time.


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