Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Call your Representative on Health Care--NOW

With the Health Care vote on the horizon the political atmosphere is heated at best. The strong arm tactics, sweetheart deals, Hollywood antics, intimidation, deception and secrecy has only made the debate more intense. None of those strategies have met with much favorability with the American people, regardless of whether it’s all been done before, it’s the status quo, or it’s what has to be done to get the bill passed. I find the behavior of our 111th Congress shameful. The Health Care bill is an extremely important piece of legislation that will affect EVERY American and it should be taken seriously and treated with the utmost respect—along with the American people.

Our Representatives have been elected as the voice of the American people. Whether they like the Health Care bill or not is irrelevant. Their job is to speak for their constituents. They have a duty to find out whether their constituents like or dislike this bill then go back to Congress and vote on the bill from the results they have accumulated from their respective districts. They are not supposed to vote on Legislation based on bribery, intimidation or deception.

It is our duty, as constituents, to let our voices be heard. The only way we can do that is to call, write or email our respective Representatives. Here is a link for the House and one for the Senate. Look up your officials and tell him or her how you feel he or she should vote on the Health Care bill. THAT is YOUR duty as a United States Citizen as it’s your Representative’s duty to listen to YOU.

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