Monday, March 29, 2010

An America That Will Rise Again

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA         

The congress of the United States is populated by a group of elitist power brokers that are frankly, at least IMO, out for two things. First doing everything possible to get reelected, and second to push the statist/socialist agenda deeper into the fabric of America.

It is the fervent  hope of all liberty minded people who love freedom and individualism, that the misfits currently wielding power over us fail in both. Congress (read democratic leadership), and the POTUS have been deeply intent on radically changing our countries direction.

 With the historic passage of  the flawed health insurance reform bill, known as ObamaCare, they have indeed succeeded in their misguided journey. Their hopes are to change America completely and forever into a Chavez or Castro style statist/socialist state. If I chose to be kind I might say they are only trying to remake America along the lines of socialist England or France. To do so would be incorrect.

Obama, as well as the democrats in congress are most concerned with keeping power. They believe that by pandering to, and encouraging  the belief government is the best solution to all the problems of life they enhance their chances of retaining power. They believe if you spin the benefits of dependency on government long enough, and give people as much as possible for as little cost to themselves as possible they will follow government to the slop trough.

Fortunately for America there exits a great number who disagree. Fully 59 percent of Americans disapproved of ObamaCare leading up to the bills passage. In a Washington Post/ABC News poll 72% of likely voters disapprove of the job congress is doing. A recent Rasmussen poll found that one week after ObamaCare passed the Congress 54% of likely voters favor repeal of the abominable bill.  

Another Rasmussen poll finds that 52% of U.S. voters believe the Tea Party movement has a better understanding of issues confronting America than Congress does. Only 30% of respondents believe members of Congress have a better understanding of issues. The poll also found that 46% believe the average Tea Party member is more ethical than members of Congress.

Polls, while certainly not conclusive do represent within a margin of error the beliefs and mood of the country. It is fairly clear from these recent polls that America is fed up with politicians, Congress, and the direction our Nation is heading. A direction guided by the statist/socialist elite that has hijacked the machinations of our government.

These polls are encouraging as they indicate an America that wants a return to fiscal sanity and the values and hard work that made our nation great. As patriots we can all, through our individual efforts, take our country back and set it on a path to real capitalism and prosperity. It will take a tremendous will and the desire to end corruption in our government. It will also require a halt to government subsidies to corporations (corporate welfare) and  the ending of corporatism  that has taken hold in American business.

The future coming out of  passage of ObamaCare is brighter than I initially believed. Upon seeing the results of multiple polls, all indicating America by and large gets it, I  know we can win the battle for liberty and individualism. Today I am reminded of a piece written by C-Gen and  LCR  published at Left Coast Rebel. The post is powerful, uplifting, encouraging, and make the point very well that as individuals we can become leaders by example in the fight for liberty, individualism and a stronger America. The America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Please take a moment to follow the link and read the article, (or re-read if you have read it once) and make a decision to make a difference.

Thank You

Via: Memeorandum
Via: Memeorandum 
Via: Rasmussen
Via: Left Coast Rebel


  1. WomanHonorThyself - We shall rise again, and we will be stronger. The American spirit is strong and resilient.

  2. Tim - Thank you, and I am honored to support your's and C-Gen's patriotism and love of country.

    I am proud to be in such good company.

  3. Don - We shall prevail. The American spirit is not easily destroyed.

    The modern left (socialist/statism), although in power right now is slowly losing it's grip. Independents and independent conservatives will, at the end of the day, prevail.

    Keep up the great fight you and so many others are waging at Conservative Firestorm ad Veritas and Libertas.


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