NPR Poll: Republicans vs Democrats As It Stands Today

NPR Poll: Republicans vs. Democrats

"If the 2010 elections for United States Congress were being held, for whom would you vote?"

As the chart illustrates, if the 2010 mid term elections were held today, it is likely a more conservative congress would replace the current one led by the far lefties Pelosi and Reid. While Republicans have there share of "shame" to carry, freeing congress from the grip of the Pelosi - Reid - Obama troika would be liberating.

Please see the full polling highlights at NPR.

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Via: NPR Poll
Via: NPR Poll Highlights


  1. the problem with a chart like this with the question as asked is that it is misleading.
    if we were to vote today there would be no category of uncertain voters because everybody would have voted and that includes the uncertain.
    and since there is a possibility that every uncertain vote goes to the dems then the most that can be truthfully said is that 50% would vote rep. now and 50% would vote dem.

  2. I want to know when a conservative becomes a Republican?

    I believe "CONSERVATIVE" would fall in the "Other" catagory...

    By the way a recent NBC/WSJ shows that democrats got 44% and republicans got 42% and I don't know got 14%

    So, the point is?

  3. RN,
    It's my observation that a large number of voters vote for the incumbent when they're satisfied and for the other side when they're not.Regardless of political affiliation. They don't consider the issues.In order for democracy to work we need an informed electorate,and we don't have that here.

  4. Griper - The most polls really do is give an indication of where opinions stand and most with a margin of error.

    A year from now the indicators will likely look different.

    A hopeful sign anyway.

  5. TAO - A conservative didn't become a Republican.

    Perhaps a conservative would fall in the other category. And he/she certainly would not have the company of those who like the ideology of the current troika.

    The I don't know either are a pivotal group or don't really care one way or the other. Such as it goes.

    The point Is perhaps a change will occur in 2010. And as you notice I said "a more conservative congress." I did not say more Republican.

    Perhaps there will be more Blue Dog Dems and Independents. Or perhaps a couple, or a few Libertarians. This would be an improvement in the current mix. IMO

    The point? Take it for whatever it is worth, or not.


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