Aside from Chasing Politics - Some Thoughts

by the Left Coast Rebel

Like you, I am tired. Like you and despite the strength that I portray at the Left Coast Rebel, I am exhausted.Never in my life would I have imagined that our Republic would be faced with a takeover of a key sector of our economy so vital to our privacy and sanctity. Our health. Never would I have thought that I, a Reagan baby, would witness the most corrupt band of thieves in this nation's history attempt a dismantling of our Constitutional republic of the magnitude that has unfolded this week. A magnitude borne of the state, of the anointed, of the 'I know better how to rule you, than you know how to govern yourself' credo. And whether it is the solution to Slaughter - the Constitution, or the rule of self-execution of an entire nation, it just comes down to that. I am depressed? A little. Am I angry enough for a revolt? You bet. I will always have the self determination in my soul that makes me a proud liberty loving American.

I know, I know - the battle has been looming for decades and has culminated to this fork in the road. It is just that this has happened so rapidly and violently. As a private citizen that has a (fleeting) chance to make a living, just the focus this week of doing simply that has left me in the dark as to what the tyrants behind the wheel of this great nation are attempting. Doing my best, I have tuned in and out of A.M. talk radio shows.

Listenly to mostly the chatter of GOP bellwether-talkers, I come away this week proud of my brothers and sisters from all walks of life that have come running to the side of Lady Liberty and Lady Justice. From all walks of the Don't Tread on Me ethos, they have come. From the Christian to the secular, from the libertarian to the orthodox, from grandparent to the youth this nation has rallied to stop the madness.

And the madness has pushed forward because evil that lusts for power and control over other souls can never be satiated. Evil that burns and rots within the souls of tyranny. Of a Manchurian Candidate that will lie, cheat and steal that which is rightfully ours - our liberty. And what can we do now? We can fight. We can stay strong. We can take a deep breath and push back twice as hard.

We can Resist.


  1. Tim - Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    There are those in our government, in businesses, and the major financial institutions of the world that are behind this. Supporting BHO's efforts to transform America 100%. And it is, as you so aptly stated, being driven by the lust for power and control over the lives of every individual.

    The battle will rage on.

  2. Oh I know it's tiring saving the nation but stick to it fellas.

    It isn't just the Marxist/Leninists/Democrats/Secular Humanists, the Islamofascists are lurking in the background as well.


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